POLL: Rest easy Ron Paul detractors, Iowa GOP won’t let him win

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Iowans, there is no need for you to caucus tonight. It seems that new information has come out that suggests your effort to support the candidate of your choice does not matter at all. The Iowa GOP leaders will decide the winner, not you. So, go ahead and snuggle up in front of your TV’s and wait for your almighty GOP leaders to tell you the winner. And since it would be so embarrassing for a candidate to win that actually believes in and follows his oath to the Constitution unlike any of the other candidates… you don’t have to fret about Ron Paul winning. They won’t let him.

The only question is will the party bosses side with Willard “Sideburns” Romney or will they be eating a giant plate of frothy Santorum Salad on caucus night? Or will they even conspire to have Ron Paul finish in 3rd behind both or worse?

For evidence of this effort, please see this video.

What do you think?

Would it be an embarrassment to Iowa if Ron Paul were to win the Iowa Caucus?

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If you want to beat Obama, Ron Paul is your choice

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The final Public Policy Polling Iowa Caucus poll has just come out. The final tally is: Ron Paul 20%, Mitt Romney 19%, Rick Santorum 18%, and the rest further back. Even after being attacked incessantly for over a week about his newsletters, Ron Paul is still in the lead though the attacks seemed to have had an affect. His overall poll numbers are down 4%.  This poll is likely the most accurate because it doesn’t exclude itself to Republicans. In Iowa, no matter your party you can show up and register as a Republican then vote/caucus for the candidate of your choice.

It seems to me that this process is more open and most like a general election. To win the general you need independents and party-switchers. This is why Ron Paul is in the best position to beat Obama. He wins in those segments in poll after poll. Something that should negate any question of “electability”.

Following the results, something the PPP folks noted on Twitter was the following:

Young voters and indys unusual winning formula for GOP caucus but if Paul really gets them out he can win.

This comment is specific to Iowa, but Iowa is probably the best microcosm we have at this time of a general election. Paul is rather notorious for getting supporters out to vote for him. He wins or places in just about every straw poll in the country, including a very close 2nd in this summer’s Iowa Ames Straw Poll. So that is truly the bottom line, if Paul’s unusual strategy works then he can win Iowa. And that unusual strategy happens to be the exact strategy to take votes away from Obama in the general election.

Some of Paul’s detractors make the claim he’d be “dangerous for America”. Well, okay, that depends upon how you define America. If by America you mean the statist-status-quo in Washington DC and Obama’s re-election chances then yes, he’s extremely dangerous for America.

If by America you mean the country of “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none” and if by America you mean a country that places individual liberty as its highest value then Ron Paul would be the best friend America ever had.

So yes, if you want to beat Obama, Ron Paul is your choice, but he’s also so much more than that.

Paulites Lay Siege In Missouri

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Ron Paul supporters swarmed to the GOP Missouri county caucuses over the weekend. There were internet reports of varying degrees of success in passing resolutions consistent with Ron Paul’s true conservative platform rather than the typical neo-conservative platform. The most interesting story covered by the Kansas City Star involved a protest walkout led by the Jackson County Republican committee chairman.

It is stories like these that give one hope that someday, perhaps soon, our country will be restored to its Constitutional roots, where it belongs.

The dust clears in Washington (State) Caucus

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The media is reporting that Ron Paul finished 3rd in Washington with 21% of the vote. That is pretty impressive. That equals his highest percentage (North Dakota) thus far.

What is more impressive is the actual delegate numbers. The Paul organization told it’s potential delegates and supporters to take an uncommitted position if they were unsure if they wanted to be lobbied to change their votes during the delegate selection. Many did just that. Reports are that Ron Paul may have walked away with as many as 50% of all the delegates in the state. I guess the state convention will ultimately reveal the truth.

In any case it looks like Washington is another great state for liberty.

Super Tuesday aftermath and thoughts

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It was a rather disheartening day for the supporters of true liberty yesterday. Ron Paul averaged about 3-6 percent in most of the states holding primaries. He did much better in states holding caucuses.

Caucuses seem more genuine to me. You are able to get your candidate’s message out through speaking about him to others. You are able to openly campaign for your candidate.  You then vote. In a pimary you go into a booth and pick your candidate. If you haven’t done your research you may vote for something you don’t want. At least with a caucus the lesser known candidates have a fighting chance.

There are two things to learn from the exit polls yesterday related to the GOP vote. Most people don’t care about the issues, rather it is the character that matters most to them. Also, most don’t even know what issues they are voting for, whether they care about them or not. These two truths come from the exit polling of those voting for John McCain.

In New York, 66% of those valuing personal qualities over issues voted for McCain. Also in New York, McCain received 56% of the Anti-war vote. I humbly submit that these statistics suggest that some people in New York are idiots. John McCain said he would be in Iraq for 100 years, maybe more. He also said that “there’s gonna be more wars”. He makes George W. Bush look like Ron Paul when it comes to war. The exit polls show similar statistics in other states as well. You can look at the exit polling in New York at

On the plus side, after being treated as if he had already dropped out of the race by the media, Ron Paul did well in a few states. He finished 3rd in Utah, Alabama, Alaska, and North Dakota. He came in 2nd in Montana. He received double digit percentages in Montana, Alaska, Minnesota, and North Dakota. He also received more than 500,000 votes in total yesterday. That is quite a bit of liberty right there. Also, remember that 21 states still haven’t voted. This is nothing to sneeze at when considering he has been shunned by his own party, ignored and marginalized by the media, and had to deal with a media smear attack of racism.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people out there who have recognized the true cause of liberty. I sometimes roll my eyes when people call this “a movement”, but a movement it is. Some will fall off the bandwagon and become discouraged. Many will carry on and fight for many years to come. I hope to live many more years. When those years have passed me by, I pray I will look back on my life as being one of the fighters rather than the discouraged.

Suddenly, freedom is less popular in Maine

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More of the Maine Caucus results have come in and Ron Paul is now in 3rd place behind McCain (2nd) and Romney (1st). The word on the street though is that Ron Paul still has many delegates.

These delegates go to the state convention in May to vote for which delegates to go to the Republican National convention. These delegates decide the winner, not the straw poll vote during the caucus. So we won’t know for quite some time how many true delegates are for Ron Paul. In the meantime we must deal with the “straw poll” results being reported in the media and wonder why McCain is suddenly ahead of Ron Paul.

Maine Caucus official early results

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With 12% of the precincts reporting in the Maine Caucus Ron Paul is in a solid second place with 21% of the vote. In first place is Mitt Romney with a whopping 53% of the vote. Maine is turning out to be similar to Nevada for Ron Paul where he placed 2nd to Romney, but apparently had more pledged delegates than him.

The source for these numbers is the political dashboard at

Maine Caucus early results

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The Maine Caucuses are under way starting today. Most of the precincts in Maine will hold their caucus tomorrow. The extremely early results, as reported on Ron Paul forums, show Romney leading the polling with Ron Paul coming in a solid second place. Ron Paul is leading the delegate count by a large margin thus far. That is really the number that counts. The official results will be posted tomorrow evening and we’ll update the results again at that time.

News report on Ron Paul campaign visit to Maine [Video]

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Looks like Ron Paul’s strategy of going where no other candidates go is continuing. Here is his visit to Maine as reported by WGME 13 News.

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Ron Paul Campaign Files Caucus Challenge in Louisiana

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The Ron Paul Campaign announced that it has filed a challenge letter with the Louisiana GOP regarding the recent Caucus irregularities.

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Yesterday, the Ron Paul presidential campaign filed a letter with the Louisiana Republican Party to contest the credentials of delegates to the state convention.

Under state party rules, campaigns have 72 hours from the end of the caucus to file such a contest.  This contest was filed in response to multiple problems with the caucus process.

“The initial failure of the Louisiana GOP to properly determine who was and wasn’t eligible to vote threw this entire process into disarray,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore.  “However, voter eligibility was just one of many irregularities with the caucus process. We are filing this contest to ensure that we can challenge the results if it appears that delegates were improperly selected.”

The Louisiana State GOP changed the rules at the eleventh hour to allow other candidates to file more delegates, even though there were plenty of delegates to compose full slates in each congressional district.  At the time of the original January 10 deadline, Ron Paul had the largest number of delegates pledged to him.  The party then changed the rules to give other candidates until January 12 to file more delegates.

In addition, due to mistakes by the Louisiana GOP, hundreds of voters were forced to file provisional ballots, including nearly 500 that could change the outcome of the election.  According to the LA GOP, caucus locations relied on a voter list from November 1, 2007 or perhaps earlier despite the fact that under the caucus rules, voters need only have registered Republican before November 30, 2007. 

There were even instances at the caucuses where state-certified Ron Paul delegates appearing on the ballot were forced to file a provisional ballot despite the fact they were pre-approved as delegates.

I’m curious what will come of this. We’ll keep you posted.