BB&T Spreading Capitalism On Campus Through Ayn Rand

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I knew there was a reason I banked with BB&T. The BB&T foundation is giving gifts to colleges with the stipulation that the schools develop a program studying the philosophy of objectivism.

The gift agreement stipulates that WCU’s College of Business will use the money—plus another $500,000 in matching funds it hopes to obtain from the state Legislature—to create a new “BB&T Distinguished Professorship in Capitalism” and develop a program exploring “the moral and ethical foundation of capitalism,” according to the school’s Nov. 17 announcement. While the new program will encompass “all points of view,” the agreement specifically focuses on just one, “the philosophy of objectivism as portrayed by Ayn Rand in her classic novel Atlas Shrugged and in her essays,” the announcement states.

There are some who believe this is dangerous territory for colleges to tread upon saying that corporations should not have this kind of influence on what gets taught in the classroom. I believe we need more of this, not less. In essence this is free market capitalism at work.

If a college doesn’t want to abide by the stipulations accompanying any monetary gift then they can refrain from accepting the gift. According to the article some already have.

It is stories like these that give me hope that capitalism isn’t quite dead yet.

(Thanks to Tim Peck for pointing us to the article)

Cultural Marxists Taking Over Academia

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A new article by Liberty Hero Thomas DiLorenzo over at LRC entitled “Tales From an Academic Looney Bin” discusses the frightening reality that so-called ‘Cultural Marxists’ have infiltrated and taken over many higher-learning institutions. We’ve heard this type of thing for years, and DiLorenzo’s examples at Baltimore’s Loyola College are no exception.

…[Cultural Marxists] took over and began acting, well, like lunatics. I learned from the local media that the former academic vice president had rejected an applicant for a top job because the applicant “wasn’t black enough.” The job was academic vice president for diversity and the interviewee was an African-American man with very impressive credentials. According to news reports, this man was told that he was well qualified, but that the College preferred an African-American with somewhat darker skin.

So here was a man who had probably been discriminated against in employment during his lifetime who had reached the peak of his professional career, and was interviewing for what was probably his dream job. And he is told he wasn’t getting the job, once again, because of his skin color. And you probably thought “lunatic” was too strong a word.

This is a very entertaining article. Highly recommended.  Read it here.

John McCain, Socialist

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It’s quite amusing (if not nauseating) to hear McCain and Palin calling Obama a socialist at every turn if you pay the slightest attention to the ideas McCain embraces.  A nice little article at HighClearing.com successfully reams McCain for his hypocrisy:

The word “socialism” can mean many things to many people, anything from Western European style social welfare to state ownership of the means of production to the New Deal or the Great Society or a wide range of other usages. I’ll let those who know (or at least claim to know) more about the real meaning of the word have the debate over which usage is proper (mostly because I hate debates over whether somebody is using a politically-charged word correctly). Instead, I’ll engage the McCain rhetoric on its own terms.

McCain, just like Obama, believes that taxes should be levied for the purpose of funding social programs that redistribute income downwards. (We’ll leave aside, for the moment, the fact that both of them also believe that taxes should be levied for the purpose of funding a bloated military-industrial complex and other things that redistribute at least some of the income upward.) McCain and Obama may envision different forms and scopes for those programs, and those differences may or may not have profound consequences in practice. However, the McCain rhetoric is being employed to argue that just about any downward redistribution is a type of socialism. If it is (at least in McCain’s usage of the term) then McCain is a socialist. Maybe not as much of a socialist as Obama (we’ll leave aside welfare for the rich, for the moment) but a socialist nonetheless.

Read the rest here.

Footage of Ron Paul’s Major Announcement Today

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Although Ron flounders a little at the end there, he pretty much sums it up in a way that I think a lot of us have never fully considered:  16% of the country votes for one candidate, and the rest of us, the true majority, are all left feeling like “the minority”.  Footage below, including what we can and need to do about it:

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Slate.com: Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy

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Slate.com’s Christopher Beam took a ride on the Ron Paul Blimp yesterday and has an interesting account of his trip. Aside from following the recently uncovered Official Media Guide to Attacking Ron Paul, he covers the event somewhat fairly.

THE SKY, Dec. 20—We’re hovering 1,500 feet above Baltimore in a 200-foot blimp with Ron Paul’s name on it, and I’ve lost feeling in my hands. Elijah Lynn, vice president of the Ron Paul Blimp, passes around heat packets, the kind made for skiers. “Shake it,” he says. Over the past week, temperatures in the blimp have dropped to as low as 28 degrees. As the crew has learned, it’s hard out here for a blimp.

Read the rest at Slate.com. 

Penn Jillette Speaks About Libertarianism With Glenn Beck

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Penn Jillette spent an hour being interviewed by Glenn Beck. He makes the case for libertarian ideas. I was going to just post one clip, but the majority of the interview ended up being compelling enough to include most of the interview separated into clips. Read the full article to watch the clips interspersed with commentary.

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Obama’s Health Care Plan: Wrong RX

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I keep hearing and reading about how we “need health care for every American”. Several presidential candidates are touting this, and some have come up with a “plan” to accomplish this. As a libertarian minded individual I think this is a very dangerous path. There is an excellent fiction novel by Gen LaGreca called “Noble Vision”.

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