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Ron Paul and Jack Cafferty on Broken Government

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Ron Paul appeared with Jack Cafferty on CNN the other day to discuss America’s “Broken Government”, a thematic series CNN is featuring. Paul and Cafferty discuss the reasons why the GOP establishment shuns Paul’s penchant for winning over the youth, among other topics.

In the end Cafferty tells Paul that he wishes he’d run again in 2012.

Why Ron Paul is wrong on every damn thing!

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Editor’s Note: Sometimes it’s good to listen to the other side with an open mind because perhaps they know better. This article about Ron Paul was sent to us by our neo-conservative friend, Richard Deekbag, founder of the following website (we apologize for the length of the URL):

I mean just look at the guy. Ron Paul is all skinny, old, and wrinkly. His speeches are rambling diatribes supporting the long debunked conspiracy theory known as the U.S. Constitution. Everyone knows the Constitution expired more than 100 years ago and has no place in our Conservative-Progressive-Democratic-Socialist-Liberal-Republican (ConProDemSocLibRep) society.

After all it was Ru Paul’s isolationist ideas that lead America into its darkest period following the Revolutionary War after his idiotic idols, the Founding Fathers, defeated the British occupiers. Well, they were more like friendly visitors than occupiers. Visitors that honored the American colonies by taxing them heavily and treating them like peasants.

Everyone knows by now that Ron Paul’s efforts to abolish the massively successful Federal Reserve bank is kookier than cookies. The Fed has been our savior over and over and over and over and over again over the years.  If it weren’t for the Fed the so-called “Great Depression” would have been much shorter. That’s a gigantic problem because we needed it to last much longer just to prove that government regulation is the lifeblood of the economy!

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10 Reasons Why You Need Socialized Medicine

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Whether you call it ObamaCare, PelosiCare, HarryReidCare, DemocratCare, or just plain stupid, Socialized Medicine is the Holy Grail to the president and his Democrat Party. They just can’t stop talking about and are as fixated with it as a puppy with its own tail.

But the more Mr. Obama talks about his plans, the worse it gets for him. The problem is that he hasn’t presented it properly. As an aid to Democrats everywhere, these are the positions they should be pushing to make this dream reality:

1) Socialized Medicine is free. I don’t know how they do it, but, by golly, nobody has to pay for it. Now if they could do something about the rising cost of cigarettes, gas, sodas, and my tanning bed treatments.

2) Socialized Medicine protects medical professionals and hospitals from extraordinary lawsuits. Right now Republicans and many physicians are  pointing out that to control medical costs, tort reform needs to be initiated to rein in the runaway costs of medical malpractice lawsuits. With Socialized Medicine there would be no need for this legislation. As the government would run the health care system how would anyone be able to sue Uncle Sam? Especially if he wasn’t in the mood to be sued. Socialized Medicine means never having to say “Oops!”.

3) Socialized Medicine covers all diseases. Time and again we see insurance companies denying care for unusual diseases or treatments. Now everything will be covered up to and including euphoria, apoplexy, and miner’s squint. And you won’t have to pay for those pills and medical devices you saw advertised on late-night TV.
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What is an Olympic Gold Medal Worth?

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Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — ZERO.” – Voltaire (1694-1778)

Originally published February 25, 2010 at

The world champion athletes at the Winter Olympics receive gold, silver, and bronze medals that contain roughly the same amounts of metal as the last Summer Olympics.

  • A gold medal contains 550 grams of silver and is layered with just 6 grams of gold.
  • A silver medal has 509 grams of silver and about 41 grams of copper.
  • The bronze medals likely contain about 450 grams of copper and 50 grams of mostly tin and zinc.

At current market prices, a gold medal is exchangeable for about $494, a silver for about $260, and a bronze for just $3. If the gold medal was solid gold with the same mass, it would be exchangeable for almost $20,000.

While the Vancouver athletes are receiving the same amount of gold and silver as the Beijing Summer Olympics, world central banks – like the Federal Reserve – have been devaluing their currencies steadily for the past century or so to pay for the wild growth of government, non-stop warfare that have killed well over 170 million civilians, and the redistribution of wealth from those who worked for it to special interest groups. Sound money has been considered such a serious threat to the primacy of the state that virtually all dictators – Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Mao top the list – have banned it so government spending cannot be checked.

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Will the Pause Refresh?

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by John Browne – Senior Market Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital

The world is currently in the eye of an economic hurricane. The leading edge of the storm, which made landfall in the second quarter of 2008, raged until the first quarter of 2009, and nearly demolished the world’s financial system. By sand-bagging with trillions of freshly-printed paper currencies, fudging accounting rules, subsidizing key financial houses and markets, and calming the masses with half-baked rhetoric, a worldwide collapse was averted.

But the calm is deceptive.

Because of the lull, Western governments have allowed our structural deficits to fester. Now, their spokesmen are predicting sunny skies for the foreseeable future. The Federal Reserve Chairman speaks of “exit strategies” and President Obama asserts that his stimulus package has prevented a second Great Depression. This inability to see past the horizon means our politicians have squandered our final chance to build sturdier shelters in advance of the hurricane’s trailing edge.

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Ron Paul, not a Truther, nor a Birther, but perhaps a Round-Earther

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When future generations look back on Ron Paul, and I believe they will, he will be seen as a wise sage, not an iconoclast nor a wing nut. Ron Paul is today’s “Round-earther”, perhaps more technically, a “Spherical-earther”, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Long ago, the prevailing wisdom was that the earth was flat or at least non-spherical. Those who dared suggest the earth was spherical were considered extreme or fringe and dismissed as “crazy”.

This dismissal by the establishment didn’t make the earth flat. Likewise, just because many of today’s establishment politicians and pundits consider Ron Paul “crazy” doesn’t make him wrong. Yet this seems to be the prevailing argument against him. In other words, yeah I get it, his name is similar to Ru Paul, but what about his ideas?

Ron Paul challenges your indoctrination. He makes the flow of your synapses hurt. He makes you uncomfortable and that is no excuse to dub him “crazy” or “kooky”.

In an excellent piece, Paul Mulshine explores this theme.

The winner of that poll [CPAC] is often considered the consensus leader in the race for the next GOP presidential nomination. When Mitt Romney won it last time around, he was seen as something of a sure thing in an otherwise weak field.

Well the 2012 field is even weaker than last time around. But across the spectrum, the pundits agree that the Texas congressman has no business being in it. Newsweek proclaimed Paul “probably won’t run again for president in 2012 and almost certainly wouldn’t win the Republican nomination if he did.” The Fox News crowd repeated the “Paul is dead” mantra as if the congressman were a Beatle. As for Glenn Beck, who spoke at CPAC, he termed the winner of 31 percent of the audience’s votes “a crazy, kooky guy.”

Quite an achievement for a man who may be the single most unexciting speaker in American politics today. I mean that as high praise. The U.S. Constitution is a dry, unemotional document. And Paul, as its leading proponent in Congress, is a dry, unemotional guy.

So why do his opponents get worked up into such a fervor?

I’ve been mystified by that since early in 2007, when I first interviewed him. Even though Paul had announced for the Republican nomination for president, I didn’t have to go through a press secretary to contact him. I just asked around and got his home number. We had a pleasant chat about the Constitution.

Read the entire piece here.

America, where it’s all Ron Paul, all the time.

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In case you missed it, Ron Paul had some time for his favorite pastime today, questioning the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke. Then later he enjoyed a relaxing speech on the House floor where he took the obviously crazy position that the U.S. government shouldn’t be assassinating Americans.

First, his opening speech and questioning of Bernanke.


And then, Paul’s floor speech against American assassinations.

Don’t be a Patriot Act coward

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Three provisions of the so-called USA PATRIOT ACT are set to expire on February 28. You can learn more about them from our February 10 Dispatch.

Instead of letting these unneeded provisions lapse, Congress will likely extend them, perhaps 30 days, or maybe to the end of 2010. BUT THIS COULD HAPPEN AS SOON AS TODAY.

Worse, Congressional leaders will probably insert this extension in unrelated legislation. This is cowardly. This issue deserves an up-or-down vote on its own merits (or lack thereof).

Please express your anger about this by telling Congress to pass the One Subject At A Time Act.

You can borrow from or copy this letter . . .

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Ron Paul on MSNBC discusses CPAC w/ Dylan Ratigan

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Ron Paul continued his media rounds after winning the CPAC straw poll over the weekend by appearing on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan.

Boss Hogg

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In Barack Obama’s latest health care plan is a proposal to give the Health and Human Services secretary the power to block price increases in premiums by health insurers. That power, on its face, would be subjective and political. However, it would complete the take-over of American companies by this increasingly relentless socialist administration.

Look at the facts, these days government dictates how to make a product, the government dictates what to put in a product, the government dictates shipping methodology if the U.S. Postal Service is used, the government dictates working conditions with OSHA, the government dictates minimum pay for employees and who to hire with EEOC laws, the government dictates salaries and bonuses for management in some industries, and, at the end of the day, for its efforts, the government will be on hand to collect its fair share of the company’s profit through taxation if a company is fortunate enough to make a profit on its transactions.

Now the government wants to dictate to companies what they will charge for their products. 

What decision making is left for a company under this administration? Helping pick the color of tablecloths in the company mess hall?

This proposal will be the final nail in the de facto take-over of American business. And it neatly avoids the messiness and expense of actually having to buy or run companies ala General Motors or AIG. Free companies! What socialist politician wouldn’t be giddy with excitement over the prospect?

You just gotta admire that crazy Capitalist Socialism.