Jake Towne on FOX’s Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

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Originally published October 31, 2009 at http://towneforcongress.com/economy/jake-towne-on-foxs-freedom-watch-with-judge-napolitano-1

On Wednesday, October 28th, I traveled down to the Drexel University campus to appear on FOX New’s Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, Drexel’s Student Liberty Front, Pennsylvania State Representative Sam Rohrer, and Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation.  I was a panel member for the first two sessions covering the concept of “just war” and also the current “financial fiasco” which can be seen below, or watched on this playlist link.

On the first session, my plank on the Iraq War can be read here, and the “War is a Racket” essay by USMC General Smedley Butler can be read here.  In the second session, my plank on the Federal Reserve is here, and I highly recommend “Fractional Reserve Banking in Pictures” to understand the current fraudulent monetary system.

I will discuss the Federal Reserve in more detail as a keynote speaker this November 22nd at the Constitution rEVOLution Tea Party in Philadelphia.  Locally, I will be given a few minutes to talk about constitutional money on Friday, November 6th at 7 PM in Palmer Township.  Details on both of these upcoming events are here.

This was my first time on a major news network and I must say that I was quite impressed with Judge Napolitano – he is quite the media professional.  As a professional chemical engineer, not a career politician, it is quite a bit different to have to immediately answer fastball questions than in person or even phone interviews.  However, practice makes perfect, and trial by fire is the best way to learn quickly.

Judge for yourself how I did, and please leave any comments or suggestions to improve below!  I was not part of the panel for the last two parts but the remainder of the show can be watched here.

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