Brent Sanders Interview

Brent Sanders, Louisiana Congressional Candidate Interview Part 2

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Here we continue our interview with Louisiana District 5 Congressional Candidate Brent Sanders. If you missed the first portion of the interview you should probably read that first.

As always check out all of the Liberty Maven interviews available on the interview page.

LM: Could you elaborate more on the previous question on Congressional term limits? Wouldn’t a Constitutional amendment be necessary to institute them?

Sanders: An amendment to the U.S. Constitution would be necessary to institute term limits for congress. I am in favor of such an amendment.

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Brent Sanders Louisiana Congressional Candidate Interview Part 1

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Brent Sanders For CongressBrent Sanders is running for Congress in Louisiana’s 5th District. He was kind enough to agree to an interview for Liberty Maven about the issues and his campaign.

All Liberty Maven interviews can be viewed by going to the interview page. The interviews are in multiple segments. This is the first interview segment for Sanders (and the first for Liberty Maven as well).

Brent is a regular on Ron Paul Forums and has gained much respect among the members there. Taking a page from Ron Paul’s fund raising success he is having his own money bomb on March 2nd and 3rd. I encourage everyone to pledge and donate to his campaign. Read on for the first segment of the interview.

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