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Ron Paul Is Asked “Will You Run For President Again?” By Alan Colmes

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Ron Paul was interviewed by Alan Colmes on FOX Radio this evening. They discussed the bailout and some rather detailed positions by Ron Paul on what can be done to help fix the economic problems we face. Of course, both Alan and Ron agreed that the good Doctor’s solutions are probably too fundamental to be implemented any time soon. Towards the end of the interview Colmes asks Ron Paul if he will run for President again. Listen below for the answer.

Listen to the the Ron Paul – Alan Colmes Interview [MP3]

HEY! CONGRESS! Al-Qaeda does NOT have an Air Force!

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The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs chaired a meeting published as “Defeating al-Qaeda’s Air Force: Pakistan’s F-16 Program in the Fight Against Terrorism.” The Champion of the Constitution reports on what this meeting covered, what it really demonstrated, and how it connects with the dream of Ron Paul, Dwight Eisenhower, myself and who knows? perhaps even you.

by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution
Originally published September 30, 2008 at

As you can see for yourself at this page, Congress did indeed call this meeting entitled “Defeating Al-Qaeda’s Air Force: Pakistan’s F-16 Program in the Fight Against Terrorism.” While I suppose if someone taught the neocon clerk or sub-committee chairman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) proper punctuation the title could be arranged to reflect the meeting contents much better, the first thing I want to note is the international consternation this title caused and the general geopolitical situation. Then I will summarize the meeting from my point of view  – I did listen to the entire two-hour proceeding, which you can watch here, and give you my unbiased (grin grin) conclusion.

The Pakistan Situation

The Times of India, the Press Trust of India and Pakistan’s PakTribune were all highly interested and yet confused by the title of the meeting. While the meeting is of fairly high relevance to both Pakistan and India, most of the American public is either ignorant or don’t-give-a-damn (yours truly and the Reader excepted :). And I can see why, there are so many nations the US government does international arms contracts – Israel and most of the Middle East, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, parts of Europe, ex-Soviet republics (like Georgia) and pretty much anywhere else people want to buy weapons to deter or kill others it is hard to keep track. Hey, everyone DOES know the United States of America is the world’s top international arms dealer by a long shot right?

The general geopolitical situation with Pakistan is that we are committing acts of war against this sovereign nation in what amounts to a just another undeclared war of terror. As I documented in “The Next American War of Terror in Pakistan Continues – Marriot Hotel Bombing Portends Blowback Event on American Soil“, the New York Times and Financial Times reported that Bush issued secret orders to start attacking Pakistan without governmental permission. However, in the same article is the vehement public stance of the Pakistani military’s army chief, Pervez Kiyani, which is to not allow foreign troops onto its soil and defend Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity “at all cost.” The Pakistanis have no choice if you understand this nation’s political situation which I tried to explain in my July article “Utter Chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan as Barack Obama Sanctions Preemptive War

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CNN Owes Ron Paul An Apology For Misquoting Him In Interview

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Ron Paul appeared on CNN this afternoon to discuss the bailouts. The interviewer put up a quote attributing it to Ron Paul that was actually written by Lew Rockwell on his own site. The site the interviewer found the quote on was actually, which is not Ron Paul’s site, but rather a very popular Ron Paul site run by a supporter (also listed in Liberty Maven’s blogroll). That site aggregates Ron Paul related news and posts it. In this case, the words quoted are from this post by Lew Rockwell on

This is a great example of the media not doing their homework. It is not surprising. This reminds me of the myriad of interviews during Ron Paul’s presidential campaign where the interviewers marginalized Ron Paul, the man, and his opinions. Just when you think Ron Paul was starting to get some respect the media makes a feeble attempt to marginalize his opinion on the bailout. Neil Cavuto recently called Ron Paul a genius.

The Jekyll and Hyde media tramples onward and over the truth to manufacture a story out of thin air. CNN owes Ron Paul an apology. I wonder if he’ll get one? Watch the travesty below.

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Featured Commentary: Where’s A Good Party?

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Note: This superb commentary regarding the current status of the two party system was submitted by Doug Lasken, an accomplished freelance author and English teacher in Los Angeles, California.

Where’s A Good Party?

by Doug Lasken

Perhaps the best adjective to describe our presidential conventions is “noisy.” You’d think, from the impact, that the noise was generated by a good percentage of the population, but the conventioneers at both events are just a tiny group that knows how to get heard.

One has to admit it’s been a good show this time because disapproval of President Bush is so widespread and profound that defeating his party is highly motivational, while die hard Republicans are motivated to salvage their banner. The fact is, though, that vast numbers of Americans view the two party system as a transparent scam, and they are looking for something better.

In a nutshell, the parties don’t stand for any clear-cut principles or practices.

The traditional wisdom, of course, is that Democrats hold the rich to their obligations to the little guy, oppose unnecessary war and want a sustainable, pleasant planet earth.

Republicans are supposed to believe in an independent mindset that thrives in a free marketplace unfettered by intrusive government. They are “fiscal conservatives,” advocates of a government run like a frugal household in which expenditures do not exceed income, and they believe in “family values” (a vague concept involving caring about one’s family).

It’s all bunk. Neither party represents any of those things.

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The Great Bank Robbery of 2008

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At the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Robert P. Murphy has written an article about the recent bank failures and the Paulson Plan.

The Paulson bailout failed in the House. If it isn’t a death blow to the plan, it should be. This is not an economic plan: it is a heist.

It will go down as The Great Bank Robbery of 2008.

The economics behind it are nonsense, but we are naïve if we spend much time even considering the “arguments” for it. This is a money and power grab, pure and simple.

Read the article here.

Bush To Speak On Failed Bailout Before U.S. Markets Open, Keep The Pressure On

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Everyone’s favorite President George W. Bush will speak at 8:45am EST Tuesday prior to the U.S. markets opening. He was so convincing last time that two thirds of his own party rejected his words and voted against the bailout.

The Republicans who voted for the bill argued that Nancy Pelosi’s partisan speech convinced the others to go against the President’s bailout. This argument backfires badly in my view. They are basically saying that Nancy Pelosi is more influential with fellow Republicans than George Bush. Sure she is negatively influential, but her influence caused a revolt from House Republicans? This is complete hogwash. The revolt from House Republicans was brought on by the vast majority of voting citizens making it known that how a representative votes on the bailout directly influences whether that representative will win or lose votes in November.

In short, the system worked for once. Our republic will stand or fall based on how engaged the voting public becomes. This bailout fight is far from over. We must remain ever vigilant by continuing to contact our representatives and putting pressure on them to continue their patriotic duty of representing their constituent’s wishes.

If it worked on Monday it can work again at the end of the week. Keep up the pressure!

Bob Barr on Neil Cavuto Talking Bailout Today [Video]

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Bob Barr appeared on FOX News today with Neil Cavuto. Barr reiterated his opposition to the bailout that was defeated today in the House. He warns that the fight is not over. Cavuto asks Barr if he has won more support due to being right all along on the bailout. Barr lists several things that can be done to help move the economy in a better direction all of which attempt to restore the free market. Watch it below.

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Ron Paul Speaks On The Bailout Vote [Video]

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Ron Paul has released a video where he gives his own view on the bailout vote being defeated in Congress today.

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Did Your Representative Listen To You On The Bailout Bill? Check Here.

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Here is the roll call vote on the financial bailout bill from the House of Representatives web site.

Check the list and see if your congress person listened to you. If they did not… well I think there is an election coming up soon where you can make your voice heard again. As it turns out my own Congressman, Frank Wolf did not listen. He will not be getting my vote on November 4th.

Bailout Failure In House Demonstrates Your Voice Matters

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As it turns out, at least for a few days this year the constituent’s voice matters. The House voted against the bailout today after getting a continuing stream of calls, letters, and emails from their constituents against the bill. This is a great example of the voter’s voice being heard. No matter what the larger results are of the bill being defeated the important thing is that people stay engaged and continue letting our representatives hear our voices.

So the stock market is in the tank and gold is up. At least for now, the American people have won. It is not clear what we’ve won other than the very simple idea that sometimes your voice is heard and can make a difference.

Less silence = More liberty.