“If Obama says it, it must be true”, said the Obamaton

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Yes, someone said these words to me today, “If Obama says it, it must be true!” And the guy wasn’t being sarcastic. I couldn’t help but reply with, “Obama is full of shit” and then I pointed him to the following by Matt Welch at Reason.com:

Your president said this last night:

Between 2001 and 2009 [...] a very specific philosophy reigned in Washington: You cut taxes, especially for millionaires and billionaires; you cut regulations for special interests; you cut back on investments in education and clean energy, in research and technology. The idea was if we put blind faith in the market, if we let corporations play by their own rules, if we left everybody to fend for themselves, America would grow and America would prosper.

That was the philosophy that was put forward. For eight years, we tried that. And that experiment failed miserably.

Important note: Obama is full of shit.

Somehow this has become Obama’s minions favorite arguments. This is a very dangerous lie if left unchecked. If the “previous 8 years” were a period of deregulation and lower spending according to Obama then what are the next 8 years (at this point it looks like it may be only 2 more) going to look like? Of course, Obama doesn’t call it “spending”. He calls it “investment”. Here’s a newsflash for our president. Investment that shows a 0% or negative return is really just a nice way to say that you wasted a bunch of money (ie. spent it).

And it needs to be pointed out yet again that the money he is talking about wasting (sorry, investing) is yours and mine, not his.

And yes, once again, Joe Wilson was right.

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