McCain, Obama, and the Status Quo Exposed by Ron Paul and the Bailout

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John McCain, Barack Obama, and the rest of the DC status quo are now exposed by Ron Paul’s “I told you so” and by the elephant sized pork sitting right there for all to read in the 451 pages of the Senate bailout bill. I’ve written recently how they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Instead they acknowledge the pork exists they then throw up their arms and say, “I disagree with it but, oh well, what can you do?” How about having some principle for a change?

John McCain speaks incessantly about reducing earmarks and “pork barrel spending”, but when it comes down to actually voting against it suddenly it becomes a necessary evil. Christopher Dodd reacted the same way today on CNN changing the subject and reiterating how important it is to pass the bailout bill (I refuse to call it a rescue bill).

Now the bill is being painted as a savior for the “credit crisis”. I wrote my Congressman here in Virginia, Frank Wolf, strongly encouraging him to vote against the bailout bill. He voted for it. I received a 5 page letter from him in the mail today full of excuses about why he voted for it. The general tone of the letter was “I know more than you do about this, so trust me, we need this bailout.” Also in the letter was this surprisingly accurate admission, “Access to credit is the lifeline of our economy.” This is so true it hurts.

Our entire financial and monetary system is fundamentally based on credit/debt/loans. Dollars are either printed out of thin air or loaned into existence courtesy of the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking. The more dollars out there, the less value those dollars have. As your dollars decline in value so does your standard of living.

This is why government deficit spending (ie. bailout) is so harmful. To put it more bluntly: The more the government spends beyond its means the more your own life will suck. Ron Paul has preached this lesson ever since he entered politics in the 1970′s. It is far past time for his warnings to be heeded. The sustainability of our country and your family is at stake.

Frank Wolf is another John McCain. He talks one way and votes another. This Jekyll and Hyde disease has reached epidemic proportions in Washington. We all know Ron Paul is immune to it, but why is he the only one? On Glenn Beck’s radio show last week Ron Paul said he was worried about what the bailout bill would look like once it got through Congress. He feared the normal deal making would bloat the original bad bill to an even larger and worse bill. Sure enough, the Senate did not disappoint as the bill is now chock full of earmark-type spending. CNN aired a report by Brian Todd highlighting the hypocrisy of both Obama and McCain. See the video below for the short report.

The bailout bill roll call votes were/are the liberty litmus test. In the face of overwhelming opposition many so called “representatives” voted for the bill against their constituent’s wishes. If you believe in true freedom you cannot vote for a candidate that voted for the bailout bill. The test is as simple as that. Be stubborn like John Adams. Quench your liberty thirst like Thomas Jefferson. Lead your fellow patriots like George Washington. Learn economics like Ron Paul. Exercise your right to not vote for the collectivist status quo.

Send a message to Washington DC by voting against the specific incumbent shysters who voted for the bailout bill. Let them know that when they defy the wishes of their constituents then their wish for another term will not be granted. Hand them a copy of Ron Paul’s Manifesto on their way out. Maybe then they’ll start listening.

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