The Left Protects Civil Rights (Except When They Don’t)

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In the two-party charade that is American politics, our choices are limited. You’re either for the wars that exist, or you’re for the wars that exist plus a couple that don’t yet. You’re either for an increase in spending domestically, or an increase in spending abroad. You either want the Fed to increase the debt, or you want the Fed to monetize it. However, even in the few instances where the media and the party leadership tilt the fun house mirror to make the two sides look different, the truth is that they differ in execution – in which rights to usurp – rather than fundamental philosophy.

A shining example of a major party with phony principles is the “defense” of civil rights in America by the Democrats. You see, the Democrats want to protect civil rights. Countless party leaders have spoken out in outrage over the discrimination against minority groups. The Democrats of today support the right of marriage for all people, regardless of their sexuality. They want equal pay and equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds when it comes to employment or housing. In fact, according to their website: “Democrats will fight to end discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and disability in every corner of our country, because that’s the America we believe in.” Few Americans would argue with the underlying principle: equal opportunity for all, and discrimination against none.

However, the same Democratic Party that wants equality of opportunity in marriage or the workforce would willfully overlook that equality when it comes to other choices that individuals might make. The philosophical principle of equal opportunity must necessarily mean free choice, lest it be inconsistent and hypocritical. Freedom to pursue the job that we want or the familial structure that we are most comfortable with must mean the freedom to choose what foods or drinks that we want to consume, or the freedom to decide manner in which we defend our own property, or the freedom to select the most appropriate form of health insurance for our families (even if it means no health insurance at all). As it turns out, though, the party that champions civil rights actually defends just a small subset of rights – those which will rally its base, scream injustice, and are not uncomfortable to defend.

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Ron Paul w/ Jesse Ventura on CNN’s Libertarian Larry King Live

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Someone at CNN is going to get fired. Jesse Ventura was the guest host of Larry King Live earlier tonight. He had Ron Paul on the show along with some others for the entire hour. They discussed several issues of the day including the retirement of Justice Stevens, Bart Stupak, and the general state of America today.

Paul suggested Judge Andrew Napolitano as a potential replacement for Justice Stevens. He then uses his ample time to discuss the future direction of America should be toward libertarianism. He argues that libertarian ideas can bring together the Progressives and the Constitutional Conservatives. It was quite an interesting discussion. Check it out below. The video is in 5 parts.


Guns, Gold and Gardens

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The three G’s are always important but their demand rises, for good reason, during times of extraordinary economic duress. America is going through such a period right now.

Unfortunately, such times also bring out the crazy and confused too. Recently, we have read about shootings at the Smithsonian and Pentagon in DC. A man flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin, TX. A militia group was arrested for plotting the killing of police officers in an attempt to cause an uprising against the U.S. government.

While some attempt to accuse and reveal loose associations between these lunatics and those of use who truly do believe in liberty, we know the truth. They never were and never will be libertarians. They acted, not in self-defense, but on their own twisted apocalyptic emotions.

Moderation should be the watchword when it comes preparation for a future darker than the past. Working on obtaining the three G’s is a good step in that direction.

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Towne for Congress Goes International

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Originally published March 17, 2010 at

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited for a live interview on Russia Today, or RTAmerica.  The show aired only in metropolitan areas like NYC and Washington, DC and was shown internationally as well.  The interviewing was done remotely, so this was the first time to hear questions coming in my ear and then responding by looking into a camera, and believe me interviewing live is quite different from private conversations.

Please see the clip below, the fact that their color is green and today is St. Patty’s Day is, I am sure, purely a coincidence. The Open Office plank is here, my full stance on the Afghanistan War here, and the Iraq War here.

At Monday’s Towne Hall, a bunch of the attendees had just heard of the campaign via the front page article in the Morning Call, which was published that day.  Several commented that after meeting me, they were no longer convinced my views were “all over the map” as written in the article, particularly after reviewing my stances on the wars (above) and my income tax plank where I highlighted that not only is this tax immoral, it is also UNNECESSARY.

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Rand Paul is what Scott Brown promised: Another Reagan?

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The Tea Party folks were jumping for joy the day after Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts. Brown’s victory was all about stopping the Democrats from passing health reform and little else. His subsequent vote, incidentally his very first vote, supporting Obama’s “stimulus 2″ jobs bill reinforced this reality amongst some of his now formerly devoted supporters.

Rand Paul is everything the Tea Partiers wanted in Scott Brown and more. He is their Reagan fantasy becoming reality. Only they don’t appear to completely realize it yet. Sarah Palin’s endorsement was huge, but the jury is still out on whether Palin is more than just a conservative “Barbie” to Scott Brown’s “Ken”.

Dropping the campaign sweat from Rand Paul’s brow on truly limited government litmus paper reveals two names that would make almost every conservative smile: Goldwater and Reagan. These two icons are at the very root of Rand Paul’s philosophy of governance.

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CPAC Day 1: Liberty Maven, Judge Napolitano, and the Ron Paul Rider

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Mike Miller and I (Marc Gallagher) are attending CPAC over the next few days. This is our first update from the conference. It’s difficult making your way through throngs of people wanting to hand you literature that completely goes against the philosophy of liberty. The Campaign For Liberty row in the Exhibit Hall is an oasis.

We arrived at the hotel around 11am, checked in and headed to the C4L booth to pick up our “credentials”. We then wandered around aimlessly for a bit looking for the “XPAC Lounge” to get good seats for the live Freedom Watch show set for 12:30pm.

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Ron Paul meets Glenn Beck on CIA and Foreign Policy

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Last week there was a big stink made about some comments Ron Paul made to supporters at a Campaign For Liberty conference regarding the CIA. Glenn Beck decided he wanted to understand more about those comments so he had Ron Paul on to discuss them this morning.

You can hear the discussion below. I think this discussion shows that Ron Paul tends to use hyperbole (as many politicians do) when talking to a friendly crowd because at the end of this discussion it appears that Beck and Paul are closer together than they are far apart. Interesting listen…


Evils that are killing America

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While conservatives like Glenn Beck bemoan the progressive “killing me softly” approach to transforming America into a socialist-fascist city state there are at least two other phenomena that are working toward that same end. Both of them come from the Right side of the aisle. All three together create  a blueprint for the demise of America as our Founders knew it.

The evil triumvirate killing machine aimed at America is made up of:

  1. The progressive agenda.
  2. Bipartisanship.
  3. The so-called “war on terror”.

Ever since Obama’s inauguration we’ve all become hyper-aware of the progressive agenda thanks to commentators like Glenn Beck. The progressives don’t even want the Constitution to be a “god-damned piece of paper“. That would mean it actually exists to them. They’d much rather it never have existed. Sure, Obama is a “constitutional scholar”, but all the evidence suggests he only studied the constitution in order to figure out methods to betray it.

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The Guantanamo Problem – Part 1

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Originally published January 19, 2010 at

This short series will address the War on Terror. While my stances on both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are very clear, I have not yet formally written on Guantanamo Bay and its prisoners, offered practical solutions to improve our border and airline safety, and commented in depth on our foreign policy and terrorism abroad. In this part, I will explain the history of ‘Gitmo’ for knowing its history is key to understanding what should be done with this military base. Next I will dissect a recent editorial published in the local newspaper by the incumbent Congressman and then propose my solutions on how to handle Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Following this, no current discussion on terror would be complete without discussing the controversial body scanning and I will add my comments and solutions on airline safety. The last part will summarize just how dangerous the war on terror is – not only to our soldiers who risk their lives everyday and avoiding financial ruin as a country, but also to our liberties as a free society.

Readers should be aware that the incumbent in my congressional race sits on Homeland Security and is a rabid supporter of the Bush and Obama administrations’ War on Terror. While I do not question his motives to protect the American people, I do very much oppose his actions and ineffective solutions. Our country’s leaders have not only plunged our nation into expensive, preemptive, and unjust wars for the past decade, but have embarked on a vast extension of a modern-day police state. It is the duty of every citizen to question whether these new restraints over our lives are, in fact, beneficial. I view the infringement of civil liberties that are protected by our Constitution as not only illegal but unnecessary and immoral.

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The Lindsey Graham Attack on Conservatives and Ron Paul

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By now you’ve seen Ron Paul’s response to Lindsay Graham’s flippant response at a town hall meeting when Graham blurted out that he wouldn’t let Ron Paul “hijack the Republican Party”. Graham also said the GOP will not be “the party of angry white guys”.

He said he was going to “grow the party” yet he finished his comments with “if you don’t like it you can leave!” Yeah, that seems like a good way to grow the party Lindsey.

Paul is going about his business defending the Constitution and bringing the GOP to young American patriots through the Campaign For Liberty. Paul educates with his books like his most recent “End the Fed” and last year’s “The Revolution: A Manifesto“. Meanwhile neo-conservatives and strangers to logic like Graham attempt to grow the party by shouting down those that would support them if they had any principles at all.

It is this lack of integrity and principle on display right now. Graham is the worst of the lot. Integrity, honesty, and principle are the ideological fuel to grow the Republican Party. That is the fuel of Ron Paul. Utilizing the Lindsey Graham infested fuel has already been attempted and failed.

Last time I checked John McCain wasn’t the President of the U.S. Although he could certainly be described as an angry white guy. Hmmm… maybe that’s who Graham was talking about after all.

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