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Ron Paul Assails The Nanny State On FOX Regarding Gustav 08/31/2008 [Video]

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Ron Paul is absent of any platitudes during this in person interview from FOX news today. The interviewer gives him a chance to demonstrate his concern for the coming “victims” of hurricane Gustav. Instead Ron Paul defends personal responsibility and denounces nanny state tax funded federal bailouts. He also reserves his judgment on McCain’s VP choice of Sarah Palin.

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Ron Paul’s VP Now John McCain’s Puppet Show

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John McCain continues his expertise in politics with the choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. He also continues his quite Bill Clinton-like “wherever the wind blows” stances on policy. I don’t understand how John McCain can argue for his VP selection with a straight face when he says that she “can best help me shake up Washington and make it start working again for people who are counting on us.” McCain has been working in Washington for almost 30 years. He is partly responsible for the broken Washington he himself, and now Palin, aims to fix. The hypocrisy is rampant. Sarah Palin is nothing more than a pretty political puppet for McCain’s politics as usual.

McCain and his expert campaigners have selected someone who the Ron Paul faithful singled out as a potential running mate for Dr. Paul should he magically win the GOP nomination. She has a great conservative record of cutting spending and demanding ethics in government although she is no stranger to alleged ethics violations herself. She is greatly similar to McCain in that light. McCain was part of the Keating 5 Savings and Loan scandal in the 1980′s. He seems to have an expertise in getting people to ignore such things by championing reform of the very things he’s accused of abusing. Palin has a much shorter history of such things, but she has “welcomed the investigation” of herself after being accused of similar nepotism.

On the policy front there are decidedly non-McCain-like Palin positions. She is a very strong proponent of drilling in Alaska, while McCain is still clinging on the protection of ANWR. She has spoken out against “cap and trade” while McCain has made it a key element of his platform. When the Alaskan legislature voted to not fund the implementation of REAL ID Act, Governor Palin acquiesced by not vetoing nor signing the bill. The effect being that Alaska has now rejected the federally mandated REAL ID. The ACLU even praised Palin for her inaction. McCain is a vocal supporter of REAL ID and an assortment of  federal legislation that pretends there is no 10th amendment to the Constitution.

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Bob Barr on CNN Glenn Beck FULL HOUR 08/28/2008 [Video]

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Bob Barr gets another hour with Glenn Beck. He demonstrates his moderate libertarianism here. Hopefully he wins over some viewers who were/are on the fence about voting third party. Many topics are discussed. The video below is in 6 parts thanks to YouTube 10 minute limits and commercials on the show.

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Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Ron Paul Speaks The Hard Truth On CNN American Morning 08/28/2008 [Video]

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Ron Paul appeared for about 3 minutes this morning on CNN’s “American Morning”. He spoke the hard truth about the interventionist foreign policies of both McCain and Barack Obama. Many people seem to believe that Obama is the “peace” candidate. I saw a bumper sticker with the ‘O’ in Obama represented as a peace sign. What a ridiculous lie that is. Ron Paul sets the story straight. He also points out the truth about the Russia-Georgian conflict saying that we did in Kosovo exactly what Russia is doing in South Ossetia.

Yet again Ron Paul demonstrates why he should have been the GOP nominee. He is the real change candidate. Watch the video below.

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Bob Barr, Only Presidential Candidate On Ballot In Texas?

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The Bob Barr campaign sent out a press release earlier today claiming that Barr is slated to be the only Presidential candidate on the November ballot in Texas. Apparently, the Democrats and Republicans have failed to meet the filing deadline for being on the ballot in the state. Well, at least that was the first report.

Ballot Access News seemed to confirm the initial report by verifying that “at 2:30 pm Texas time, August 27, Kim Kizer of the Texas Secretary of State’s elections division says neither major party’s certification has been received in the Elections Division.” Then later some new information surfaced from a different source that conflicts with this report.

The Star Telegram “Politex” blog now is reporting:

Texas Secretary of State spokesperson Ashley Burton said that upon further checking, “Both parties filed before the deadline. We expect their amended filings after both parties finish their nominating process at the conventions.”

So did the Barr campaign overreact, get all giddy with excitement too soon and issue a false press release? Hardly. They well know the obstacles to ballot access in various states across the country. They are fighting not just for their singular campaign, but for all future third party and independent campaigns. They are throwing gas on the smoldering fire of unfair ballot access rules, doing their best to expose the two party duopoly. The campaign did the same thing when they filed the injunction lawsuit against the Saddleback Church’s Presidential Forum.

There has been some criticism of the Barr campaign recently, but they continue to fight to get the freedom message into as many minds as possible.

Bob Barr on FOX 5 Local In Atlanta

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Yesterday the FOX 5 affiliate in Atlanta covered Bob Barr’s recent good polling numbers in a handful of states. The ultimate question in the story is “has Barr’s campaign already reached its high water mark?” For the sake of the liberty message I certainly hope not.

The story and link to video report is here.

Bob Barr on CNN American Morning (again) 08/27/2008 [Video]

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Bob Barr appeared for an interview on CNN “American Morning” this morning discussing Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention and his own campaign on the issues.

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Bob Barr on Colbert Report 08/26/2008 [Video]

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Here is Barr’s rather abbreviated appearance on The Colbert Report where Colbert called Barr a “friend of the show”. He discussed global warming and his polling numbers. Not great. Not horrible.

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Reminder: Bob Barr Will Appear On The Colbert Report Tonight

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This is just a quick reminder that Bob Barr will appear for the second time on The Colbert Report this evening at 11:30pm EST. Tune in to witness Barr’s sudden comedic talents or lack thereof. Yet more great exposure for the best choice in November.

Michelle Obama’s Socialist Approved Honey Do List

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MIchelle Obama the wife of that candidate everyone’s been talking about for seemingly like 4 years now gave a rousing speech on behalf of her husband tonight. As this article points out she pledged that he will “end the war in Iraq, revise a sputtering economy and extend health care to all”. Apparently, those are the primary items on his Socialist Party approved honey do list. Where is Ron Paul or Bob Barr when you need them?

What will the Democrats say when/if Obama wins the election and brings our troops home from Iraq…. and then puts them on a plane directly to Afghanistan and/or Pakistan? “Yes we can… wait… WHAT?”

Obama is not advocating switching to a non-interventionist foreign policy. Neither is McCain, obviously. So what is the difference between the two on foreign policy? Nothing, except for the country they aim to occupy indefinitely. There is no fundamental difference between Barack Obama and John McCain on foreign policy. Saying Obama (or McCain) is better is like the difference between 5th and 6th place in the Olympics. Neither gets a medal. Both are still losers. Do you want to vote for a loser?

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