Ron Paul to announce 2012 run at CPAC?

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The headline of this article could be pure fantasy, but isn’t now the best time for such an announcement? Ron Paul will deliver a speech at CPAC at 4pm on Friday afternoon and then participate in his own Liberty Forum running within CPAC.

There are no rumors to report about Paul making an announcement to run in 2012 at CPAC on Friday, at least not other than the rumblings rolling around in my own head. Paul has been very visible of late thanks mostly to the economic crisis. Fellow lawmakers are starting to respect and emulate him. It is true though, that he may be the wrong man with the right message. Let me explain what I mean by that.

For most long time Ron Paul supporters there is no one other than Ron Paul who could have any credibility in their eyes. However, even though there are a great many coming around to Paul’s views there seems to remain a majority who find him borderline crazy. Their own ignorance won’t even allow them to consider otherwise. Unless the economy completely collapses, which is certainly possible, these people may never end up on Paul’s side.

They will cling to the Palins and Jindals of the world so they can sleep at night with the idea that they are just being reasonably moderate rather than “extreme” like Ron Paul. But if the economy completely collapses and there are areas of severe social unrest they would likely reconsider Paul. After all, extreme times call for extreme measures.

The difficult question for those of us who are long time Paul supporters is, “How do we get these people on board without a total economic collapse?” Maybe there is a way to win them over.

One way would be for Ron Paul to give a speech at CPAC that blows people away. He could be the story of CPAC if he announces his 2012 candidacy there. He may even get national media attention. Such an announcement would be regarded by many as a “crazy” move, but by doing so now Paul would mobilize his existing support base. It would give him and his supporters plenty of time to educate, raise money, and campaign. If there’s one thing Paulians have proven is their ability to self-organize, raise money, and get the word out.

The ultimate goal of announcing now would be to gradually reach into the minds of the anti-Paulites and reignite the liberty fire that neo-conservatism extinguished so long ago.

This is an “out of the box” political move that could work wonders. Obama has been feverishly pushing his big spending policies on America for the past month because he knows he won’t be as popular a few months from now. He is nothing more than a liar when he says that he doesn’t want big government. Sooner or later Americans will figure this out. Ron Paul can make a move now to be the Obama alternative, hounding him throughout his entire first term.

Even if Ron Paul ultimately withdraws from 2012 consideration, perhaps endorsing a younger more politically gifted liberty hero, he will have set the freedom movement in motion for potential victory in 2012 by shaking the GOP foundations and announcing early.

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