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Interview with Two Zombies!

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I hope everyone enjoys this campaign video, “Interview with Two Zombies” and shares it everywhere!!

Many thanks to Dan, Jane, Clayton, and John for volunteering as zombies, cameramen, editors, directors, etc.  to make this entertaining video!!

The campaign’s second revision of a 30-second radio ad is here.  Thanks to a one-day September online money bomb, several thousand dollars were raised and this ad was placed on the local airwaves.  Thanks to Adam Temple of A.R.T. Productions for helping create this radio ad!

Don’t be misled by Zombie-R and Zombie-D!

One in the Senate for Rand Paul w/ Jim DeMint, Peter Schiff, more

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Tonight begins the Rand Paul “One in the Senate” money bomb telethon. You can get all the details here:

Earlier this month, Jack Tough raised over $300,000 in a money bomb of his own, and is looking to raise another $100K in the closing days of this quarter. Now more than ever, Rand Paul needs your help. This is our last, best chance to put one defender of Liberty into the US Senate. The last week of this quarter is crucial to the campaign in terms of fundraising.

Rand’s final money bomb of the quarter starts tonight, when the ticker goes live on the site

Tomorrow there will be a Moneybomb Telethon with special guests Senator Jim DeMint, John Dennis, Clint Didier, Jake Towne, Wayne Allen Root, Peter Schiff, Joe the Plumber, Steve Dore and more.

Yes, it is certainly time to put your money where your liberty is. This is the home stretch.

You can watch the Telethon right here beginning at 9am Eastern:

A Candid Appraisal of the Recovery

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by John Browne, Senior Market Strategist at Euro Pacific Capital

Over the last two weeks, seemingly good economic news offered some shreds of optimism to a stock market that was desperate for a pick-me-up.The week before last, the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the US recession had ended back in June 2009. At the beginning of last week, news came in that month-on-month retail sales had risen by 0.4 percent. Combined with successful government debt auctions in the eurozone, increasing expectations that Republicans will take back the House (thereby blunting the leftward drift of Washington), and hopes that a new round of quantitative easing will pump up growth, mainstream analysts are developing a feeling of near-euphoria.

Although it hard to begrudge the punch drunk for grasping at a little hope, investing is a dispassionate endeavor that calls for close and realistic analysis. In that spirit, let’s dig deeper into the recent ‘good news.’

First, the single month’s rise in retail sales was a blip on what has been a long-term downtrend. Furthermore, retail sales in August typically get a large boost from seasonal ‘back to school’ spending. This year, retail sales were boosted further by temporary tax incentives and vendor discounts.

Second, the successful auction of debt from worrisome eurozone countries, like Ireland, only served to further camouflage the ongoing risk of sovereign default by these states. None of them have committed to a comprehensive program of austerity and market liberalization – Ireland maintains a ‘too big to fail’ doctrine while Greece is on the verge of riots from its so-far modest efforts at privatization. None of the PIIGS would have had successful bond sales if Germany hadn’t been pressured into becoming a ‘sovereign of last resort’ for the whole currency area.

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Obama’s Department of Injustice, another whistle blows

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Earlier this year J. Christian Adams resigned his Justice Department position and began discussing the new administration’s policy of inequality under the rule of law. This story, which should have been national news, petered out over the past few months. However, there’s a new whistleblower in town corroborating everything Adams said. And it’s not just anyone, it is Christopher Coates, the former Justice Department Voting Rights section chief.

He’s testifying against the Justice Department today after being forbidden to do so. From Doc Vega, the Dallas Tea Party Examiner:

Despite news coverage of this lack of response thanks Eric Holder’s discriminatory direction. New Blank Panthers who threatened voters and verbalized racial slurs, clearly in violation of the law, were never charged. Not only was Chris Adams characterized as a disgruntled employee, but he was forbidden by his former employer to testify if subpoenaed by the US Commission on Civil Rights.  Adams left and the story died. Adams was quoted as accusing fellow employees as making comments such as , “this is payback.”

Now Chris Coates, Section Chief, and a vigorous, award winning, litigator for the DOJ, his career has spanned more than three decades, now intends to testify against his former employer. Coates resigned months ago unable to rationalize politicizing his department’s primary purpose. In opposition to the blatant conflict of interest  that has been orchestrated by Eric Holder, Chris will appear in court despite obvious pressure exerted upon him to remain silent.

This crucial testimony will uncover the illegal abandonment of duty based upon racial bias and in violation of civil rights laws. Coates testimony will necessitate proceedings against the Department of Justice. As before with Christian Adams, their defense strategy will probably entail trying to discredit Coates by portraying him as yet just one more disgruntled attorney who is making unfounded allegations. The only other possible defense would be to feign ignorance of the internal policy of the DOJ that had dictated an illegal leniency for black offenders. Either defense will prove preposterous. To depict Chris Coates, one of the most prolific defenders of civil rights as a right wing protester to an ideological argument will not bode well for Obama or Eric Holder. It will expose them!

Will the main stream media cover this new development in this story? Shouldn’t this be something the American people are made aware of? There are a few reasons they could sweep this under the rug again.

Could it be that the media is just liberal-leaning and delivers the news much like today’s Justice Department selectively litigates cases? Could “white guilt” be the culprit? Where is the objectivity? Whatever the reason for the media stonewall, the age-old axiom of “blind justice” does not apply to Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

You can read Chris Coates damning testimony from Pajamas Media while we all wait and see if the main stream media does its job.

“If Obama says it, it must be true”, said the Obamaton

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Yes, someone said these words to me today, “If Obama says it, it must be true!” And the guy wasn’t being sarcastic. I couldn’t help but reply with, “Obama is full of shit” and then I pointed him to the following by Matt Welch at

Your president said this last night:

Between 2001 and 2009 [...] a very specific philosophy reigned in Washington: You cut taxes, especially for millionaires and billionaires; you cut regulations for special interests; you cut back on investments in education and clean energy, in research and technology. The idea was if we put blind faith in the market, if we let corporations play by their own rules, if we left everybody to fend for themselves, America would grow and America would prosper.

That was the philosophy that was put forward. For eight years, we tried that. And that experiment failed miserably.

Important note: Obama is full of shit.

Somehow this has become Obama’s minions favorite arguments. This is a very dangerous lie if left unchecked. If the “previous 8 years” were a period of deregulation and lower spending according to Obama then what are the next 8 years (at this point it looks like it may be only 2 more) going to look like? Of course, Obama doesn’t call it “spending”. He calls it “investment”. Here’s a newsflash for our president. Investment that shows a 0% or negative return is really just a nice way to say that you wasted a bunch of money (ie. spent it).

And it needs to be pointed out yet again that the money he is talking about wasting (sorry, investing) is yours and mine, not his.

And yes, once again, Joe Wilson was right.

Debate in the name of Liberty with this new iPhone App

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This looks like fun. There’s a pretty cool new iPhone app that liberty-lovers can use to help “educate” the government-loving statists out there. Maybe you can even debate well enough to get them to see that the Constitution should apply in all cases rather than only when it is convenient.

Here are the details from the VingTalk Press Release:

ParTea America gives you the opportunity to debate friends or your political arch-nemesis during this political season

(September XX, 2010) LOS ANGELES – Argue politics and debate the critical issues affecting your community and nation with the ParTea America iPhone and iTouch Application. ParTea America brings the Battle to Politics and is available RIGHT NOW in the AppStore and iTunes. ParTea America is brought to you by VingTalk Inc.

Sign in and start a new battle. Record your opinion and argue back and forth with a friend or rival! Listen to other public battles and leave text or voice comments. Cast your vote for the best ideas, debates and arguments.

Any number of recordings may be added to the battle at anytime – allowing for an infinite amount of retorts and responses between the two users. The best battles are then selected for the Featured Section of the application.

ParTea America is available for FREE for a limited time through iTunes and the iPhone App Store. Go to: or search ‘ParTea’.

The “Deleveraging” Deception

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by Michael Pento, Senior Economist of Euro Pacific Capital

There is wide agreement among economists and the financial media that our lackluster economic performance stems from continued “deleveraging” among consumers and businesses. Although it is certainly true that after decades of overly speculative borrowing, individuals and corporations are paying down debt, rebuilding their savings, and generally repairing their respective balance sheets. But these activities cannot be faulted for our economic malaise.

In fact, as a country, we haven’t deleveraged at ALL. All the moves made by the private sector have been vastly outpaced by the federal government’s efforts to add leverage to the economy. The net result is that we are much more indebted now than we were before the recession began; as a result, we are digging ourselves even faster into debt.

The good news is that households paid down debt for the 9th quarter in a row. In Q2, they deleveraged at a 2.3% annual rate, as their total debt outstanding dropped from $13.52 trillion to $13.45 trillion from Q1. That’s still around 92% of GDP, which is way up from the 48% level in 1980, but the direction is positive. Ultimately, the message here could not be clearer: American households have decided – either voluntarily or involuntarily – that it is in their best interest to quit borrowing money and reduce their debt levels in order to reconcile their balance sheets. The bad news is that most economists view this as a pernicious tendency.

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Politician Wants to Silence Gold Dealers

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Quote of the Day: “Are Mr. Weiner and Chairman Bernanke also going to agree to print on every dollar the reasonable expectation that its value will be eroded by inflation?” — Ira Stoll, writing about Representative Weiner’s anti-gold witch hunt

Representative Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from New York, plans to hold Congressional hearings to investigate gold dealers who advertise on TV.

Is it a coincidence that these gold dealers just happen to advertise on shows like Glenn Beck that tend to oppose Democratic polices? Of course not. This hearing is clearly intended to intimidate. Representative Weiner wants to chill speech for a partisan purpose. But it get’s worse . . .

Weiner is also proposing legislation that would require gold companies to disclose “the reasonable resale value of items being sold (so that the companies) would no longer be able to hide behind false promises of profitability.” This makes it perfectly clear that Mr. Weiner has no idea how a free market works.

Prices rise and fall. No future price can be guaranteed by anyone for anything. Imagine what would happen if, for instance, Mr. Weiner’s idea was applied to the stock market, or . . . to the future price of government bonds?

Would people like Representative Weiner go to prison if the government’s promises about the future value of its bonds turned out to be overly optimistic? Of course not. But this is exactly how he wants to treat gold dealers.

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Gold is on the Move

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by Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, authors of The Aden Forecast; written for Peter Schiff’s Gold Report, a newsletter devoted to the precious metals market.

Gold is looking good. Since its summer low of $1160 in late June, it has surged to $1275. That’s a nearly 10% gain in less than two months, and even though gold has again broken its all-time record high, it’s poised to move still higher.

What’s Driving the Gold Price Up?

There are several key factors coming together at the same time and all of them are bullish for gold. But if we had to boil it down, the bottom line is uncertainty. This makes investors nervous, which has always been good for gold. But is this response rational?

We think so. Gold is the ultimate safe haven and as the economy stumbles, demand for gold has grown. That’s been the case for almost a decade. In the second quarter of 2010, for instance, the economic indicators were down and gold demand was up 36%.

Investors are concerned. Not only did the economy falter this month, but the stock market declined as well. This has fueled uncertainty about the government’s policies, the potential for a “double dip” recession, and the danger of a deflationary period.

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Happy Constitution Day!

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Originally published September 17, 2010 at

Today is the anniversary of the September 17, 1787 ratification of the Constitution of the United States.   While the federal government no longer even pretends to follow the Constitution, I would like to write for a moment on the second-most important safeguard the founders tried to leave us.  (The most important safeguard being sound money, which by itself greatly inhibits rash war-making, as beautifully illustrated in this clip.)

The Congress shall have Power… to declare War.” – The Constitution of the United States, 1787-present. Article I, Section 8, Clause 11.

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