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Ron Paul smiles and trades punches with Ed Shultz on MSNBC

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Last week Ed Shultz criticized Ron Paul during his “Psycho Talk” segment when Paul suggested we limit the U.S. government to what is permitted by the Constitution. Earlier today Shultz had Ron Paul on for a rather combative interview to discuss last week’s segment.

Paul opens the interview with an immediate punch by saying:

“What I don’t understand is why you don’t care about the Constitution?” It goes downhill after that.

The argument, in essence, is the typical liberal vs. conservative, nanny-state vs. limited state argument. Watch it below.

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Ron Paul discusses Gitmo on Glenn Beck Show

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Glenn Beck’s guest host, Judge Andrew Napolitano interviewed Ron Paul today on closing Guantanamo Bay, what to do with the prisoners, and more.

They also discuss the recent credit card regulatory bill. Paul reveals a story about a fellow lawmaker that is representative of all that is wrong with our government officials. Watch it below for the details.

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Ron Paul: “Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream” from House floor

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Ron Paul delivered another great speech from the House floor yesterday (5/19/2009) called “Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream”. Check it out below.

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Rand Paul on Brian and The Judge

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Rand Paul was interviewed on Fox Radio’s Brian and The Judge show this morning. Once again Rand demonstrates his ability to be a future leader for the Republican Party. The big question is will the neo-con wing of the GOP welcome or shun him?

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The GOP Savior: The Free Country Project

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In many re-branding efforts a new mission statement is derived. My choice for a re-branded GOP: The Free Country Project. The mission could also be worded in this way, “Do the polar opposite of whatever Lindsey Graham suggests.”

I apologize to the wonderful Free State Project for bastardizing their efforts with such a suggestion, but I am quite serious. Instead of putting energy into calling the Obama administration socialists why not abandon the petty, kindergarten-style, partisan bickering and look within? Come up with a new 1994-style “Contract With America” but this time don’t renege on the contract. It should not be called anything similar to “Contract With America” though. Yes, that bad taste is still lingering.

Dubbing it “The Free Country Project” and making more than a half-assed effort to bring libertarianism back into the GOP could be a winning formula. Of course, many will have to tuck their neo-con tails between their legs and embrace Ron Paul and his libertarian friends. I’m not talking about a macho homophobic half-hearted embrace here. I’m talking about a full-on bear hug that will make gawkers worry about dropping the soap in the GOP country club shower.

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Rand Paul talks about his name and Ayn Rand

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Rand Paul has put up a new video at dispelling all the myths regarding his first name. He also discusses being a fan of Ayn Rand and a few of his favorite books.

I think it’s a great idea for Rand to release videos like these. In doing so he becomes more than just Ron Paul’s son. We get to know him as an individual rather than through his father. Hopefully these “get to know me” style videos continue.

Rand Paul is scheduled to be on the Brian and The Judge show on Fox News Radio during the 9am (Eastern) hour. He is also scheduled to be on with the Judge on Freedom Watch this afternoon at 2pm with several other freedom loving guests.

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