Nullification in Three Cities

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ATTENTION: Cincinnati, Manchester, Minneapolis . . .

What do we do when DC politicians violate the Constitution with impunity? Thomas Jefferson had an answer. In 1798 he wrote that “whensoever” the Federal State “assumes undelegated powers,” that a “nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” And . . .

Nullification is happening right now!

* Just last week, the Idaho House and the North Dakota Senate passed a Health Care Nullification Act. Nine other states are considering the same.
* Multiple states have passed firearms freedom acts, with more coming soon.

All across the country, the various states are saying “enough” to the Leviathan State in DC!, Inc. is supporting the Tenth Amendment Center’s 2011 Nullify Now! tour to educate and activate on behalf of this Constitutional tactic

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On The Sidewalk

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Like many free Americans who want to stay that way, I was at a Tea Party rally on April 15th. I’m not a card-carrying member of that group but I agree with them wholeheartedly on the bad direction this country is taking under the Obama regime. So I picked a spot on the sidewalk on Menaul Boulevard at 4 in the afternoon, brandished my sign, yelled a bit, waved a bit, and said what had to be said. For the most part, the event was very, very peaceful except for a young lady who stopped at the light and tried to share the water she had with her in her environmentally-friendly and recyclable water bottle. I was deeply dismayed for it appeared she was far more in need of a shower than any of us.

But it is the difference between conservatives and those on the Left that we tend not to make horse’s rear ends of ourselves at rallies and protests. I don’t think I’ve ever read of a single conservative riot, no angry mobs of grown-ups running down the street overturning cars, setting fire to buildings, breaking windows, pillaging, and looting. But every time I see rallies on the Left, there they are obstructing traffic, breaking things, making their presence known through obscene gestures and foul language. None of that was in evidence at this day’s Tea Party protest.

We voiced our opinions on Mr. Obama, federal spending, politicians who won’t listen to us, liberty, freedom, the Constitution, you name it, we wrote it on out signs and discussed it with one another as the time passed. A finer group of people I could never find myself around. Thoughtful, opinionated, and, most importantly, intelligent.

We came, we made our point, and if the powers that be still won’t take notice of what we have to say, they’ll hear from us again this November.

The U.S. Government’s Love Affair with Discrimination

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Note: The inspiration for this article originated in Chapter 1 of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Lies The Government Told You,” which I would be remiss not to mention. However, the Judge mostly focuses on the history of discrimination against African-Americans and former slaves, and the resulting affirmative action laws that exist today. I felt that a broader approach was warranted due to the profound implications that state-supported collectivist preference (or outright servitude) has for us all.

From the founding of this nation’s government, we have lived in a society where “all men are created equal,” but are not treated that way. In fact, at some point in America’s short history, you can probably find an example where your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion has received the short end of the state’s disregard for one of the basic rights that they claim to protect. Such discrimination has also occurred in nearly every administration, across party lines, in good economic times and bad, in times of war and of peace. A common thread can be seen in each case: the discrimination has been driven by political motives and the expansion of state power.

For starters, despite the language in the Declaration of Independence, slaves of African descent were not considered equals when it came time to ratify the Constitution. Although some of the Founders were opposed to slavery (such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin), the institution was nonetheless implemented and was kept in tact – largely for economic reasons – until after the Civil War. Even when Abraham Lincoln took office, the only major push to end slavery – the Emancipation Proclamation – was made for political reasons by Lincoln, who wished to create a slave uprising in the Confederate states.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, racial segregation continued to oppress African-Americans, mostly for the political benefit of those in power (affluent white males). Starting in the 1910s and 20s, the federal government embarked on a national housing segregation program which denied housing loans to those living in “areas in decline” (majority black neighborhoods), since it was believed that the presence of blacks in a white neighborhood would bring down property values. Historically black neighborhoods were destroyed to make way for elevated highways which connected white neighborhoods. Politicians, eager to gain the votes of those white voters in the majority opinion, happily violated the rights of the minority race, both to gain re-election and to expand government power in housing and transportation.

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Secession: Great Right Hope or Other White Meat?

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The question of secession was more or less settled during the Civil War.  Thanks to that low point in American history the right of secession has been tied to slavery ever since. Isn’t it time again to make an effort of untying that knot?

I will not complicate the untying of that knot by quoting our Founders nor Abraham Lincoln. I will instead make an attempt to use logic. It is up to whomever reads this to decide if I’m successful in this endeavor.

The right of secession is a claim of freedom from the State. It is a rejection of State slavery. It is purely libertarian yet it has always been associated with the “peculiar institution” which was a complete rejection of liberty. Slavery has muddied the secession debate to the point that it is difficult for anyone to sound off in favor of secession without being demonized as a kook (at best) or a white supremacist (at worst).

I want to claim publicly, before I get labeled, I abhor slavery in all forms. It is pure evil. How hypocritical it was for the Confederate States to use States Rights in an attempt to continue violating human rights. It is also quite hypocritical today for those who claim to believe in liberty to marginalize those that support secession as a recourse for combating creeping State tyranny. Such tyranny is nothing more than a form of collective slavery.

How can individual slavery be so wrong and collective State-sponsored, taxpayer-funded slavery be right? The answer, of course, is that it cannot. Slavery in all forms is immoral, whether it be evidenced through the government’s incrementalist approach of freedom reduction or by the sound of a whip gashing a man’s back. The drama of the latter should not minimize the evil of the former.

To be a supporter of secession while denouncing human slavery is consistent and moral in the cause of liberty.

History has shown that one era’s fringe is another era’s mainstream. It is unlikely that secession would be considered a viable option by the masses for combating the ceaseless expansion of government today, thanks in large part to those that feel compelled to associate it with slavery. The secession principle is wholly libertarian and deserves more respect than it is receiving from the detractors.

Ron Paul has been a favorite target of the detractors because of his recently released pro-secession video. In it he focuses on the right message, the principle of secession. Instead of attacking Ron Paul we should be emulating him.

If we make the effort to unmuddy the water of secession in our time perhaps the next generation won’t be afraid to swim in its clarity. After we are gone they will thank us for our eternal vigilance so they still know liberty.

Obama Lording Over Slaves, Whip In Hand

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There were very few news reports about the Bush administration forcing some private banks that had no desire for bailout money to take bailout money. These were banks that had no need or desire to take government money, but were given an “incentive” to do so using the threat of multi-year audits by our compassionate federal government. While the government may term this tactic as an “incentive” most proper thinking citizens call it for what it really is, extortion.

Judge Andrew Napolitano talked about such a tactic during yesterday’s Freedom Watch show, and then repeated the story on Fox News Channel’s Studio-B with Shephard Smith, embedded below.

So the Bush administration commited extortion paving the way for the Obama administration to hip-hop toward fascism. This is becoming even more evident with the recent Obama “firing” of GM head Rick Wagoner. I’m not a religious person, but I do recall that the Bible teaches us that the borrower is a slave to the lender (Proverbs 22). The Obama administration is now a slave owner of once private businesses. This point is further reinforced by the fact that some of these new government owned business “slaves” became government owned unwillingly.

The Bush administration bought the slaves. The Obama administration is lording over the slaves, whip in hand.

Some of these businesses came to the government on bended knee begging for loans. Perhaps they didn’t realize that in doing so they were also begging into slavery. I think Rick Wagoner may realize that now. I hope others begin to realize this and start fighting back. Companies that choose bankruptcy over slavery should be commended and supported.

Unfortunately, the problem with not supporting the government slave businesses just means that more tax money will be utilized to keep them functioning. That is, unless people start not only waking up, but also acting out by holding lawmakers accountable for supporting this kind of slavery.

The road to economic prosperity is not paved by the blood of government economic tyranny. The road to economic prosperity can only be paved by the sweat of free market liberty.

Obama Trades In The War on Terror for The War on Capitalism

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It seems that America is always at war with some country or some thing. We have the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the War on Terror. The media made a point to mention that the Obama administration has chosen to cease using the term “War on Terror”. That’s certainly a good move, but semantics matter little when the soft-spoken administration continues to act hard, like drone bombing Pakistan and increasing troop levels in Afghanistan. There is another unspoken war going on right now from the Obama administration. Obama and his Keynesian minions have declared a War on Capitalism.

For our sake I hope it is a complete failure like the government’s other perpetual wars.  Though I fear that with the popularity of Obama and his “wolf in sheep’s clothing” words it may end in success.  If that happens, America will no longer be America as we once knew it.  Some may argue that America is already gone, capitalism is dead, and those of us who fancy liberty should self-immolate.  Thank god the nature of liberty coexists with the burning desire to keep it intact.  Rather than self-immolate we should immolate, through the ballot box, all of those in DC who are enemies to liberty. As Chuck Norris has suggested, Ron Paul could be the arbiter of which of his colleagues deserve to be choked out of office.

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It’s All Abraham Lincoln’s Fault

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We are in the midst of celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday at the same time Barack Obama is ready to put his signature on one of the largest spending bill’s in American history. It is quite appropriate. So appropriate to almost approach irony.

The United States was not a shining land of liberty prior to Lincoln’s Presidency. Slavery is the best and most popular testament to that. America was an imperfect country pursuing perfection. Lincoln made it worse. The fact that he is revered so universally from the surface dwellers is bothersome. However, the fact that so many historians make excuses for his authoritarian methods because he supposedly “freed the slaves” makes me downright ill.

Lincoln cared little for abolishing slavery. He cared about keeping the Union together and maintaining his own political interests. He was the first President to truly preside as a dictator. Some may argue that John Adams had dictatorial “qualities” as well, but Lincoln went far beyond the scope of the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Lincoln and other Presidents after him like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and George W. Bush paved the way toward a more oppressive authoritarian federal government. Lincoln was the first though. It’s all his fault that we are high kicking toward socialism today. He kicked first. The rest have followed.

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Obama’s Call For Self-Serving Service

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Apparently,  Barack Obama is going to be making a call for service during the telecast of the NBA all-star game this evening in Phoenix, Arizona. According to CNN, the White House released an excerpt of his message.

Obama says that we should “lace ‘em up” for service by preparing “a care package for a soldier”, reading to children, or fixing up a basketball court. He then plugs the service website to find “service” events near you.

I thought, “Hey, this is a good thing for our President to be doing as long as it remains voluntary and non-partisan.” So I go to the site to see what types of events I could volunteer for in my area. What I discovered were some events among the “proper” ones that were nothing more than pep rallies for Obama and the Democratic Party. I think I’ll just continue to do what I’ve always done, pay attention to my own community and not seek acceptance from the service bean counters in Washington.

Here are two events in my area alone that are deemed “service”:

  • President’s Day Mix and Meet: Democrats are invited to first meeting and mixer to enroll and meet new members. We will reorganize Community Outreach, Communications, and Precinct sub-committees.
  • Obama Day: Have a ceremony for president Barack Obama and Family. And selected community guess[sic] will attend. We will have music, Food and Games, just to show our appreciation of the Obama family.

If your among the 30% of the U.S. population who voted for Obama then is for you.

If you are in the majority who did not, then you may want to continue to do what he is asking of everyone, but do it on your own terms and in your own community.

If the recent economic situation and Obama’s ill-conceived efforts to fix it are any indication there are going to be a lot more people that need volunteer help. Also, if enough people actually volunteer and results are seen maybe Obama won’t make it mandatory some day. How ironic would that be, the first African American President enslaves the people? That can’t happen here can it?

Ron Paul discusses the potential for reinstating the “Draft”

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In the next installment of  “Ron Paul’s Walls”, Ron Paul discusses a quote that he has hanging on his wall from Senator Robert Taft.

He agrees with Taft in opposing the draft for individual liberty reasons.

“A compulsory draft is far more typical of totalitarian nations than of democratic nations. The theory behind it leads directly to totalitarianism. It is absolutely opposed to the ideas of individual liberty which have always been considered a part of American democracy.” -Robert Taft

Once again Ron Paul becomes the educator. He also talks bout his own experience as a young adult with respect to the draft.

Watch and learn:

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Obama Sworn In Amidst Hypocrisy

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The irony and hypocrisy of Barack Obama being sworn in on the Lincoln Bible is not lost on Liberty Hero Walter E. Williams in his most recent column.

President Obama can be forgiven for celebrating the hypocrisy of Abraham Lincoln because the victors of wars write their history and glorify the winners. The recognition that slavery is a despicable institution does not require hero worship of a president who made the largest contribution to the unraveling of our Constitution. After all when it is settled by brute force that states cannot secede, as they thought they had the right to in 1787, then the federal government can ride roughshod over states and their people’s right — in a word make meaningless the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

Read the whole thing.

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