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Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb brings in over $1.5 million

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I wish I received a birthday card containing over $1.5 million. In about 24 hours, Ron Paul’s Birthday “money bomb” has reeled in just that. While I’d probably spend the money on silver or gold, Ron Paul is going to spend the money on spreading the liberty message via his 2012 presidential campaign. And the way Ron Paul spends money that 1.5 million will go a long way.

Ron Paul pulls over $1 million in money bomb today!

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Ron Paul has done it yet again. Another one of his patented money bombs today has already pulled in over $1 million for his 2012 presidential campaign.

Check out the latest running total at and why not donate a few FRN’s yourself?

Five out of five liberty-lovers agree… there is no better candidate in 2012.


Ron Paul raises his pinky to the corner of his mouth and…

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…in his best Dr. Evil impression says, “One Meeeellion Dollars!”. Yes, that is how much Ron Paul’s Debate Day Money Bomb has raised in a little over 24 hours.

It’s like 2007-2008 all over again… but perhaps better.

Check out the totals on the ticker at

Freedom is still popular! Another Ron Paul money bomb success story

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Yes, apparently freedom is still quite popular. Ron Paul’s pre-2012 candidacy money bomb was a huge success. Paul requested supporters fill up the coffers of his Liberty PAC and they did so in earnest. Paul’s PAC is now over $700 thousand richer, setting the stage for his eventual 2012 candidacy.

See the Liberty PAC website for the latest amount.

Rand Paul wins, Dems bow down before Aqua Buddha, Boehner cries, and other election thoughts

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In one of the several interviews Liberty Maven did with Rand Paul I asked a question about strategy that I believe is the main reason Rand Paul won and is now Senator-elect Rand Paul. Here is that question and Rand’s excellent response again:

LM: Your recent op-ed in USA Today discussing libertarianism and conservatism where you deemed yourself “not quite” a libertarian seemed to be another (rather successful in my view) effort to unite conservatives and libertarians by focusing on where there are agreements. Is one of your fundamental campaign strategies to foster agreement between these groups?

Rand Paul: Yes, it is. The views that unite many conservatives and libertarians are grounded in deference to the Constitution and its principles, and a belief in limited government. These ideals have not been acted upon by many in Washington recently, and that’s why I’m running. It’s also why the Tea Parties exist – frustration with a lack of accountability on spending and the size of government.

These ideals – and the joining of all limited government advocates — form the basis for my campaign this year, one that has struck a chord with Republicans, independents, libertarians, and Tea Party activists. For the country’s sake I hope we can keep these groups in agreement and united against those who do not hold the same respect for those Constitutional principles.

Yes. I believe that about sums up why Rand Paul was successful. He united all flavors of voters. The Republicans, libertarians, independents, conservatives, and tea partiers joined together to support him. He also united progressives pretty well too. They were downright venomous for some reason. I guess that’s the way they roll when they disagree with someone.

A little less than a year ago I posted an article entitled, “Why Rand Paul Will Win“. I listed three reasons: public sentiment, fund raising, and the “it” factor. In retrospect it was mostly public sentiment that turned the tide in his favor in both the primary and general.

Also of note, Rand Paul’s father Ron, won his race. There’s a slight chance Ron Paul could be in line for a committee or sub-committee chairmanship now that the House is changing control to the GOP. It’s likely we’ll all be seeing more of the always-entertaining hearing sessions with Ben Bernanke tap dancing around Ron Paul’s questions. I also believe it to be quite likely we’ll see Ron Paul running for president in 2012 given the results and public opinion. Fox News even threw some love Ron’s way by mentioning him as the catalyst for his son’s and the tea party’s victories. Prepare your bank account for an onslaught of money bombs next year and in 2012.

As for the meaning of this election…

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How To Tell If You’ve Had Too Much Politics

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Just about now you, as an American voter, are reaching critical political mass. Pummeled by incessant TV, radio, and newspaper ads, and deluged by dinnertime taped phone calls you want to kill the next person who brings up the election.

Then, again, you may have crossed over into that Zombieland of voting in which you can’t seem to get enough of the heady stuff. While the former state is normal, here’s how to tell if you’ve really had too much politics for the season and are badly in need of a vacation or at least electroshock therapy:

1) You know Sarah Palin’s dog’s favorite color.
2) You can recite the Hatch Act from memory.
3) You call polling companies and beg to be polled.
4) You can’t wait for TV shows to end so you can start enjoying the campaign commercials.
5) You’ve come to believe that Rand Paul is a type of gold coin.
6) You can spell Ben Bernanke’s name forward AND backwards.
7) Your shirt has color-coded campaign buttons with Republicans on the right side, Democrats on the left, and Libertarians down the middle.
8) You agree with every political view no matter who holds it yet become irritated when someone refuses to have an opinion.
9) Your Favorites menu on your computer browser is full of campaign websites.
10) You can’t be reached on the Internet because your e-mail account is glutted with campaign spam.
11) You’ve got a space reserved in front of the early voting place so that you can get there before midnight.
12) You’ve got a tattoo of your favorite candidate on your shoulder and you were the tattoo artist.
13) You’ve painted half your car red and the other half blue.
14) You invite campaign flyer distributors into your house for coffee and cookies and to have a heart-to-heart.
15) You’ve removed the heads from your bobblehead collection and replaced them with leading candidates.
16) You straighten up campaign signs at intersections.
17) Your alarm clock has campaign ads to awaken you.
18) You call radio talk shows just to hear them breathe.
19) Instead of Fantasy Football, you play Fantasy Politics.
20) Your friends avoid you because all you want to talk about is the latest polling numbers.
21) When you dream, it’s of filling out your ballot.
22) Your iPod is full of recorded campaign speeches.
23) You’re disappointed when, after the phone rings, it’s only your mother calling and not a pre-recorded message from a local candidate.
24) You burned out your TIVO recording late-night political shows.
25) Your car has so many campaign stickers on it, it makes two miles less per gallon.

One in the Senate for Rand Paul w/ Jim DeMint, Peter Schiff, more

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Tonight begins the Rand Paul “One in the Senate” money bomb telethon. You can get all the details here:

Earlier this month, Jack Tough raised over $300,000 in a money bomb of his own, and is looking to raise another $100K in the closing days of this quarter. Now more than ever, Rand Paul needs your help. This is our last, best chance to put one defender of Liberty into the US Senate. The last week of this quarter is crucial to the campaign in terms of fundraising.

Rand’s final money bomb of the quarter starts tonight, when the ticker goes live on the site

Tomorrow there will be a Moneybomb Telethon with special guests Senator Jim DeMint, John Dennis, Clint Didier, Jake Towne, Wayne Allen Root, Peter Schiff, Joe the Plumber, Steve Dore and more.

Yes, it is certainly time to put your money where your liberty is. This is the home stretch.

You can watch the Telethon right here beginning at 9am Eastern:

Pornography, Media, and Politics: Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway

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And so it continues. The Associated Press released an article attacking Rand Paul for receiving donations from “pornographers”. This latest attack just happens to coincide with the second day of his 2 day money bomb commemorating his father Ron Paul’s birthday. Over $250,000 was raised, but instead, let’s talk a bit about what is pornography and what isn’t.

First, the contributors run a web site called It’s an adult social media site where models, photographers, and users unite to create and appreciate artsy photography of the mostly non-nude female form. In the minds of some this may pass for “pornography”, but I’d say most people would agree this is more art than porn. Have a look yourself.

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch gets it right.

Despite the fact that the donations weren’t from Zivity, and that Zivity would barely fall under the definition of pornography, people are calling for Rand to return the money. Says someone who has no idea what he’s talking about:

“A lot of Kentuckians would have a problem with a candidate accepting money from organizations that are tearing down the culture,” said Martin Cothran, a policy analyst for The Family Foundation of Kentucky. “And we assume that the Paul campaign understands that.”

Schreiner himself seems to have little knowledge of Zivity either. By phone yesterday he asked me if I could tell him more about the site. He had not, apparently, ventured farther than the home page.

The fact is Zivity is nowhere near as graphic as mainstream television. Sexual acts are never shown, and often the models aren’t even undressed. A typical Saturday evening on Showtime or HBO would be far more likely to “tear down our culture,” in the words of whoever that guy is. And I doubt the AP would be trying to make a big deal out of a HBO employee making a donation to a campaign.

It’s pretty safe to chalk this one up to the recent trend of the left media’s attempts to spread dirt on Rand Paul every chance they get. Oh and by the way, Martin Cothran quoted above, still plans on voting for Rand Paul as he makes clear in an article of his own.

Now what follows is what the media should be talking about. To me this passes as far more pornographic than what the folks of Zivity are doing…

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Happening Now… Rand Paul Money Bomb Radio… Tune in here

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Tune in today beginning at 9am Eastern to the Rand Paul Money Bomb Radio Marathon.

Here are the available online streams:

The line up of guests is available at

Please remember to donate at

Rand Paul says “I will…”

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In a recent video message Rand Paul outlines his platform of conservative promises while getting the word out about the money bomb (blitz?) later this week. More information on the money bomb can be found at