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Bob Barr on NPR Talk Of The Nation Today 07/30/2008 [Audio]

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Bob Barr took questions from callers on NPR’s “Talk Of The Nation” today for about 17 minutes. He answered questions that go to the heart of libertarianism. The majority of the questions were regarding the role of government in helping those less fortunate. It was a tad obvious that he was making his points to deaf ears. It must be difficult for Barr to sit in a studio and answer question after question where the “nanny state” is praised while the freedom message is deemed heartless. Kudos for Barr not getting too upset with his answers.

Listen here

Apparently, Ron Paul Is The President

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Ron Paul, apparently has an alter-ego who also enjoys speaking out against inappropriate spending.

At least four other chains have filed for bankruptcy protection since the start of the year. That compares to about two during all of 2007 and six in 2004, estimated Ron Paul, president of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA consumer research company Technomic Inc.

Paul said the number of restaurant bankruptcies this year “could easily surpass” the 2004 number.

The reason is the sharp change in balance between supply and demand, he said.

This is from an AP article regarding the recent mounting bankruptcies filed in the restaurant sector. Either our favorite Congressman is moonlighting as a consumer research company president, or there is another Ron Paul out there. Hopefully, he lives up to his patriotic namesake.

Unethical Foreign Aid

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In a recent press release from the Barr campaign, Bob Barr expresses his opposition to foreign aid legislation introduced by Sen. Barack Obama.

The measure, already passed in one form by the House, calls on the president to develop a strategy to “cut global poverty in half by 2015 through aid, trade, debt relief,” and other policies.  “But Sen. Obama is hostile to free trade, along with much of his Party.  And debt relief is just a synonym for more aid.  The bill’s most important – and outrageous — provision dedicates 0.7 percent of America’s GDP to foreign aid, which would be roughly an extra $800 billion over the next dozen years,” notes Barr.

Read the full press release here.

There are many documented reasons why foreign aid is a bad idea.  History has shown that the money usually doesn’t make it to those in need; the foreign governments steal the money or otherwise hinder the aid in some way.  And, of course, foreign aid is unconstitutional.  There’s no provision in the ultimate law of the land known as the Constitution for Congress to spend money in this manner.  But most importantly, the concept of nationally-sponsored foreign aid (and any other kind of welfare) is utterly unconscionable.   It is simply unethical for someone to stick a gun in my face and force me to give my hard-earned money to someone else, no matter how good a cause it may be.  (What’s this about a gun in the face?  What do you think will happen if you continually resist paying your taxes and stand up for your right to keep the money you earn?  You will, eventually, be staring into the muzzle of a firearm and led off to prison).  I should, of course, be free to donate my money voluntarily at any time — through nongovernmental, nonprofit entities — but I should never be compelled to give away my money against my will.  How dare these politicians (like Senator Obama) presume to spend my money, to rob me, for any reason whatsoever. Foreign aid is no exception.

Tax, Borrow, and Spend, Spend, Spend

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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day:
“Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.”
– Will Rogers

Subject: Can we control the runaway federal deficit?

When you earn less, you must spend less. But when the government earns less, it spends more, usually by borrowing. It’s happening right now.

The U.S. economy has slowed. Tax revenues are dropping, but government spending is soaring. The federal deficit is projected to reach a record level next year — $490 billion. That’s nearly half a trillion dollars added to the national debt in just one year.

This is bad for the economy. Money that’s borrowed by the government can’t be borrowed by businesses. Businesses create jobs. Businesses are competing with the government for capital. It’s a competition businesses can’t win. But it gets worse . . .
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Bob Barr on HDNet World Report 07/29/2008 [Video]

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A report on Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party on HDNet aired this evening. It is a very accurate and fair portrayal of Barr. They cover the campaign, Barr’s rebirth as a Libertarian, etc..  Ron Paul even makes an appearance. Good stuff. The report lasts over 11 minutes so it is split in to two parts.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Book Synopsis: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

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Vincent Bugliosi’s book is a reason for every libertarian to take heart. Perhaps Might does not make Right after all? by Jake, the Champion of the Constitution on July 29, 2008.  Originally published at

Traveling through O’Hare Airport in early July, I happened upon Mr. Bugliosi’s book and bought one of the twenty or so copies. I’ll admit my first thought was, “Wow, can you really publish something with that kind of title?” Several days later as I exited the country, all the other copies had vanished. Apparently free speech is not yet banned, and not yet unappreciated, and that’s a good reason as any to throw a party these days.

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Barr Says U.S. Has a “Jimmy Carter” Energy Mentality

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As reported in a recent article, Bob Barr has likened current U.S. energy policy with that of Jimmy Carter, pointing out that many are clamoring for the government to control the energy marketplace:

“As gas prices have risen, policymakers in Washington have exhibited a Jimmy Carter era mentality,” observes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president. “They are upset that Americans use energy, and want government to take over the energy marketplace. But it is government that has left us vulnerable to reduced supplies and higher prices.”

Adds Barr, “legislators denounce speculators, as if people never before attempted to predict future price changes. Politicians criticize oil companies, as if the firms were able to set prices at will. If so, why were prices so low for so long? Most of the so-called solutions being proposed in Congress amount to more regulations and more subsidies, and would make our energy problems worse.”

Read the entire article here.

The Impact of Bob Barr’s Candidacy

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Recently, the Delaware Libertarian wrote a piece analyzing the impact of third parties in the presidential race.  Of note is this tidbit:

…Bob Barr is having a distinct impact, though how long that will hold in a tight race is anybody’s guess. Right now, if you believe Zogby, Barr is pulling at least 5% (and sometimes 7-9/10%) in 22 states! Nationally he’s only showing at 3%, but for him to be having this sort of impact in nearly half the states is pretty damn amazing.

Also included is a state-by-state breakdown of each candidate’s polling numbers.  Where is Barr polling in your state?

Read the full article here.

MUST HEAR: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Radio 07/29/2008 [Audio]

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In one of the best interviews in recent memory, Ron Paul was interviewed for over 18 minutes today by Glenn Beck on his radio show. He was the lead-in interview for the show. Beck normally will always mention the caveat that he disagrees with Ron Paul on foreign policy. He didn’t do that this time. Instead he allowed Ron Paul to articulate many of his own views on the devaluation of the dollar, even agreeing with him on the topic.

Ron Paul was able to promote both the Campaign For Liberty and the Rally For The Republic. This, I believe is the first time he was able to do so to a main stream audience. Pay close attention at Ron Paul almost slipping up and saying what the Rally truly is, an alternative convention. Beck brought up the idea of the move towards the “Amero” currency first. Sometimes I feel that Glenn Beck is the main stream version of Alex Jones with the very large exception of foreign policy. Beck also asks Ron Paul if he will vote for McCain. Paul reiterates that he will not and then they delve into libertarianism and the “lesser of two evils” argument. Paul says voting for the lesser of two evils is “the dumbest thing”.

Listen/Download here OR….

YouTube Is Now Up As Well:

Part 1 | Part 2

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Your Carbon Tire Print At 55 MPH

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Recently Virginia Senator John Warner proposed bringing back the federally mandated 55 MPH speed limit. His argument is that it will reduce carbon emissions and save many thousands of barrels of oil per day. Just about every one-size-fits-all federal government mandate comes with unintended consequences. Is bringing back the 55 MPH speed limit any different? Can other government imposed “green” transportation regulations help us “save the planet”?

Ever since the invention of the automobile governments at all levels have imposed regulations on the industry, drivers, and the roads people drive upon. There have been laws for registering vehicles, mandatory safety standards, licensing, emission controls, speed limits, seat belts, child seats, driving under the influence of various substances, carrying certain materials, using the proper tires for road conditions, traffic signals, and more. As a libertarian I certainly take issue with many of these laws, but I’ve always had a personal conflict between the purist in me who’d like absolutely no regulation and the pragmatist in me that realizes some of these laws may be necessary.

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