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Jake Towne for Congress: The Concept of “Our Open Office”

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Ever wonder how to make your elected representative be “accountable” and “transparent” to you? Well, wonder no more!

by Jake Towne, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published August 16, 2009 at

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, 1801-1809

“When citizens speak, their Representative must listen completely. Across our land, the so-called “Representatives” have not troubled to listen to We the People, and this is a key reason our country is in such dire straits today.” – Jake Towne, 2010 Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 15th District

Are you one of the few Americans who has picked up the phone to call your representative or senator? Ever wonder exactly how much good it really DID? Were you the only person who called, or were there hundreds more? Sure, the staffer might have tallied your call, but was your call seriously considered by your politician? The truth is stark. First, most of the time you truly have no real idea. Second, your Democratic and Republican politicians like it this way.

When the Tea Party movement started up on April 15, one of my observations is that people came out for many reasons those who wanted limited government, those aghast at the taxation and size of government, those fed up with our costly wars abroad, those who were just upset at the blatant favoritism shown to the big corporations and Wall Street but they had one key complaint in common.

They all wanted accountability out of their out-of-control politicians, and to be heard. The people in the streets (and many still sitting at home) are reaching record levels of dissatisfaction with the inane, verbal platitudes of today’s crop of current Democratic and Republican incumbents. We the People can still remember how quickly the country went on the road to serfdom under a Republican President and Congress from 2000-2006, how it was somewhat slowed by a Republican President and Democrat Congress – who still managed to pass the Banker Bailout of October 2008 – and how we are now once again back on the express train to socialism under a Democrat President and Congress. Today’s Republicans just represent the local train.

As an independent candidate competing with twin political machines which, at their rotten cores, are truly no more different than Coke and Pepsi – I have to pay close attention to what my constituents want. Just as in a free market economy where the customer is king, my constituents are both my customers and my sovereign employers. They control the votes that will elect me, and I must have their support if I am to represent our district in DC. So, I needed to find a way of delivering accountability and giving a voice to each citizen the top demands by my estimation. “Accountability” and “transparency” are often just empty buzzwords, so I needed to find a way to solidify them.

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Quick Hits: Sotomayor, Clunkers, Barack Wilson, Liberty Candidates, and Random Thoughts

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There’s a lot to be unhappy about this week if you believe in individual liberty and free markets.

Sonia Sotomayor becomes the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. She was confirmed and it wasn’t even close, as expected. Souter is out and Sotomayor is in. It seems like a wash to me. The next Supreme Court appointee will be the more interesting one.

The Cash For Clunkers program gets added funds. The Senate approved 2 billion more dollars we don’t have to destroy cars that get poor gas mileage and subsidize the purchase of cars that get better gas mileage. For those that don’t “feel” like understanding economics, John Stossel demonstrates why this program is yet another wasteful boondoggle. Did you know that you can buy a brand new Hummer with your neighbor’s money?

An amendment to the additional money for the Cash for Clunkers program by Senator Coburn would have permitted dealers to donate the traded clunkers to charities and the poor. I say would have because the amendment was defeated by the Democrats. I was under the impression the Democrats cared about the poor? It appears they care about appeasing the environmental lobbyists more.

In response to the massive opposition to Obama’s health care plan the White House has taken another page out of Woodrow Wilson’s playbook. In a modernized version of Wilson’s American Protective League the White House would like you to report “fishy” media content that disagrees with Obama’s health care plan. Feel free to report this article. The email address is

Here is the White House Health Care propaganda page. Am I being unfair labeling it as propaganda? Well here is Obama in 2003 arguing with himself.

Hmmm, that second video link seems “fishy”. Perhaps it should be reported. Obama’s America is becoming more scary by the day.

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Ron Paul and Rand Paul on CNN

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This morning Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul appeared on CNN discussing health care, Rand running for Senate, and other topics. Watch the appearance below.

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Republican Revolutionary Rand Paul Announces and the Media Blitz Begins

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Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate yesterday on the Neil Cavuto show. There were reports he would announce on the Glenn Beck show but that didn’t work out. He also appeared on Happy Hour on the Fox Business Channel along with Peter Schiff and Judge Napolitano discussing why he’s running as a Republican vs. an Independent as Cody Willard wishes.

He is also scheduled to be on with Glenn Beck this morning on Beck’s radio show.

I’ve said this before, but the more I see and hear Rand Paul the more I like him and think he’d be a wonderful addition to the U.S. Senate. Don’t forget to pledge and donate during the RunRandRun money bomb on August 20th.

Here is his announcement on Fox News Channel with Neil Cavuto:

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Here is his appearance on Happy Hour:

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And if you’d like a more in-depth interview see this interview with Rand’s local ABC affiliate:

Another Ron Paul style money bomb for your liberty loving heart

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Today is the RJ Harris money bomb. He’s a true Ron Paul Republican and steadfast Constitutionalist.


I have served our country on three deployments: one for a peacekeeping mission in Korea and two for the Iraq war. Both of the war deployments were with the Army National Guard. Additionally, I have used my military Air Traffic Control Training to work for the Federal Aviation Administration. Desiring at one point to try my hand in business, I founded a small chain of games/toy stores, which unfortunately did not survive the economic downturn of 2001. In 2006, I decided to return to college to make a civilian career change from aviation to law; although, I do continue my aviation career in the Oklahoma Army National Guard as an Air Traffic Control Platoon Leader for two Platoons in the 1-245th Aviation Regiment. I completed the undergraduate portion of my education in Philosophy this past May at the University of Oklahoma. Currently, I am a First Year Law Student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

The primary mission of this campaign is to elect a Constitutional Conservative to represent the people of the 4th Oklahoma Congressional District.

Harris also had an excellent appearance on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano earlier this year. If you believe in the Constitution then please send a few dollars to RJ Harris 2010 today.

BJ Lawson (“Ron Paul Jr.”) Set to Run Again in NC

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If you like Ron Paul but yearn for a younger Constitution-loving candidate, no better choice comes to mind than B.J. Lawson.  We at Liberty Maven were singing his praises before he handily won the inaugural Liberty Straw Poll back on September 17th by an overwhelming margin (better than 4 to 1 over the runner-up).

We rated Lawson on the Paul-O-Meter (in which we compared his policies and voting record to those of Ron Paul) and weren’t too surprised that he scored a 91 out of a possible 99 points (thus cementing his “Ron Paul Jr.” nickname).

Ron Paul himself has even campaigned for him and remarked on Lawson’s nickname by saying:

A lot of folks have begun calling B.J. Lawson the next Ron Paul. The comparison is very flattering. . . for me.

In the election BJ garnered 37% of the vote, which is quite a feat considering his district (4th) in North Carolina is strongly Democratic.

And according to the local press, BJ Lawson is planning to give it another shot.  He’ll be opposing Rep. David Price next fall.  Expect an announcement on his web site ( some time next week.

In the meantime, for more information, take a look at our interviews with BJ last year: Part 1 |Part 2 and then get ready for another money bomb.

The Money Bomb Gets Passed From Ron Paul To Son Rand

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Rand Paul June 1st MoneyBomb

The concept of a money bomb, pooling a bunch of campaign donations in a single day, was made famous during Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign of 2007 and 2008. Many others have utilized the practice to draw in campaign funds and press mentions since then. Now, it is Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, who is ready for his own.

This one is to raise money for his exploratory committee for the U.S. Senate representing Kentucky. The day is next Monday, June 1st, 2009. The goal is $25k in a single day. More details are here.

We need more Ron Pauls in DC. Without cloning Ron Paul  it is unlikely you’ll find someone more similar than his son, Dr. Rand Paul.

Please help Rand Paul out by donating on June 1st!

Rand Paul on Brian and The Judge

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Rand Paul was interviewed on Fox Radio’s Brian and The Judge show this morning. Once again Rand demonstrates his ability to be a future leader for the Republican Party. The big question is will the neo-con wing of the GOP welcome or shun him?

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The GOP Savior: The Free Country Project

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In many re-branding efforts a new mission statement is derived. My choice for a re-branded GOP: The Free Country Project. The mission could also be worded in this way, “Do the polar opposite of whatever Lindsey Graham suggests.”

I apologize to the wonderful Free State Project for bastardizing their efforts with such a suggestion, but I am quite serious. Instead of putting energy into calling the Obama administration socialists why not abandon the petty, kindergarten-style, partisan bickering and look within? Come up with a new 1994-style “Contract With America” but this time don’t renege on the contract. It should not be called anything similar to “Contract With America” though. Yes, that bad taste is still lingering.

Dubbing it “The Free Country Project” and making more than a half-assed effort to bring libertarianism back into the GOP could be a winning formula. Of course, many will have to tuck their neo-con tails between their legs and embrace Ron Paul and his libertarian friends. I’m not talking about a macho homophobic half-hearted embrace here. I’m talking about a full-on bear hug that will make gawkers worry about dropping the soap in the GOP country club shower.

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Lindsey Graham is the Poster Boy for all that is wrong with the GOP, video proof

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By now I’m sure you’ve seen the two video clips (here’s the latest) of Lindsey Graham unnecessarily attacking Ron Paul and libertarianism in general. It is odd for Graham to do such a thing unless he feels threatened by Paul. So I take it as a good sign that he is doing so. It is also a good sign that there are people out there, even in Graham’s home state of South Carolina willing to embrace the libertarian label like Mark Sanford as he does when questioned about “libertarianism”.

Lindsey Graham represents the GOP in a death-ward spiral. He is at the point of kicking, screaming, and clawing his way out of the Republican pit of despair. To really illustrate how the Grahams of the GOP operate see the video below. The sad thing is that this kind of behavior is no longer surprising. It is expected. This is the giant wall those that are trying to rebrand the GOP with the same old neo-con leaders are up against. The GOP should take Stephen Gordon’s advice and embrace libertarians of all stripes, otherwise the Grand Old Party may be destined to be the Tired Old Party by 2012.

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