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Ron Paul discusses Obama SCOTUS nominee with Cavuto

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Ron Paul was interviewed by Neil Cavuto yesterday on Fox Business News regarding Barack Obama’s new Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonya Sotomayor. It seemed that Cavuto wanted Paul to focus on the topic of the SCOTUS nominee and Ron went into more limited government generalities as he often does.

Still, Cavuto allowed Ron Paul to speak to the point where I barely recall Cavuto asking more than one or two questions. A few choice quotes from Paul and the clip are below.

“It’s pretty scary…”

“It makes you stop and think though because she was originally a George Bush appointee”

“This appointment, if it goes through is just adding more fuel to the fire of bigger government, more meddling, and nationalizaiton.”

Memorial Day inspiration from the Liberty Rider #R4Liberty

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Yesterday Michael Maresco began his trek across the U.S. on his bicycle. Along the way he will be meeting with and handing out literature to the local Sheriffs of America in an effort to hammer home the idea that they can make a difference fighting against the creeping fascism we are experiencing.

To symbolize this creeping fascism Michael is riding from the Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz. On this Memorial Day I’m remembering our fallen military individuals by being inspired by Michael’s “Ride For Honesty”. Ultimately both very different efforts are aimed at the same cause: The cause of freedom and defending the Constitution.

In fact, I feel Michael’s effort is more pure because it is untainted by the whims of power hungry politicians. I dream of a time when all wars are fought for the right reasons so that this holiday is fully untethered from the strands of regret. Bill Clinton said, “Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.” Replace the word “abortions” with the word “wars” and you have a pretty good policy.

Check out Michael’s first day log and videos at The Ride For Honesty site: Be inspired and maybe donate a bit of money to his effort.

Quick Hits: Torture, Twitter, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Random Thoughts

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I hope to make this a regular occurrence each Friday here at Liberty Maven. If it ends up like some of our other regular occurrences it won’t be regular at all. We’ll try though.

This post will be a hodgepodge of random thoughts I’ve had over the past week (or so) that never made it into an “official” article.

The topic of torture has been in the news and I find it fascinating because there are so many levels of arguments to the debate. No one put it more succinctly than Shepard Smith on a recent episode of Freedom Watch. The main arguments can be highlighted with a series of questions:

  1. Is enhanced interrogation truly torture?
  2. Is torture against the law?
  3. Does torture work?
  4. Is torture morally wrong?

Here are the answers:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Not really, and it doesn’t really matter because…
  4. Absolutely

I used to think everyone hounding me to “get on Twitter” was torture (wow, poor segue I know). Now that I’ve done so I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted necessarily, but I’ve certainly discovered a new world (in 140 characters or less or course). Most of our articles are automatically “tweeted” right when they are published. So feel free to follow me/us at @LibertyMaven and start using this social media tool to help spread the freedom message.

Speaking of Twitter (damn I’m good at these transitions), Rand Paul is on Twitter sending his followers updates about his potential Senate run. His father Ron is not. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if someone were to ask Ron Paul if he twitters, he’d answer, “No I exercise daily and am in very good health.”

His organization, The Campaign For Liberty is on Twitter though. Check them out at @C4Liberty.

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Bank United Collapses – FDIC “Insurance” Getting Wiped Out

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Last month I described the collapse of the American banking system as “Off a Cliff with No Airbags.” Are we already in mid-air?

by Jake Towne, the Champion of the Constitution

Originally published on Thursday, May 21, 2009 at

Today BankUnited FSB became the nation’s 34th bank to fail this year.  Bank failures are nothing new, but this one will cost the FDIC $4.9 Billion per the  FDIC press release issued Thursday, May 21.  BankUnited had assets of $12.8 Billion and deposits of $8.6 Billion.

The takeover group is led by the infamous Carlyle and Blackstone investment groups.  The take-away for the average Joe Public – is this:

stThe FDIC started 2008 with $53 Billion in its insurance fund, and this number is now less than $11 Billion.  This translates to mean that less than a quarter of every $100 you have in a bank account is now FDIC “insured.”

It does not take a genius to predict that the FDIC insurance fund will be depleted this year, and a public bank closing (or “bank holiday” – as if it were some sort of twisted vacation) is likely this year.  (Photo courtesy Luc Viator)

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Dr. Rand Paul on the “State” of Health Care

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In a video released a few days ago from Rand Paul we get a bit of an education on health care. He reveals some interesting statistics that suggest we may not have universal health care at this time, but we certainly have socialized medicine.

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Exporting corruption

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day “The thing that gets me is we don’t learn a thing from history. We want our institutions to be pure and not corrupt, but yet we do the things we know is going to corrupt them.” Chief Jerry Cameron, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Last month, a South Tucson, AZ, cop who ran his department’s asset forfeiture program was convicted of stealing over $560,000 from it.

This month, the cop who handles asset forfeiture funds in Spring Lake, NC, was arrested for stealing $2,900. Another cop was arrested for having seized the money in a hotel room under false pretenses.

Will these arrests “fix” asset forfeiture, or will corrupt cops simply learn that it’s safer to pocket some of the money they seize before it’s officially counted? Retired police captain Peter Christ of L.E.A.P. suggests this is already common.

Under civil asset forfeiture, police can seize money or property upon “probable cause” that it was connected to a crime. The onus then falls on the owner to prove innocence. Police departments use the proceeds to help fund their budgets.

“Probable cause” can include the mere fact of carrying a large amount of cash, or a police dog’s sniff of drug residue on your property. One may have a legitimate reason for carrying the cash, and the residue may have been left over from the previous owner. It doesn’t matter. The police can seize your property to enrich their departments, and it’s often too risky and expensive for you to fight for its return.

Civil asset forfeiture breeds corruption. It’s immoral and unconstitutional. But instead of abolishing it, the U.S. is exporting it…

The supposed reason to promote asset forfeiture abroad is to “fight corruption.” But giving law enforcement the arbitrary power to seize personal property is like combating ignorance by censoring newspapers, or strengthening democracy by arresting opposition leaders.

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Ron Paul’s HR1207 to Audit The Fed now has 10 more cosponsors, up to 175!

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After a bit of a lull in additional cosponsorship Ron Paul’s HR1207 bill to audit the Federal Reserve added 10 more sponsors and is now up to 175! That leaves it 43 shy of attaining a majority of the House cosponsoring the bill!

In a bit of an odd development a House member who many thought should have signed on to HR1207 a long time ago has introduced a “copy-cat” bill. Dennis Kucinich has introduced HR2424 to do more or less the same thing as Paul’s bill although Kucinich’s bill seems to be narrowly focused on the recent financial mess. Ron Paul’s bill is the more comprehensive of the two bills. One wonders if Kucinich and his Democratic friends in Congress are trying to pull the teeth out of Ron Paul’s bill. The plot thickens! Of course, at this time HR2424 has 3 cosponsors. Perhaps we should start keeping score?

For the most up to date list of HR1207 cosponsors check out our HR1207 page.

Ron Paul smiles and trades punches with Ed Shultz on MSNBC

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Last week Ed Shultz criticized Ron Paul during his “Psycho Talk” segment when Paul suggested we limit the U.S. government to what is permitted by the Constitution. Earlier today Shultz had Ron Paul on for a rather combative interview to discuss last week’s segment.

Paul opens the interview with an immediate punch by saying:

“What I don’t understand is why you don’t care about the Constitution?” It goes downhill after that.

The argument, in essence, is the typical liberal vs. conservative, nanny-state vs. limited state argument. Watch it below.

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Ron Paul discusses Gitmo on Glenn Beck Show

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Glenn Beck’s guest host, Judge Andrew Napolitano interviewed Ron Paul today on closing Guantanamo Bay, what to do with the prisoners, and more.

They also discuss the recent credit card regulatory bill. Paul reveals a story about a fellow lawmaker that is representative of all that is wrong with our government officials. Watch it below for the details.

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Ron Paul: “Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream” from House floor

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Ron Paul delivered another great speech from the House floor yesterday (5/19/2009) called “Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream”. Check it out below.

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