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The Ron Paul Revolution Documentary: For Liberty… coming soon

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I often wondered if I’d see a documentary film materialize out of the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, sometimes called the Ron Paul Revolution. It appears that a documentary is on the way. It is being produced by at least one of the patriots responsible for the amazing “High Tide Ad” for Ron Paul released in early 2008.

The documentary has been in the making for almost a year.  The movie’s web site,, has a synopsis:

As the 2007-08 presidential campaign cycle offered up the usual slate of Washington insiders, Ron Paul, an obscure Congressman from Texas brought an alternative voice that challenged the political establishment.

Advocating a philosophy of sound money, a non-interventionist foreign policy, strict Constitutionalism, and individual liberty, Dr. Paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history – the repercussions of which continue to reverberate today and into the future of the American psyche.

For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty follows this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists, and showcases the unique, often bizarre, yet groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology.

For Liberty is currently in production and scheduled for a Summer 2009 release on 16:9 widescreen DVD.

The first full length trailer for the upcoming film is now available, embedded below. Watching the trailer brought me back to that feeling I had in the spring and summer of 2007. It was a feeling of pure hope. That feeling rolling around in my head, “What if Ron Paul actually wins the nomination?”. I often wrote about the odds of that happening as very small, but I didn’t care. I held on to hope and blind optimism until the New Hampshire primary when it became evident that America wasn’t quite ready for Ron Paul.

This movie attempts to capture that feeling. It is already successful in doing so for me. Imagine how I’ll feel when I watch the entire movie if the trailer alone caused that old hope to resurrect itself inside of me.

Watch the trailer below and check out the website.

This is the story of Ron Paul 2008 and the spontaneous, almost magical, grassroots support he received. As we move onward from that campaign and look to the future let us continue fighting for liberty everywhere we tread.

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How is Congress spending its time — and your money? (Part 18)

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Yesterday in Congress, fifty-one new bills were introduced.  Due to recent controversy, and for those who start reading this series of articles in the middle, I will include the following boilerplate information in every article.

When taking a look at the list below, keep in mind that the U.S. Constitution, which created our Federal Government, clearly enumerated 18 specific functions that it is given.  For all other things, the 9th and 10th amendment make it clear that the individual states have the power.  Note that it states in the Constitution that it is the Supreme Law of the Land, which can be usurped by no other.  This means that all opinions to the contrary made by the Supreme Court are technically invalid.  Throughout the past couple of hundred hears the Supreme Court has rule one way or another on some “interpretation” of the Constitution, but in fact no interpretation is necessary, as the intention of the founding fathers are quite clear.  For example, if the “general welfare” clause or the “interstate commerce” clause was intended to be used as a catch-all for any arbitrary piece of legislation, then the 10th amendments which reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

would be completely meaningless.  So simple logic, in addition to the writings of Madison and other founding fathers, dictates the notion that the Federal Government was set up to have very little power, and that these United States are intended to be a loose federation of sovereign states.

Only due to politician’s greed and overwhelming desire for power does the Constitution get relegated to the trash heap.

So, despite the  noble intentions of many of these bills, it doesn’t mean they are legal.

Of the bills introduced yesterday, these are ones that are clearly not legitimate functions of the Federal Government  [as always, my commentary will appear in red]:

  • HCR89 – Supporting the goals and objectives of the Prague Conference on Holocaust Era Assets.
  • HCR86 – Authorizing the use of Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Visitor Center for the unveiling of a bust of Sojourner Truth.
  • HCR87 – Observing the 15th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and calling on all responsible nations to uphold the principles of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
  • HR298 – Congratulating the on-premise sign industry for its contributions to the success of small businesses.
  • HR299 – Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that public servants should be commended for their dedication and continued service to the Nation during Public Service Recognition Week, May 4 through 10, 2009, and throughout the year.
  • HR300 – Congratulating Camp Dudley YMCA of Westport, New York, on the occasion of its 125th anniversary.
  • HR301 – Honoring the life of Dr.John Hope Franklin

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Ron Paul is not surprised at GM “firing” on Fox Business

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Ron Paul appeared on Fox Business channel earlier this afternoon. He, again, reiterates his free market solutions to our economic woes.

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Day of Ruin

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day: “The only things that are immortal in this world are government programs and cancer cells in petri dishes.” — Jim Babka, President,, Inc.

Future historians may someday come to identify one day this week as a day of ruin. Here’s why . . .

Congress will pass a budget this week. We believe this budget will create a condition of permanent annual TRILLION dollar deficits. Please follow our logic . . .

* Government programs never die. They live forever, growing constantly larger.
* The Obama-Democrat budget contains a host of new programs covering all aspects of YOUR life — health care, energy, education, housing, charity, EVERYTHING.
* These programs won’t die, instead they’ll just grow larger.
* We think the same thing will hold true even for many of the bailout programs that are supposedly temporary, because very few government programs are ever really temporary.
* Therefore, the trillion dollar deficits these new initiatives are causing today will also live and grow forever.

In the short-term this will cost your family a minimum of $27,800 per year, or $9,200 per person.

In the not-so-short term these trillion dollar annual deficits will crash head-on into the un-funded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare which have risen to $56.4 trillion dollars, your share of which is a whopping $184,000!

And none of these statistics include the associated increases in top-down, one-size-fits-all government regulation. For instance, plans are already well advanced to turn the American health care system into a giant HMO, with federal bureaucrats deciding what medical treatments you can and cannot receive.

We must repeat, once these new programs are launched they’re unlikely to ever shrink again, let alone die. Government programs really are like cancer cells in a petri dish, which live unless the scientist in charge of them forgets to feed them. Something similar may happen in the case of our cancerous government . . .

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Let’s Hope We Avoid a Vietnam Body Count in Afghanistan and Iraq – The Obama Wars PART 2/3

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I HOPE we lose no soldiers this year. I HOPE they come home safe. I HOPE Obama brings our troops home from Iraq. Some CHANGE this has been so far!

by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published Monday, March 30, 2009 at

Iraqis are still dying while under the oppression of 150,000 American soldiers, but there is some HOPE, even though there have been no withdrawals. Barack Obama promised in February that “By August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end.” Up to 50,000 troops would remain under the agreement the Bush administration had to be left with no other option except to sign to leave by January, 2012, which nicely coincides with the start of Obama’s possible second term.

However, let’s look at what Obama said during his election campaign. On his “BARACK OBAMA: TURNING THE PAGE IN IRAQofficial campaign hand-out, Barack Obama promised he “would immediately begin [meaning January 2009] to pull out troops engaged in combat operations at a pace of one or two brigades every month, to be completed by the end of next year [meaning December 2009].” In July 2008, he also announced that the Iraq combat mission would be over by May 2010. Now its September 2010. Nice work, slick. The pdf file that states this appears to have been deleted from, but I will email the pdf I downloaded to anyone.

Afghanis are still dying under the oppression of soon-to-be 60,000 American soldiers, and the 2009 YTD kill rate for soldiers slightly exceeds 2008′s totals. Barack Obama recently announced he would transfer 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. In July 2008, the Barackcuda announced he favored the transfer of 7,000 troops to Afghanistan. This is splitting hairs a bit, as Obama, despite his many pro-peace and antiwar followers, has always resolutely stated he would increase our presence in Afghanistan. He has always resolutely stated he would increase the size of our Armed Forces by 100,000 troops, which are 100,000 more mouths to feed and equipment to supply for the ever-declining “revenue base,” aka American taxpayer, to support.

Vice President Biden was said to have warned against a military quagmire in Afghanistan, but let’s just hope that he is wrong. A little known fact is that the Vietnam War only had 401 US war deaths under Kennedy and Johnson during its first 5 years, which does seem somewhat comparable to Afghanistan’s, see below. However, in all fairness, many Americans had very little idea what was going on in Vietnam, and no major offensives were started until year 6.

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Open Up Your Computer – Obama Wants a Look Inside!!

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So this is what “transparency” REALLY means. A global attempt to curtail personal freedoms

by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published Monday, March 30, 2009 at

The Russia Times recently aired a 4min video that reveals that supranational teams in America and Europe are working on new copyright laws that will give world governments and especially border agents to temporarily confiscate your PC or laptop and copy any files.  The Russia Times claims that due to the anticipated negative response from their populations, details of the new laws are not being shared with the public or their company at the moment.

Fortunately the Constitution of the United States of America is quite clear on this matter.  The 4th Amendment states:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

So, probable cause and a warrant is required, at least when one is inside the United States.

chainUnfortunately, the constitutional republic of our founding fathers is pretty much dead without a heartbeat.  Do not trust Obama, do not trust the Supreme Court, and above all do not trust Congress to protect your liberty.  So what is next?   Read More »

Food to be regulated more strictly than fireworks if HR875 becomes law

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Leading up to the July 4th holiday, it is customary where I live to stop at a roadside produce stand and pick up some corn (among other delicious, locally grown produce). If the 41 cosponsors (currently) of HR875 have their way I may not be able to find a roadside produce stand. Perhaps they’ll all be replaced with the temporary fireworks stands I see every year around the same time here in Virginia.

I’m certainly not against more fireworks stands, but I get more satisfaction from crunching into an ear of luscious, sweet corn than being blinded and deafened by yet another underwhelming ribbon of bursting firecrackers.

HR875 is a well-intended piece of bill crap. If you only get a small whiff, you barely notice it. But if you actually read the bill and consider its ramifications you’ll switch to mouth breathing lickety-split.

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day: “The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” — Will Rogers (1879-1935) American humorist

The federal government has been doing so well at so many things, such as protecting people from scam artists like Bernie Madoff, that President Obama thinks it can now take responsibility for all areas of human life. The President’s new budget will . . .

  • Expand federal control of your health care
  • Expand federal control of your energy supply through “cap and trade”
  • Help distressed home owners
  • Monitor every morsel of food produced in America, as it moves from the ground to your kitchen
  • Involve the federal government in “charity” through a national system of “public service” that may become mandatory for young people
  • Expand federal involvement in education through a system of universal pre-kindergarten

Health care, energy, housing, food, charity, education — that’s EVERYTHING!

It gets worse.

The President brags about making the budget more honest, but his budget is deeply deceptive . . .

Both numbers are far too high, and the real number is likely to be even larger. Does anyone really think the politicians will be satisfied with the thrill they get from just one year of budget-porn? Of course not. Like all good junkies they’ll want more and more and more.

But the fix they want today is already an overdose.

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Silver Backwardation Bout Ends as SLV Fails to Announce its New Custodian (PART 2/2)

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Silver finally slips out of backwardation. Any guesses on who the new custodian for SLV is?

by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at

This article and charts is an update to an earlier article “18 Days and Counting – Silver Backwardation Persists in the London Market Place“. In “Silver and Gold ARE Money (PART 1/2)“, I charged that both silver and gold are money and shared information on the very important concept of gold’s “stocks-to-flow” ratio and the size of the LBMA markets for both metals.

[In case you do not yet understand futures markets, “backwardation” means that silver to be delivered today is now being priced higher than metal to be delivered later. This article refers to the LBMA, or London Bullion Market Association’s futures market in London, England. For more details on backwardation, please refer to my five-part December series which starts here “The End for the Dollar and all Fiat Currencies (1/5)“. Contango is the opposite of backwardation and exists when futures price is higher than the spot price as I explained for those new to futures terminology here “The Money Matrix – What the Heck Are Derivatives? (PART 10/15)“. [As you read, please also note that I am NOT a commodities trader, I am just an engineer by trade, so feel free to help me out with my analysis or mistakes.] ( Photo) (2)

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Silver and Gold ARE Money (PART 1/2)

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Do you know how much gold is exchanged daily in dollars? If not, prepare to be shocked.

by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at

silverWhile gold trades as a currency (or “medium of exchange”) and also is a “store of value,” and even a “unit of account” for some, and very little is actually consumed. Economically speaking, gold trades even in the modern world as money. Gold is a luxury good with insignificant industrial usage. Its major market as a luxury good is Indian women’s jewelry, but to these women gold is their money or insurance if their mate leaves, dies, or is disabled so the metal is not consumed – it can be easily recovered. ( Photo) (2)

To make my case that gold is money, what seems to be little known is that the gold market is also quite large – the LBMA in 2008 traded about $80 billion USD per trading DAY per the data collected by the IFSL 2009 Bullion Markets Report p3/8 – which I took the time to verify to be correct from its original sources – or $20.3 Trillion in turnover in 2008 and 254 LBMA trading days. However, the IFSL makes a significant note that this volume is quite likely three-to-five times larger since much of the transactions are increasingly netted out and cleared without appearing in the statistics. Please compare this to the 2008 GDP of the United States at $15 Trillion and understand the rough estimate that 75% of the world’s trade in gold (and half of the world’s silver) is traded via the LBMA.

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