Ron Paul Fights The New Dealio

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Ron Paul is sitting in a room breathing deeply. The air composition in the room is made of pure free market elements. Every place outside of this room has only trace elements of the free market. Just off of Constitution Avenue (how ironic) in Washington DC is a device built and turned on during Woodrow Wilson’s administration and became known as The New Dealio during FDR’s presidency. This device slowly removes pure free market elements from America’s breathable air.

Over the years efforts to switch off The New Dealio have been met with resistance. The device has an innate self-preservation. The more free market elements removed from the air the less people inhale free market ideas and the desire to demolish the machine wanes. In fact, it recently has become all too obvious there is very little free market air left in the world. Even those that historically stood steadfast in support of the free market have gone rogue and treasonous.

During the 2008 Republican primaries we had the chance to vote for a special man. A man who does not require free market breathable air. Ron Paul has the free market in the blood pumping through his heart. Like a super hero he is immune to our depleting free market air supply. For over 35 years he has been fighting The New Dealio and its effects. The media mocked and marginalized him. He was/is immune to that too. He resuscitated over a million people with his free market magic.

Some of the million have surrendered to The New Dealio and are now once again free-market-less. However there are a good number of us left fighting against the intoxicating hypnotic spell of gargantuan government and its false benevolent hand. It is the hand that feeds failure and starves innovation.

Ron Paul is sitting in a room breathing deeply. He inhales air void of free market elements and exhales air full of free market elements. He is the Anti-New Dealio.

The room Ron Paul is sitting in has a door. The door is being pushed closed by the nanny-staters and the evil grinning regulators. Those of us left must push back with all of our might so there will always be free market air to breathe in America.

And maybe, just maybe, someday The New Dealio will be nothing more than a bad memory for those of us who bathe in liberty and breathe in freedom.

If you haven’t joined Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. RBurnett says:

    December 19th, 2008 at 11:11 am (#)

    The picture of Ron Paul sitting alone in an empty room says it all–the campaign for Liberty, the Revolution are dead. There’s no one left. Ron Paul is all alone.
    The spammers, sorry, I mean bloggers, who did support Paul arefading fast–even Lew Rockwell’s site has far fewer Paul related stuff, besides the fact that no onhe is reading or listening to such stuff.
    All the Paul people can look forward to is eight years of Obama, a Re[ublican Party that is not theirs, and a Libertarian Party as feckless and useless as usual.
    I predict that old Ron will retire from politics before the next Presidential election of 2012, stating that his last term in the House will be that of 2010. He will not run again for the Presidency.
    This is my opinion–I have that right–but not to my own facts-so old Ron could have a spasm of senility and run again.

  2. Akston says:

    December 19th, 2008 at 5:18 pm (#)

    I’m real, and still here. I think you’ll find that liberty still means a great deal to a great many of us.

  3. Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! says:

    December 20th, 2008 at 12:27 am (#)

    [...] Gallagher Liberty Maven December 20, [...]

  4. libertyforone says:

    December 20th, 2008 at 11:13 am (#)

    I haven't gone anywhere. Why are you so excited about the fact that the only people fighting for your rights are not as vocal as before? What are you fighting for? Fascism? A Dictatorship? Socialism? A total lack of liberty for one and for all? Because that is what you are getting you smug one, RBurnett. Congratulations. You defeated America. Well done.

    Now you can live in a Fascist state where the people have no say and work half the year for their beloved government which has only one beneficiary: itself.

    We are all currently saddled with a debt of over 400k plus interest. The number goes up every day.

    The President just ignored the people's representatives in Congress and gave billions of dollars to a few very large corporations. Yippee! You get the world you want! Yeah! You defeated the only man working to save your butt.

    Enjoy spending 200 dollars every time you shop at the supermarket. Enjoy your declining lifestyle. You got what you wanted. Wheeeeeeeeeee! Down with liberty. Down with freedom! Down with anyone who tried to work to save it for us! Down with the stock market and all of our retirement accounts! Down with Ron Paul! Aren't you proud? Your comments have worked magic. You have successfully stopped the only revolution that would have brought real change and returned us to freedom.

    Now we have asset forfeiture laws where the police can seize everything you own and they don't even have to charge you with a crime. No trial. No lawyers. Just legalized theft. What a great thing to fight for!

    So what is it you wanted? What we have now? Children dying in a useless war? Government stealing trillions from us all? A new President who has promised to steal at least another 800 billion from us all so that he can "create" some jobs. (I'd be better off with him not stealing the money, thank you.) A President who wants us all to work towards socialized medicine where only the rich get the operations and life saving procedures they need while the rest of us die waiting. So we get a lower life span. Gee, these are things to be so proud of. You have really done it to us this time. Thanks RB.

  5. RBurnett says:

    December 20th, 2008 at 9:30 pm (#)

    Well, it’s like this:
    In another era, late 2007, there were about a dozen candidates running for the Presidency in each partty, to include the Libertarians and greens and the rest–several dozen candidates altogether.
    In the election and nomination process (to include the savage infighting in the Libertarian Party and the Ron Paul blimp campaign in the Republican) we saw the many vocal advocates of many candidates (think that you are alone as advocates? Think about the feminists who wanted a woman, almost any woman as President and were dismayed that Hillary the Inevitable was beaten; think on those in the black community who wanted Obama–and those who didn’t for different reasons; think on those evangelists who wanted Tancredo or Huckabee), we saw State laws (not National or Federal) interfere with the process (the issue in the Democratic Party over the Michigan and Florida primaries, the electronic voting machines, the various times for voting, etc), we saw the variety of ways the parties nominated their candidates (from the raucous Libertarian Party conventions where anything went to the superdelegate politics of the Democrats)and a lot more. Out of this confused mess we got Barr, McCain, Obama, Baldwin, McKinney, Nader and Keyes.
    We even had Paul as some kind of write-in.
    In a word, you had all the choices for or against whatever you thought was liberty–and the nation voted or worked in the political process and we got Obama, who seemed to come from nowhere.
    No one was happy with anyone–even their own candidate, with the exception of the partisans for those candidates.
    Now the partisans for Paul or whomever are still not happy. They launched a rear guard Campaign for Liberty for their idea of liberty–against many other ideas of what liberty is (you have your opinion as to what liberty is, but not the right to the factual single–if there is one–definition of liberty) You cannot stand it that most of the nation is for, reluctnatly or not, the bailout, the so-called neo-Keynesian economics, the wars on terror, drugs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, corproate America and the rest. You cannot stand it that most Americans, even those exposed to the messages about so-called liberty sent by the Ron Paul campaign and the Libertarians, reject these ideas as unworkable or wrong.
    This is why I think that the Campaign for Liberty and the Revolution are dead, that the picture of a forlorn Ron Paul is the icon of Paul and his ideas.
    Ron Paul. the Campaign for Liberty and the Revolution are not America and are not the definition of liberty as the Framers and Founders saw it.
    It’s all very nice to pluck out, say, the selected sayings of Thomas Jefferson–but these quotes are hardly his entire thinking on liberty. Jefferson was on all sides of many issues, like his ally Madison, who defended the Constitution in terms that Ron Paul would object to.
    Madsion once wrote, in a monograph for the National Gazette in 1796, On Property, that as with too much Power, too much Liberty makes no one safe in thoought, word, deed or possessions. The usual definition of liberty presented on this site is that definition of too much liberty.
    The usual response that if we do not have that excess of liberty, then we have fascism or socialsim or whatever is the usual error of those who have failed the basics of critical thinking, or at least lack the virtue of moderation. By the way, to head this one off, the quote from the Goldwater nomination speech about extremeism in defense of liberty was written by Harry Jaffa, a student not only of Leo Strauss but of Aristotle, who held up moderation, not extremeism, as the key virtue. A paradox–you bet–not unlike something of the American Sphinx, Thomas Jefferson.