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Ron Paul Supporters, Good or Bad? IMF To Investigate The U.S. Financial Markets

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The IMF has informed Ben Bernanke that “the board has ruled that a so-called Financial Sector Assessment Program is to be carried out in the US.” This brings up an interesting dilemma for Ron Paul supporters who monitor the Fed and liken it to an unconstitutional cabal. We are against the IMF and federal style regulation over markets at all levels, yet we painfully yearn for more transparency from the Federal Reserve. If we aren’t yearning for more transparency from the Fed we are advocating abolishing it outright.

So the question is then, do we support the IMF investigating the hated Federal Reserve because it conveniently supports our anti-Fed sentiments? Or are we truly and purely against the IMF and it’s authority to perform such investigations?

In the opinion of David Hirst in Australian’s “The Age”, such IMF interventions are long overdue for America. After all many other IMF countries have had to go through the same investigations. Hirst calls it a “blow to American exceptionism.”

[The] IMF intervention (my expression) is a humiliation for the US, the real significance may be that this is another blow to American exceptionism.

While the examination is far reaching, and deeply intrusive, Canada, Britain, Italy, indeed two-thirds of IMF members, have participated in the program. The new President will soon discover the age of US exceptionism is over.

Meanwhile the US markets have entered bear territory, the economy has done likewise and we are at the beginning of a long and tortuous process before rebuilding can even commence.

The entire article by Hirst is well worth reading although his argument seems to be for demanding fairness from the IMF rather than whether performing such “investigations” should be done in the first place.

Comprehensive Yet Antagonistic Bob Barr Interview With GQ Magazine

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Bob Barr sat down for a rather lengthy grilling from GQ magazine’s Wil S. Hilton. Hilton approached the interview with an obvious sarcastic bias and attacked Barr with some of his questions. They even argued a bit, but Barr held his own, as usual. Here is a particularly argumentative excerpt:

Why shouldn’t the government interfere in the market and rein in corporations?
Is that the job of the federal government? I would say absolutely not. The government is not there to guarantee that the market is going to operate in a certain way.

Isn’t the government there to do whatever the people want? Isn’t that the whole idea of a democracy?
In a pure democracy, yes. But we don’t have a pure democracy. We have certain principles on which the nation is founded. The basic philosophy—the reason the government was set up the way it is—is to keep the government out of those areas. In our system, it’s not the job of the federal government to do those things. It is the job of the government to ensure free commerce.

Do you actually believe free commerce will cap pollution and keep the water pure and the air clean?
It may or may not.

Don’t you think the public has a right to keep its water clean?
I wouldn’t equate public concern with the appropriate role of government. The public, by and large, would like government to do all sorts of things.

And this is a democracy, and the government should do what they want.
It’s not a democracy. We have certain principles. The government exists to provide very limited functions—for example, free commerce.

The government exists to do whatever people want it to do.
Part of the problem is that we no longer have a truly educated public. The Founding Fathers lived in a very different world. They lived in a world where people understood and cared about the written word. They had a much more educated citizenry.

The reason the “citizenry” was more educated was because the “citizenry” excluded everybody who wasn’t a white male landowner.
Abigail Adams was one of the brightest people around back then.

But she couldn’t vote, and neither could slaves, or anybody who didn’t own land.
But Abigail Adams still influenced public policy through her interchanges with her husband. Part of the problem today is that we don’t have an educated citizenry like that. The citizenry may clamor for the government to do all sorts of things. That does not provide an appropriate basis for the government to do it.

Who else is going to decide what the government should do, if not the citizenry?
We don’t live in a democracy! This was not intended to be a country where the citizenry decides what they want government to do! We have a structure of government that is based on principles, independent of the vagaries of public opinion.

I’m not sure that’s true at all. The citizens can elect representatives to do whatever they want. If the citizens want to take away their own right to free speech, they can do it.
They could.

They can make government come to their doors every morning with a newspaper and donuts if they want.
Well, we’re almost at that point.

And so it goes. One wonders if they would treat Obama and McCain to the same line of opinionated questions, sarcasm, and assumptions. Read the full interview here at GQ.

This November 5th Ron Paul Money Bomb, Take Two

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The next official money bomb for Ron Paul is in the works. The effort is in the embryonic planning stages, but it looks like there will be another money bomb for Ron Paul on November 5th, 2008.

On November 5th, 2007 the first Ron Paul grassroots money bomb injected over $4 million into his campaign coffers. For the 2008 version of November 5th the plan is to inject a large sum of funds into Ron Paul’s new effort, the “Campaign For Liberty”.

Interestingly enough, this effort will occur one day after the November 4th general election. Because of this the event will likely be overshadowed by media coverage from the election, but that doesn’t really matter too much at this point. Filling the Campaign For Liberty’s coffers is the primary goal.

Celebrity Ron Paul money bomber Trevor Lyman is on board and has agreed to use the original domain from last year’s money bomb for this year’s version. Some have been critical of Lyman because of his association with the Blimp and now Break The Matrix, both for profit ventures, but he has agreed that every cent raised for the 2008 November 5th effort will go directly to the Campaign For Liberty. It’s not likely he could have siphoned money off anyway since the donations themselves will be made online and directly through the CFL’s website. The positive thing is that Lyman has agreed to utilize the now famous domain he owns: for the new effort.

James Sugra, the originator of the November 5th money bomb concept has posted a good YouTube video promoting the new money bomb.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

It looks like the event could turn into an annual money bomb for liberty. There are many great causes in the world and donating money to help spread freedom to the masses is another important one. Follow all of the latest developments regarding the 2008 November 5th money bomb effort at Ron Paul Forums.

Introducing The Ron Paul Paul-O-Meter. Does Your Candidate Measure Up?

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Who needs a Ron Paul endorsement when you have the Paul-O-Meter?

Everyone knows the perfection of Ron Paul. He is already a living legend. All future candidates are damaged goods simply because they are not Ron Paul. There is only one Ron Paul. So to see how other candidates measure up to his perfection we are introducing the “Paul-O-Meter”.

The Paul-O-Meter ranks candidates on a scale from 0 to 100 depending on how closely they are in agreement with Ron Paul on chosen criteria. Since no candidate can possibly equal Ron Paul, the highest score on the Paul-O-Meter attainable for candidates other than Ron Paul is 99. To simplify the ranking, each candidate will be graded from 1 to 5 on each of the 20 criteria. The 20 criteria are listed below, along with a short description for each.

NEW: Now you can submit your own ratings using our new Paul-O-Meter web polling service. Check it out here.

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Massive Ron Paul Liberty Book List

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Over at the Ron Paul Forums Wiki is a massive list of liberty related books separated out by topic. It would take a lifetime to read them all, but I may try. The good thing is that I’ve already read several of the books on the list so I have a head start. No doubt many Liberty Maven readers have read some as well. Check out the complete list at Ron Paul Forums.

The book list can also be used as a guide for Ron Paul style book clubs.

I’ve ordered Amazon’s amazing new electronic reading device called the “Kindle“. I’m sure many of the books on the list are available in a “Kindle” version. If you haven’t heard of the Amazon Kindle you should check it out.

It looks like we may be adding a book review section to Liberty Maven soon.

Bob Barr Discusses His Campaign With CNN’s Mark Preston 06/29/2008 [Video]

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The Bob Barr campaign blog posted the video from today’s interview by Mark Preston on CNN. Barr continues to get main stream media appearances increasing his reach in spreading the limited government libertarian message. Barr is asked about Ron Paul supporters and Ron Paul himself in this interview.

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Bob Barr On FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 06/29/2008 [Video]

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This was a good appearance by Bob Barr on this morning’s FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. He reiterated saying he was wrong for voting for the Patriot Act, Iraq War Authorization, etc.. He also answers the recent criticism for not really holding any campaign or fund raising events thus far. The interview lasts about 9 minutes long.

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Nevada Ron Paul Patriots Play Politics With “Re-Convened” Convention

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Reports have started coming in regarding the “alternate” Nevada State Convention made up of Ron Paul patriots playing within the rules legally to elect delegates to the Republican National Convention. The first report came in a post on Ron Paul Forums, Jdayh writes:

They did not have a quorum based on the old convention, but that convention has been invalidated due to rule breaking.(see below in bold) So now they have a new quorum with full attendance.Which means it is fully legal and shall withstand the scrutiny of legal challenges that may come!!!!

There is no “former” convention, the convention NEVER recessed. The convention has always been going on. Under RONR (10th. Ed.) sec. 20, p. 222, ln. 30,

“A recess is a short intermission in the assembly’s proceedings, commonly only of a few minutes, which does not close the meeting and after which business will immediately be resumed at exactly the point where it was interrupted.”

Thus, by definition, a recess can never be used to close a meeting. Under RONR, there are two types of recess: (1) a privileged motion to recess, requiring a majority vote, or (2) a unilateral recess being declared by the chair if it was provided for in the agenda or program. On April 26th, a RECESS was not provided for in the program or agenda (even though the agenda on April 26th. may have provided for ADJOURNMENT at a particular time, completely different from a recess).

Thus, the purported recess on April 26th. would have been valid ONLY if a motion to recess was made and seconded by the convention delegates, and the motion was voted on by a majority of delegates. Even then, however, the recess could not have been used to close the meeting.

For this reason shown above they now have a new quorum that is roughly 300 (a bit more) delegates. And now business is taking place with full legality and force of law behind them. WE THE PEOPLE SHALL AND WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

The catch here is that according to the number of people at the previous day’s convention 300+ delegates is not enough for a quorum since that day there were over 1400 delegates attending. They circumvented this though, as explained in the news story from KOLO 8 in Nevada.

On Saturday, the crowd appointed Washoe County delegate Mike Weber chairman when Beers declined to show. The convention then voted to ratify most of the rules established in April, which allowed them to declare a quorom despite falling hundreds of delegates short of the previous standard.

All of the changes had at least one delegate questioning the legality of the process.

“What we’ve done is re-unite the rules,” says Tim Riley, a Washoe County delegate. “So we could lower the number because we were not able to get enough people to show up today.”

The state party will elect a separate group of delegates in July, but expects that to be challenged by Saturday’s appointees. With two sets of delegates likely headed to the National Convention in September, the final decision lies with the National Committee.

The state party sponsored Republican Convention will reconvene on July 26.

Obviously, the Republican National Committee will side with the coming July 26th results and not today’s results, but the patriots in Nevada today certainly have legal ground to stand upon to fight that decision. What I’m curious about now is will the delegates who stood up for liberty today also show up at this next so-called “official” convention?

It is exactly this type of effort that is part of restoring the Republican Party to its limited government roots. No matter the final outcome, in the future we may look back on today’s events as an important battle won in the overall war for restoring our Constitutional republic.

Money Bomb Time: Donate To BJ Lawson Now, Make Ron Paul Proud

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William Lawson, also known as BJ Lawson needs campaign funds to help unseat his longtime incumbent opponent David Price. Today is the Lawson Liberty Fund Money Bomb, Ron Paul style. Lawson hands out pocket Constitutions as he campaigns in his 4th District of North Carolina and beyond. His truly strict adherence to the Constitution was immediately evident in the first interview segment he did with us at Liberty Maven.

We fully and officially support and endorse BJ Lawson For Congress in North Carolina’s 4th District. We urge you to dig into your purses and wallets and find a way to donate money to his campaign today. No amount is too small or too large… well thanks to McCain there is an amount too large, but you get the point. Donate for the Constitution. Donate for liberty because “liberty is priceless”.

Donate here or click the image above.

Being Critical Of The Way The Iraq War Was Handled Misses The Point Completely

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A new report from the U.S. Army is critical of the Iraq War’s post-invasion strategy.

“On Point” says one major problem was a lack of detailed planning ahead of the invasion for the postwar period, in part reflecting White House and Pentagon optimism about the future of Iraq.

“I can remember asking the question during our war gaming and the development of our plan, ‘Okay, we are in Baghdad, what next?’ No real good answers came forth,” Col. Thomas G. Torrance, the commander of the Third Infantry Division’s artillery, said in the report. (Source)

This along with the movie, “No End In Sight”, and John McCain proudly campaigning on “The surge is working” all miss the point. I’m going to put it in all caps because it needs to be shouted and shouted again across the rooftops of America. Maybe then more people will hear it.