Lessons from Greece

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Below is the rough transcript of some remarks I made at the campaign’s successful fun-raiser at the American Sandwich Company in Coopersburg on June 6, the 66th anniversary of D-Day.  More details on the fundraiser in tomorrow’s post.  The event began with a moment of silence for veterans, especially the 5,490 soldiers who have died so far in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Today we face a D-Day of a different sort, and while there is still war, the causes are economic. At the last Towne Hall, I presented “The Economy in Pictures” where I demonstrated that unemployment is >>17%, 1 in every 8 Americans is on food stamps, the FDIC that “insures” bank accounts is hopelessly insolvent, and the true national debt is really $120 Trillion – when the $13 trillion in US treasury debt is added to the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare -  a vast sum that is best put into personal terms as $400,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.  At this point, even if the government were to tax 100% of each citizen’s dollars and properties, there still would not be enough to theoretically pay off this debt.

The plan the country should follow is very similar to an engineer solving a problem, or a doctor treating a bleeding patient. First we must contain the problem, then determine root cause, then take corrective actions. The steps are easy and simple enough, though this doesn’t mean Congress will follow them. Let me recap.

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More proof Ron Paul can win, if given the chance

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A Rasmussen Poll released today shows everyone’s favorite libertarian-leaning Republican Congressman, Ron Paul, in a statistical dead head with Barack Obama for POTUS in 2012. This is already being dismissed by some as more a story about disapproval of Obama than one about Paul’s actual support.

There is certainly truth to that argument, but looking at the half-full glass this should give Paul supporters hope and yet further proof Paul is as viable as any Republican (perhaps more so) in a general election against Obama. The problem for Paul, of course, is the anti-Ron Paul wing of the Republican Party which makes the road difficult, if not impossible, for Paul to get the GOP nomination. Those quixotic, anti-American, extremist gadflies should drop their dislike of the man and embrace the message. It’s a winning message.

These anti-Paul people that are publicly dismissing the poll results are likely seething with worry in private. If the GOP decides to suddenly “get their Ron Paul on”, imagine the potential for liberty.

The poll results show Obama with 42% and Paul with 41%.

Rasmussen: 58% want to repeal ObamaCare

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More and more people want to repeal the recently passed healthcare bill. Rasmussen reports a 4-point rise in the last three weeks, bringing the number of Americans who want repeal to a whopping 58%.

We think we are witnessing a fundamental change in the way Americans interact with their government. In years gone by citizens were submissive. When the politicians spoke, we listened. When they told us to jump, we asked them how high. When they proclaimed an issue settled, we meekly accepted their dictate. But not any longer.

Americans are increasingly fighting against Statist proposals not only before they pass, but also after. The REAL ID scheme for a national identity card was an early example (and DownsizeDC.org was the first to call for repeal). Now the healthcare bill is another example. But . . .

This change in the American people still has a long way to go. Please consider . . .

How many of the 58% who desire repeal will actually take the time to inform their elected representatives of this?

We expect that the number is still relatively small — maybe a few hundred thousand out of the 174 million Americans reflected in the number 58%. But . . .

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Straw Poll Media Bias: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney

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When Ron Paul annihilated ole Mitt “Sideburns” Romney at the CPAC straw poll back in February the coverage at many mainstream news outlets dismissed the result. Today when Mitt Romney won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll by a single vote over Ron Paul the coverage was a bit different.

Case in point, CBS News wrote the following after Ron Paul beat Romney in a landslide at CPAC:

“Fewer than a quarter of the 10,000 attendees participated in the balloting, an unscientific sampling that only offers bragging rights.

Today CBS (via AP) writes the following after Romney squeaked out a victory by one vote in the SRLC straw poll:

“Mitt Romney won the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership conference here Saturday in a victory that will be taken as a sign of the former Massachusetts governor’s strength as a 2012 presidential candidate.”

Even the prospects of Ron Paul becoming a presidential candidate pushes the media to marginalize him. Just looking at the headlines for these two articles suggests bias. The Paul-CPAC win article is titled, “Ron Paul Wins Early Conservative Poll“. The Romney-SRLC win article is titled, “Mitt Romney Wins GOP Presidential Straw Poll“. So Paul’s win was just an early conservative poll, but Romney’s was a GOP Presidential poll? Am I just being a crazy biased Paulite here or are these reports representative of real media bias against Paul?

To be fair there were some reports that were more unbiased, but it seems to me that the The Official Media Guide to Attacking Ron Paul is still being followed in many main stream media newsrooms.

Ron Paul loses by 1 vote in SRLC Straw Poll, Romney wins

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It was just announced that Mitt Romney has won the SRLC Straw Poll by a single vote over Ron Paul. Romney had 439 votes to Paul’s 438. Sarah Palin came in 3rd. Newt Gingrich came in 4th.

The full results are posted here: http://www.w-r-s.com/blog/.

Rand Paul has “it” but hasn’t won anything yet

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As many Liberty Maven readers are aware we endorsed Rand Paul last summer following our interview with him. At the time he was behind in the polls by 11% points in the Kentucky GOP primary. On Sunday the latest poll shows him leading his Republican opponent Trey Grayson by 15% points.

This is uncomfortable territory for those of us who are used to being the underdogs. Rand Paul has the best chance of any liberty candidate at winning, but a 15% lead does not mean victory is assured.

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Independent Jake Towne Skyrockets to a “Stunningly High” 8% in the Polls

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I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” – Harper Lee from “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Originally published January 26, 2010 at http://towneforcongress.com/economy/independent-jake-towne-skyrockets-to-a-stunningly-high-8-in-the-polls-1

Today the incumbent released some startling numbers from a recent poll paid for by his campaign.  The results:  Towne 8%, Republocrat A 53%, Republocrat B27%.  Scott Kraus of the Morning Call reported my total as “stunningly high” and he is correct – it is a tribute to both the hard work of the campaign’s volunteers in spreading the message so far, and the growing discontent of the district with the Washington, DC establishment.  This is impressive since it is still quite early in the election season, and I have not been able to spread the message to a high amount of residents just yet – we obviously have 92% left to cover – and I have not yet even begun to fight.

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How your tax dollars were used to bribe members of Congress

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Never Give UpThere’s a famous cartoon of a bird trying to eat a frog. The bird has the frog by the head but can’t swallow it because the frog has the bird by the neck and is choking the life out of it.

Think of the bird as the Democrats, and the frog as either the cancerous healthcare bill, or the poor beleaguered American taxpayer.

We think the Democrats are going to choke on this healthcare bill, or, if they finally pass it, the voters will strangle them in the coming election. Meanwhile . . .

We should demonstrate the same “never say die” attitude as the frog in the cartoon. The fight isn’t over, even when it looks like the politicians are about to swallow us. Please send another letter to Congress opposing the healthcare bill.

You can borrow from or copy my sample letter . . .

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With new poll numbers, Rand Paul must play good defense

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A little over a week ago I wrote the following:

Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul will be the next U.S. Senator from Kentucky once the 2010 elections are over. My confidence in this outcome is inversely proportional to the confidence I had that Ron Paul would become our next President in 2008. I certainly had hope for the elder Paul, but political reality has a way of usurping hope. When it comes to Rand Paul in 2010, I am both politically confident and supremely hopeful.

New poll numbers released today show that my confidence is quite appropriate. By now, Trey Grayson must be wondering, “What the heck happened?”

The new poll shows Rand Paul with a 19 percentage point lead over Grayson:

The new survey of Kentucky by Public Policy Polling (D) gives Rand Paul, a conservative activist and son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), a huge lead over the establishment candidate in the Republican primary for Senate in 2010.

The numbers: Rand Paul 44%, Secretary of State Trey Grayson 25%. Grayson was recruited to run in place of two-term GOP Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring. Paul, however, has mobilized his campaign around the Tea Party movement and his outsider conservative message.

This is certainly encouraging news, but now I can’t help but wonder… Is Rand Paul peaking too early? This will surely invite more rabid attacks in an attempt to discredit Paul as a candidate. The question remains can the lead be maintained through next May’s primary? In the campaign fund raising battle Paul has proven his mettle. Being a charismatic and clear speaker is another strong suit for Paul. Now we get to find out how well his campaign can defend a barrage of attacks that are sure to come in light of these poll numbers.

The Buck Stops Where?

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by John Browne, Senior Market Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital

Last week, we witnessed Ben Bernanke’s Senate confirmation hearings for a second term as Fed Chairman. The air was thick with hypocrisy, as Senators vied with each other to cast blame on the Fed Chairman for the fiscal mistakes of the Congress.  As an overtly politicized figure who has looked to bolster the poll numbers of successive Administrations, Bernanke certainly should shoulder a large share of the blame for steering the United States towards the brink of bankruptcy; however, he did not act alone. Ironically, many of his co-conspirators are currently his harshest critics.

The truth is that if there were no debt from Congressional deficit spending, there would be nothing for the Fed to ‘monetize’ with the printing press. By behaving as the voters’ ‘best friend,’ delivering both low taxes and generous entitlements, Congress forced the Fed to play the disciplinarian. Except, not wanting to spoil the party, it didn’t. Ben Bernanke, like his predecessor Alan Greenspan, is an intelligent man who knows exactly where reckless spending will lead the country. Yet he refused to hit the brakes.

When former President Nixon broke the last ties between the U.S. dollar and gold, he opened the floodgates to Congressional abuse. Before the ‘gold window’ was closed, if the federal government ran up too much debt, other countries would start trading their reserves for our gold. Afterward, these creditors were left in something of a pickle: they held huge dollar reserves (built up on the belief that it was ‘as good as gold’) which now had a value dependent on being able to trade with Americans. This translated into a huge subsidy for America – quickly eaten up by a guns-and-butter spending philosophy directed by Congress.

Recently, under pressure from Wall Street, Congress repealed key provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act. Glass-Steagall created bank deposit insurance through the FDIC, while putting in place safeguards to prevent these now risk-free deposits from being used in speculative investments. Repealing Glass-Steagall without repealing deposit insurance created an environment of private gains and taxpayer losses.

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