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Ron Paul, Rand Paul raise a double-barrel toward the Federal Reserve

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Let me begin by refusing to apologize for the inflammatory rhetoric in the title of this post because I’m not CNN’s John King. Once again, Ron Paul has re-introduced his Audit the Fed bill in the House. This time his son, Rand Paul, has introduced the companion bill in the Senate. It’s time to put your lawmaker in your cross-hairs and get them to target the Federal Reserve for an audit.

PC SPEECH JOHN KING STYLE DISCLAIMER: We do not condone literally putting your lawmaker in the cross-hairs of your gun or guns. We merely mean that you should become active and request that your lawmakers support a full audit of the Federal Reserve as outlined in these bills. We also do not mean to suggest you, Ron Paul, or Rand Paul, literally grab a double barrel shotgun and shoot it at the Federal Reserve building or any Federal Reserve employee or official. Ok, enough! Now read the damned press release below, please.

SPRINGFIELD, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Congressman Ron Paul and his son, Senator Rand Paul, today introduced companion legislation in both chambers of the United States Congress to require a full and thorough audit of the Federal Reserve.

The bills, both titled The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011, but known better as “Audit the Fed,” are numbered H.R. 459 in the House and S. 202 in the Senate and continue the efforts championed by Ron Paul last year that won 320 co-sponsors before passing the House and 32 cosponsors in the Senate before falling short on a floor vote.

H.R. 459 starts the session with 56 original bipartisan cosponsors, while Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) are original cosponsors for S. 202.

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 would open up the Fed’s funding facilities, such as the Primary Dealer Credit Facility, Term Securities Lending Facility, and Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility to Congressional oversight and audit by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office. Additionally, audits would include discount window operations, open market operations, and agreements with foreign central banks such as ongoing dollar swap operations with European central banks.

Public polling conducted by Rasmussen Reports in December 2010 indicated that 74 percent of the American People demand transparency at the Fed and support a full audit as called for in the Audit the Fed legislation. In 2009 and 2010, Campaign for Liberty generated over 2.5 million grassroots contacts to federal lawmakers in support of Audit the Fed.

“The Federal Reserve and its loose money, easy credit policies are the culprit for so many of the dire economic problems we face. Americans continue to demand transparency at the Federal Reserve, and Campaign for Liberty is proud to lead the fight to make this legislation the Law of the Land,” said Campaign for Liberty President John Tate. “All across the country, grassroots citizens are uniting behind Ron and Rand Paul and will demand this audit, this year.”

As the 112th Congress begins, father Ron Paul and son Rand Paul make media rounds

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The 112th Congress was sworn in yesterday. As expected John Boehner became the new Speaker of The House. Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Ron Paul made several media appearances together.

First, Ron and Rand appeared together on ABC Morning News with George Stephanopoulos:

Neil Cavuto talks to father and son in a more lighthearted discussion but ultimately they discuss raising the debt ceiling and economics. At one point Ron Paul laughs at the nibbling around the edges and says, “I want to repeal the whole government.” Good old Ron.

And finally both appear on John King USA on CNN:

A 30 minute sit-down with Ron Paul

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CSPAN’s show, Newsmakers, aired this weekend. Their guest was Congressman Ron Paul. Most of the questions revolved around economics and the Federal Reserve. It’s refreshing when Dr. Paul is given the proper amount of time to explain his positions without the interruptions that always occur on the mainstream media outlets.

You can watch the entire show here at

Ron Paul talks TSA, tax cuts, and GM with Cavuto

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Here’s Ron Paul, again showing his justified outrage at the TSA with Neil Cavuto earlier today. They also discussed tax cuts and public ownership of GM.

Ron Paul: “Inflation is taxation without representation”

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Ron Paul appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this morning to discuss true free markets. Paul has previously called inflation a “hidden tax”. Now he’s calling it taxation without representation.

When asked about recent Economic Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman’s Keynesian worldview. Paul shakes his head, laughs, and half-jokes that he prays every night that Krugman’s ideas would just disappear.

Me too Dr. Paul. Me too.

Rand Paul wins, Dems bow down before Aqua Buddha, Boehner cries, and other election thoughts

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In one of the several interviews Liberty Maven did with Rand Paul I asked a question about strategy that I believe is the main reason Rand Paul won and is now Senator-elect Rand Paul. Here is that question and Rand’s excellent response again:

LM: Your recent op-ed in USA Today discussing libertarianism and conservatism where you deemed yourself “not quite” a libertarian seemed to be another (rather successful in my view) effort to unite conservatives and libertarians by focusing on where there are agreements. Is one of your fundamental campaign strategies to foster agreement between these groups?

Rand Paul: Yes, it is. The views that unite many conservatives and libertarians are grounded in deference to the Constitution and its principles, and a belief in limited government. These ideals have not been acted upon by many in Washington recently, and that’s why I’m running. It’s also why the Tea Parties exist – frustration with a lack of accountability on spending and the size of government.

These ideals – and the joining of all limited government advocates — form the basis for my campaign this year, one that has struck a chord with Republicans, independents, libertarians, and Tea Party activists. For the country’s sake I hope we can keep these groups in agreement and united against those who do not hold the same respect for those Constitutional principles.

Yes. I believe that about sums up why Rand Paul was successful. He united all flavors of voters. The Republicans, libertarians, independents, conservatives, and tea partiers joined together to support him. He also united progressives pretty well too. They were downright venomous for some reason. I guess that’s the way they roll when they disagree with someone.

A little less than a year ago I posted an article entitled, “Why Rand Paul Will Win“. I listed three reasons: public sentiment, fund raising, and the “it” factor. In retrospect it was mostly public sentiment that turned the tide in his favor in both the primary and general.

Also of note, Rand Paul’s father Ron, won his race. There’s a slight chance Ron Paul could be in line for a committee or sub-committee chairmanship now that the House is changing control to the GOP. It’s likely we’ll all be seeing more of the always-entertaining hearing sessions with Ben Bernanke tap dancing around Ron Paul’s questions. I also believe it to be quite likely we’ll see Ron Paul running for president in 2012 given the results and public opinion. Fox News even threw some love Ron’s way by mentioning him as the catalyst for his son’s and the tea party’s victories. Prepare your bank account for an onslaught of money bombs next year and in 2012.

As for the meaning of this election…

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Politician Wants to Silence Gold Dealers

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Quote of the Day: “Are Mr. Weiner and Chairman Bernanke also going to agree to print on every dollar the reasonable expectation that its value will be eroded by inflation?” — Ira Stoll, writing about Representative Weiner’s anti-gold witch hunt

Representative Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from New York, plans to hold Congressional hearings to investigate gold dealers who advertise on TV.

Is it a coincidence that these gold dealers just happen to advertise on shows like Glenn Beck that tend to oppose Democratic polices? Of course not. This hearing is clearly intended to intimidate. Representative Weiner wants to chill speech for a partisan purpose. But it get’s worse . . .

Weiner is also proposing legislation that would require gold companies to disclose “the reasonable resale value of items being sold (so that the companies) would no longer be able to hide behind false promises of profitability.” This makes it perfectly clear that Mr. Weiner has no idea how a free market works.

Prices rise and fall. No future price can be guaranteed by anyone for anything. Imagine what would happen if, for instance, Mr. Weiner’s idea was applied to the stock market, or . . . to the future price of government bonds?

Would people like Representative Weiner go to prison if the government’s promises about the future value of its bonds turned out to be overly optimistic? Of course not. But this is exactly how he wants to treat gold dealers.

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The Ron Paul Revolution meets the Jim DeMint Evolution in 2012?

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Earlier tonight Ron Paul appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper and boldly stated, “We live in revolutionary times”. He’s right. You can watch that appearance below. There’s been a lot of discussion lately about a fractured Republican Party following Christine O’Donnell’s win in the Delaware GOP primary over establishment moderate Mike Castle.

Jim DeMint endorsed O’Donnell and is being criticized by some for being too ideological. DeMint is having none of it. From

Asked if he were concerned that O’Donnell’s nomination could cost his party a seat, DeMint said he wasn’t “interested in political ideology or party right now. We need people up here to understand we’ve got to get back to limited government, and we can’t afford to have other Republicans who don’t get the message.”

Like Ron Paul, DeMint is, of course, exactly right. On CNN Ron Paul spoke about building coalitions while not compromising principles. That is something he has done his entire career in politics.

I don’t believe Ron Paul can win the presidency in 2012 should he choose to run. He has too much baggage for some ignorant people and there are a lot of ignorant people who vote. However, should Jim DeMint make a run in 2012 and team up with Ron Paul as his running mate… well… I think that could be a compelling ticket for Republicans and all of the truly limited government conservatives, independents and tea party revolutionaries out there.

Some of my fellow Ron Paulites will scoff at the thought of having DeMint, a foreign policy interventionist, at the top of the ticket. For as wrong as DeMint is on foreign policy, he is exactly what America needs for economic policy. There will be plenty of time for Ron Paul to bring him around on foreign policy, especially as it relates to economics. In the meantime, they could unite on cutting spending and taxes, auditing the Federal Reserve, repealing Obamacare, and so much more.

Mark Sanford’s affair killed his chances. Sarah Palin is much too polarizing. Gary Johnson just doesn’t have “it”. Mitt Romney’s hair may be tight, but his positions are over-cooked spaghetti. Everyone else is too moderate to really affect change.

If Ron Paul is willing to form uncompromising coalitions to focus on areas of agreement then I’m all for it. I hope the rest of the Ron Paul faithful would be as well.

Welcome to the DeMint/Paul Evolution Revolution of 2012!

Could you support such a ticket in 2012?

Peter Schiff and Obama discuss economics

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I’m not sure how they got the hidden cameras in the room, but here is Peter Schiff, donning a cowboy hat discussing economics with President Barack Obama. There seems to be something odd about their speech patterns and use of profanity though. This must be how they talk when they think cameras aren’t around.

Ron Paul talks Ground Zero Mosque “side show” on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN

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Ron Paul appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 last night to discuss his own position on the building of a mosque near ground zero. The interview gets interesting when the host delves into the differences between Ron Paul’s views and his son Rand’s views on the building of the mosque.

Ron Paul’s views could not be more in line with my own and represent the most purely consistent view on the matter.

“…the side show, which is what I call this..”  – Ron Paul on the ground zero mosque

(Thanks to Minnesota Chris for the video)