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Ron Paul talks to Ron Smith on 1090AM WBAL

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Ron Paul talked to Ron Smith, Baltimore’s best talk show host on my hometown radio station, 1090AM WBAL.  A variety of topics are discussed.  Here it is in two parts, for your listening pleasure:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Ron Paul will be appearing at Loyola University on Wednesday the 27th to discuss his “Case Against the Fed”.

Austrian Ron Paul vs. Keynesian Robert Reich on Larry King

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Ron Paul appeared on Larry King earlier this evening to discuss the effectiveness of Obama’s stimulus package. The discussion was quite good until the end when Reich used the final opportunity to speak to attack Ron Paul as being like “Hoover” and then praising FDR and “the war” for getting us out of the Great Depression.

I really wish Ron Paul (I’m sure he does too) had time to refute those fallacies, but as is often the case with these appearances, he ran out of time. If you don’t understand why Reich’s statements are incorrect take some time to read some of Robert Higgs work on the same topic.

Ron Paul gets feisty on CNBC talking Federal Reserve

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Ron Paul appeared on CNBC this morning for a long segment focused on economics and the Federal Reserve. Paul Kanjorski appears with Paul and plays the part of the Fed apologist in the segment. Ron Paul gets pretty feisty during his arguments, in a good way. Thanks to Minnesota Chris for the video. Enumerated Powers Act – Answering Critics

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The Enumerated Powers Act (EPA) requires that every bill must specify its source of Constitutional authority. Since our previous report in December, four more Representatives have signed on as sponsors of the EPA.

You can find the 60 House sponsors here.

And the 22 Senate sponsors here.

The problem is, many in Congress don’t want to be bothered with this simple requirement. They think that anything Congress passes must be Constitutional. Let’s persuade them to change their minds, with our arguments and our pressure.

You can use this letter as an example . . .    Read More »

Ron Paul meets Glenn Beck on CIA and Foreign Policy

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Last week there was a big stink made about some comments Ron Paul made to supporters at a Campaign For Liberty conference regarding the CIA. Glenn Beck decided he wanted to understand more about those comments so he had Ron Paul on to discuss them this morning.

You can hear the discussion below. I think this discussion shows that Ron Paul tends to use hyperbole (as many politicians do) when talking to a friendly crowd because at the end of this discussion it appears that Beck and Paul are closer together than they are far apart. Interesting listen…


Evils that are killing America

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While conservatives like Glenn Beck bemoan the progressive “killing me softly” approach to transforming America into a socialist-fascist city state there are at least two other phenomena that are working toward that same end. Both of them come from the Right side of the aisle. All three together create  a blueprint for the demise of America as our Founders knew it.

The evil triumvirate killing machine aimed at America is made up of:

  1. The progressive agenda.
  2. Bipartisanship.
  3. The so-called “war on terror”.

Ever since Obama’s inauguration we’ve all become hyper-aware of the progressive agenda thanks to commentators like Glenn Beck. The progressives don’t even want the Constitution to be a “god-damned piece of paper“. That would mean it actually exists to them. They’d much rather it never have existed. Sure, Obama is a “constitutional scholar”, but all the evidence suggests he only studied the constitution in order to figure out methods to betray it.

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Scott Brown, Just Another Republocrat

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Originally published January 22, 2010 at

I first heard the name of Scott Brown at a local political mixer, and several folks had mentioned they were going to send a few bucks his way just because he might be able to help stop the current health care tax if he won the special run-off election against a Democrat, Martha Coakley. Not knowing much about Brown, I took a closer look at him this week.

Brown is a career politician who has been in the Massachusetts state congress for 11 years. His Issues page is full of run-of-the-mill generalizations (although briefer than mine, something I am working on). There is zero mention of the most important foreign policy topic – the simultaneous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, while he absurdly devotes a section to support Israel’s border walls. Even on health care, while taking a direct stance against the Democrat plan, he supports nationalizing health care and has voted for the Romney health care tax solution which he offhandedly ADMITS is ailing, as I pointed out in my health care plank last summer.

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Monetary Policy Solutions

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Originally published January 21, 2010 at

Last night I delivered a talk on monetary policy to a group, the Concerned Citizens of Upper Perkiomen Valley for Smaller Government, in my district.  The talk is downloadable from Scribd here.

I’d like to thank the group for the chance to present.  During the talk there was only one deer-in-the-headlights look, but not so many questions, but I later found out that, for most of the attendees, the Federal Reserve stuff was completely new and I was able to straighten a few people out after the talk.  At any rate, everyone got the point there is a big problem with the dollar, and the government just prints money to survive from one day to the next.  It’s really that simple.

There were 25 slides, I think I only covered 16 or so in the talk, but the last few slides are new content on the game plan to get our country out of this fiscal mess, so I have them below. Like my engineering background as a professional problem solver, the same strategy I’ve used throughout my career works here as well – CONTAIN the problem, DETECT ROOT CAUSE (it’s the government!), take CORRECTIVE ACTIONS to prevent recurrence.  Kill the problem before it kills you.  For more insights, check out ‘The Government’s “War” on Main Street‘ and read some essays here.

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Congress Sacks Samoan Economy

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by Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital and author of Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit from the Economic Collapse
Like many football fans around the country, I recently tuned into a heavily promoted 60 Minutes segment on the uncanny ability of tiny American Samoa to produce a steady stream of NFL players. Although it was certainly interesting to learn how Pacific island warrior culture translated seamlessly into the disciplines of American football, and how the island’s players adapted to the hard-scrabble terrain and poorly funded athletic fields, the most interesting aspect of the piece concerned economics rather than sports.

In passing, the narrator mentioned that American Samoa had recently experienced major setbacks, both natural and man-made. Earthquakes and tsunamis had left scores dead and inflicted major damage on the islands’ infrastructure. More ominously, one of the two major tuna canneries, which together accounted for up to half of the islands’ private sector jobs,[i] had closed. If the second cannery closes, as 60 Minutes mentioned is a distinct possibility, American Samoa will become completely dependent on Federal support. Whether the reporters considered the subject off-target for their piece or simply could not connect the dots, the pending economic disaster was left largely unexamined. However, the Samoan situation offers a very clear lesson for the rest of America about how government policies can devastate an economy, and how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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More evidence that pressure works

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Quote of the Day: “Politicians are merely Opportunists, looking for a big parade that’s marching somewhere. As Opportunists, they can’t pass up the chance to jump in front of a parade and declare themselves to be the leader. We need to build a parade so large that Political Opportunists ‘lead us’ to smaller government.” – Jim Babka

Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election. As a result, the cancerous healthcare bill is probably dead. Does this mean that elections work to cause change?

The answer depends on a deeper question — was the election result a cause, or an effect? Consider . . .

Last Spring the healthcare bill was riding high. The proverbial handwriting was on the wall. Many Republicans were ready to bow to what seemed inevitable. There were around 20 of them who were lining up to see what kind of tax funded bribes they could win in return for their vote. But then, something happened . . .

First there were Tea Parties. They were considered a passing fancy. Then, at Town Hall meetings Members of Congress returned to their districts during recess and got socked in the face. Constituents were angry. They hated the healthcare bill, and all the spending and borrowing. The politicians felt the PRESSURE, and the potential Republican defectors flip-flopped, renewing their opposition to the healthcare bill. But that wasn’t the end of it . . .

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