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Bob Barr Winning Limited Government Conservative Votes

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There is a particularly good Bob Barr endorsement article from Andrew B. Lohse in The Dartmouth Review. Lohse happens to be in a family of conservative Republicans and worries what reactions his family members will have to his choice of Bob Barr. His piece reads like an endorsement for Barr from a conservative Republican perspective… because… well that’s exactly what it is.

This is a fine example of how Bob Barr can win the votes of those disgruntled lifetime GOP’ers.

I have a problem. I’m voting for a third party candidate—Bob Barr. Barr is the Libertarian presidential candidate. My parents, glaring speechlessly and wondering what happened to the young Republican who cried when Bob Dole lost in ‘96, tell me I’m throwing my vote away. I haven’t even made this confession yet to my grandfather, a lifelong “common sense” Republican, but I shudder to think what he’ll say. My other grandfather also cried when Clinton won in ‘96, so he might understand why I’m voting for the man who tried to send “42” back to Arkansas.

This election season, Obamamania is feverishly hot; news stories of women fainting at rallies, pious displays of Obama as the Messiah, and even Obama’s own claims to “stop the sea’s rise” allude to the fact that the Democratic party is obsessively consumed by the cult of personality erected around “The One.” “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” he tells crowds of supporters.

For the GOP, a party I no longer identify with, there is much less excitement. McCain’s not exactly electrifying, and the hype around Sarah Palin has fizzled out. But what’s worse is that the Republican ticket is confirming what the Bush II presidency already established: that to be a Republican these days is to be something different than a conservative.

So to other disaffected conservatives disgusted by the bailout, the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, excessive spending, and the Federal Government running roughshod over the states, I offer you an impractical alternative: vote for Bob Barr.

Somewhat ironically (because it comes from a “conservative”) Lohse covers one of Barr’s painful negatives in the eyes of many libertarian voters: His votes for the Patriot Act and for the Iraq War authorization.

However, even the rare principled politician like Barr can be deceived. In the first Bush term he voted for both the Patriot Act and the Iraq War, two votes he describes as his biggest regrets. In his own words, “My vote to authorize the war was a mistake, and I realize it now. The administration gave inaccurate, unsound intelligence. I voted to depose Saddam Hussein—the Bush administration used that resolution for a multi-year occupation of Iraq. Unlike McCain, I don’t appreciate the fact that the administration did a bait and switch; but that bait and switch doesn’t seem to bother him.”

If you know someone weighing a vote for either John McCain or Bob Barr this article could sway them to the Barr side.

American Forces Attack Syria, Eight Die – Semi-Spoof News Flash

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This article is a semi-spoof alteration of an AP article I found titled “US special forces launch rare attack inside Syria.” NONE of the facts have been changed though, just a few changes to make the article a bit more entertaining. My goal is to confuse you at least once into separating the “AP Mass Media News” from my fiction, which you can easily do by clicking on the source links. Just trying out a new satire style! Hope you find it interesting and the news informative; feel free to tell me what you think in the comments field below.
by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published October 29, 2008 at

syriaABU KAMAL, SYRIA – Imperial American military helicopters launched yet another preemptive attack into yet another sovereign nation.  They managed to kill eight (8) people in a lethal strike on Sunday.  The Syrian government said all eight (8) dead were civilian, including four (4) children.

(AP Source) (Photo source)

A government spokesman in Damascus was quoted as thinking “we would have returned fire if we had even a 1% chance of winning against this military juggernaut without having our country laid waste, most likely with the eager help of Israeli’s nuclear-armed, trigger-happy theocratic air force.”  A Russian government official was laughing too hard at the irony of the attack to be quoted, most likely in regards to the American allegations on a recent failed invasion of South Ossetia by the US-backed Georgia.

A U.S. military official said the raid by Special Forces targeted the foreign fighter network that travels through Syria into Iraq. The Americans have been unable to shut the network down in the area since Syria is a sovereign nation and attacking it without provocation or declaration of war with just cause is a violation of both the US Constitution and international law.

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Bob Barr Talks Social Security on CNN American Morning

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Bob Barr appeared along with Ralph Nader on CNN American Morning today. Barr was able to speak directly about how he would handle Social Security. Of course, Nader disagreed with him. They also discuss what important issues have been missing from the two major party nominee’s rhetoric. It’s nice to see Barr getting his face out there in the media a few days before election day.

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Ron Paul Jr. BJ Lawson on Glenn Beck Radio

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The man some call Ron Paul Jr. was a guest on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning for a few minutes. I must say that when I hear Lawson speak I get those same freedom feelings dancing around in my belly that I got much of last year listening to Ron Paul during his primary campaign.

Lawson is able to get the word out about his website and win Glenn Beck and his audience over by letting everyone know he stands up for the Second Amendment and continues to hand out pocket Constitutions while campaigning. Lawson has David Price (his long time incumbent opponent) running scared. I am not the only liberty lover pulling for a Lawson victory on Tuesday. Listen to Lawson on Glenn Beck below.

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Are You An American? The Police State vs. the Hempstead 15 (Part 3/3)

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Coming soon to a court near you! Will our Iraq veterans be sentenced for exercising freedom of speech? Sign a petition and show your support.
by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published October 29, 2008 at

Dear Reader –

After reading the first two parts in this series, I want to make known to you the opportunity to sign a petition in support of the Hempstead 15.  As one of my friends, (who is pro-war) a Marine rightly stated: “They have earned the right to protest whether one agrees or not.”

We, the undersigned, denounce and condemn the violent actions and gross misconduct of the Nassau County Police Department in Hempstead, Long Island. Specifically, we are citing the unprovoked attack unleashed upon a member of “Iraq Veterans Against the War,” who was acting within the first amendment right to “peacefully assemble” on the evening of October 15, 2008 at Hofstra University, the site of the last presidential debate.

question man just questionsIraq War Veteran Nick Morgan was peaceably standing on the sidewalk when he was unmercifully and unlawfully trampled by a Nassau County Police Department horse mounted by a Police Officer who provoked the horse to spin against the crowd on the sidewalk, thereby knocking down and stepping on the Iraq Veteran which action nearly killed him. He sustained a crushing blow to his head when the horse trampled his face, breaking his cheek bone in three places, his “orbital” (eye socket) was shattered, thus leaving his eye dangerously close to sinking into his sinus cavity over time without proper surgery.

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MY PROPHECY – The Federal Reserve Will End! A Money Matrix Addendum

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Many of the Prophecies of Ferdinand Lips from 2005 are becoming true. “Right now [the FED] is creating the biggest housing bubble in history. This may lead to economic collapse. I expect that a revolution will one day take place against the Fed. It must be abolished. After all, its founders were not that intelligent but rather stupid men. Or they were devils. It is a tragedy. Not only that: It is the biggest tragedy in world history, even worse than wars. Yes, worse than wars. It made most people poor. It damaged America. It caused wars and then helped to finance them.”

by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Published on October 29, 2008 at

After long discussions with my Chinese friends (I live in Asia) the past few months, I have unleashed more than a few more newly minted gold buyers upon the gold market.  I figured I should try to be patriotic and try to do the same (again) for my  countrymen.  Let me share an important note I stumbled upon earlier this year with you all.  (Estimated reading time 10 minutes.)  While all his prophecies did not come true, enough of them have to make it a worthwhile read.  At the time I first read it, I thought the writer, Swiss gold banker Ferdinand Lips was a bit daft.  How could a yellow metal solve so much of the world’s ills?

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Can Barack Obama Be President? – THE SAGA CONTINUES! (10/29 Update)

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Senator Barack Obama wins a temporary delay in the court system but has yet to prove in a court of law that he is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States
by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published October 29, 2008 at

Until quite recently, Senators Obama and McCain both had civil suits brought against them alleging they were constitutionally ineligible to serve as President.  McCain chose to cooperate with the courts, produced his documents, and was ruled constitutionally eligible.  However, the question for Obama is still open.  He has not produced documentation  in a court of law proving that he is eligible.  For a full background of the events so far, please read “THE SAGA CONTINUES – John McCain and Barack Obama – Can They Even BE President?“.  This is also a helpful though biased blog page on the topic from an anti-Obama law student, you can see from the links on  the right of the webpage he is following along closely.

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Andrew Napolitano on Fox News’ “The Verdict”

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One of Liberty Maven’s Heroes of Liberty, Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News’ The Verdict to ask the question, “Is the government we have today what the founders had in mind?” He discusses the issues of the day: Obama, McCain, the $700B bailout, Congressmen and presidents overstepping their Constitutional bounds, etc. Great video. Watch it now.

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Reject the Status Quo (Ron Paul Will Guide You)

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The status quo is clearly failing us.  This country is in a heap of trouble in a number of ways.

The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of the people who are evil
But because of the people
who don’t do anything about it.

– Albert Einstein

If you agree, and aren’t silly enough to think that Obama or McCain will bring the needed “change” to turn things around, you might enjoy the following video by Conza88, which contains some new clips of Ron Paul, Michael Badnarik, and Murray Rothbard, among others.

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Economic Illiteracy in Government

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The more I listen to politicians running for office pandering to the masses about “fixing” the economy and “creating” jobs, the more I think we ought to make it mandatory that all candidates have at least a rudimentary understanding of basic economic principles. Considering that no third-party candidate has any chance of winning, we’re going to get stuck with either McCain or Obama.   But both seem to be completely economically illiterate.

At the Independent Institute, Art Carden discusses this issue:

Barack Obama is campaigning for president under the slogan “Change We Need.” Unfortunately, many of his economic policy proposals would move us in exactly the wrong direction. As of this writing it appears that Senator Obama will be the next president of the United States. We can move forward by looking at the implications of some of his economic policy proposals.

Consider first the issue of trade. One of the fundamental principles of economics is that there are gains from exchange. During the third presidential debate, Senator Obama said that he believes in free trade but then proposed a slate of caveats and provisos that would undermine the principles of free trade. On the surface, environmental protection and labor standards sound noble, but they actually harm the desperately poor by artificially raising the cost of employing them and effectively legislating them out of the international marketplace. Restrictions on trade provide a short-run windfall for unionized American workers—a powerful Obama constituency—but this windfall comes at the expense of other Americans who have to pay higher prices and at the expense of poor people around the world who are then barred from the market.

Carden then goes on to discuss Obama’s ideas regarding NAFTA, the idea of “creating jobs”, unions, and the minimum wage.

Read the rest of the article here.