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Bob Barr Endorsed Ron Paul…

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Bob Barr endorsed Ron Paul to become the Libertarian Party’s nominee if he failed in becoming the GOP nominee. He did this by proposing a resolution while on the Libertarian National Committee on December 10th, 2007. Predictably, Ron Paul was quick to issue a press release stating that he was not interested in the nomination and reaffirmed his support for the Republican Party’s nomination process.

Charleston, SC – In a meeting of the Libertarian National Committee held this weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, former Congressman Bob Barr proposed a resolution urging Congressman Ron Paul to seek the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

The resolution passed unanimously and is included below:

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party and Congressman Ron Paul share many common principles for liberty and prosperity in America, and

WHEREAS, Congressman Ron Paul is a member of the Libertarian Party in good standing, and

WHEREAS, Congressman Ron Paul was previously nominated by the delegates of the Libertarian National Convention to serve as the Libertarian Party’s 1988 presidential candidate, and

WHEREAS, Congressman Ron Paul, through the efforts of his current presidential campaign, has ignited a renewed passion for liberty across America, and

Read the rest at the Libertarian Party’s website.

I point this out to illustrate that Bob Barr has taken action on promoting Ron Paul’s message of freedom in the past, and is likely to do so as the LP nominee.

Bob Barr Interview by Neil Cavuto on FOX News 05/27/2008 [Video]

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Bob Barr continues to spread the liberty message in the media in this interview with Neil Cavuto on FOX News today. They discuss his chances and point to the recent Rasmussen poll showing Barr at 6% before getting the Libertarian nomination.

Bob Barr Interview By ABC News, Discusses Ron Paul 05/27/2008

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Here is another main stream media appearance for Bob Barr tonight. He is interviewed by Sam Donaldson and is asked about soliciting the support of Ron Paul supporters. He is also asked about his previous votes for the Patriot Act and the Defense Of Marriage Act.

The article as of this writing is currently the number three news article on Yahoo News on the front page.

Here is the direct link to the video. It is about 7 minutes long.

Does The Path To Victory For Bob Barr Go Through Ron Paul?

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Jim Ostrowski, a regular contributor to has written an article on his Political Class Dismissed blog outlining a potential path to victory for Bob Barr if the Ron Paul faithful are moved to supporting Barr. He is swift to point out that it is not a prediction, but just a potential scenario.

McCain is the weakest Republican nominee since Alf Landon.

The Democrats could name Hillary and walk into the White House but they’ve apparently decided to shoot themselves in the foot and name a complete unknown, extreme liberal as their nominee. No one really knows where the Obama thing will go. He has gotten a free ride from the media and therefore the normal vetting process simply has not occurred. His most recent gaffe on controlling our diets could alone sink him.

Nader will get some votes from Obama as well, particularly if Obama fades.

With five candidates in the race, the magic number for winning the popular vote drops to about 32%.

First, Barr needs to get the endorsement of Ron Paul and try to get the Revolution behind him.

Read the full article at Political Class Dismissed.

Bob Barr on CNN American Morning 5/26/2008 [Video]

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Bob Barr, the Libertarian nominee for President appeared on CNN’s “American Morning” today. This is further proof that Bob Barr is the best of those left to further spread Ron Paul’s message of liberty. The day after he gets the nomination he is on CNN talking about freedom. I don’t recall the Constitution Party’s candidate, Chuck Baldwin, appearing on any main stream media the day following his nomination.

All future articles about Bob Barr will have the following disclaimer for those that seem to find issue with Ron Paul supporters who support Barr. Enjoy the interview.

Disclaimer: Bob Barr will not be the next President of the United States. His votes in the past matter little. The point is he will get the most media exposure to spread his current day message. That message is Ron Paul’s message. If you believe in spreading Ron Paul’s message, supporting Bob Barr is the best way to do it.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Five Reasons Ron Paul Supporters Should Support Bob Barr

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Shortly following the Libertarian Party nominating Bob Barr as its Presidential candidate, the Ron Paul message boards were on fire with factions both in support of Barr and against Barr. Hidden a bit in the back and forth was a gem of a post that deserves attention no matter who you support. It concisely articulates why I support Bob Barr for President. It comes from a former Libertarian delegate for Aaron Russo (back in 2004), and a current supporter of Mary Ruwart. This is from user ‘Peace&Freedom’ on Ron Paul forums:

Ah, memories. I was on that LP stage four years ago, making one of the nominating speeches for Aaron Russo for President (where I asked the convention to ‘take the red pill,’ and go with a different-than-usual choice). This year I leaned towards Ruwart at the end, but can’t say I’m displeased with the choice of Barr. His nomination practically helps the Paul Revolution tremendously in 5 ways:

One, it virtually insures a McCain defeat in November, which will make it MUCH easier for the Ron Paul Republicans to start transforming the GOP, IF that’s possible. A McCain election victory would have given that movement no real chance for party reform; now it does have a chance.

Two, it sets up a 1-2 punch to the Republican Party to move it in a pro-liberty direction, with libertarian pressure being applied to it from both within (from the RPRs) and without (the spoiler role the LP will have this year).

Three, because it will be the LP taking the heat for playing spoiler, it accordingly takes the heat OFF the Paulites within the GOP from being scapegoated if/when McCain loses.

Four, Barr will continue many or most of the Paul themes through the election, thus keeping the Paul movement’s impact on politics going strong through the end of 2008.

And Five, the Barr nomination partially revives the theoretical possibility Republicans could toss over McCain as their nominee by or at the GOP convention, since the writing should already be on the wall for rank and file Republicans that Mac is dead s a doornail.

Not a bad day for liberty at all. Barr/Root LP08!!

(Source: Ron Paul Forums)

Barr/Root 2008

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Earlier today the Libertarian Party nominated Bob Barr as it’s Presidential candidate and Wayne Allyn Root as its VP. As I’ve written about previously Barr is a great strategic choice for furthering liberty. Root, to me is kind of a wacko, but without Root’s delegates Barr doesn’t get the nomination.

It looks like I found out who I’ll be voting for in November for President.

More Reason For Ron Paul Supporters To Support Barr

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The American Spectator published a special report by J. Bradley Jansen defending Bob Barr against the naysayers from the Ron Paul movement. Jansen outlines many reasons why Ron Paul supporters should not be weary of supporting Barr.

Six years ago, I parted ways with the Libertarian Party over its misguided attempt to defeat Bob Barr in the Republican — that’s right, Republican — primary. Just as many Libertarians cling to their pipe dream that they had a role in defeating him despite evidence showing their efforts backfired, many now harbor similar delusions about Barr himself.

My favorite criticism of Bob Barr now is that he is a prohibitionist neocon who voted for the USA PATRIOT Act. Some critics decry his Defense of Marriage Act, support of the Fair Tax. Others go further, claiming that he has “changed his whole world view” to snooker the Libertarian Party to get their presidential nomination to “ride Ron Paul’s coattails.”

As Dr. Paul’s banking staffer, I used to have ask Barr to scoot his chair in so I could pass him on the dais to get to my boss, and we always worked closely together. For one committee markup, Barr and Paul both showed up with amendments to withdraw the United States from the International Monetary Fund. His staffer and I hastily cut and pasted ours together for our “ransom note” amendment with different margins, font styles, and sizes. See how fun politics can be?

Read the full article at The American Spectator.

Ron Paul: Divider Or Uniter?

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Ron Paul Sits AloneThe Ron Paul presidential campaign started its sky high trajectory about one year ago. Much has happened since then. A few major fund raising “money bombs”, countless rallies, several magical debate moments, and how can anyone forget the Ron Paul Blimp? The true believer grassroots supporters have lived and breathed all Ron Paul for the past year.

Now that the realization has dawned that Ron Paul will not be on the ballot in November what are they to do? Who will they support? Ron Paul is a unique icon of anti-establishment truth. There is unlikely to be a candidate like him ever again. Sure there may be a candidate who jumps on his coat tails and rides along in an attempt to get monumental support, but Ron Paul supporters can smell faux candidates a mile away. Even if they couldn’t, many are so married to Ron Paul that they may be blinded by their adoration of him. For me, before there was Ron Paul there was Harry Browne. Browne was the Libertarian nominee for President in 1996 and 2000. He introduced my young mind to liberty. He made me a libertarian. Ron Paul’s message of 2008 was Harry Browne’s message of 1996 and 2000.

The freedom message existed prior to Ron Paul. It will exist post Ron Paul. What makes Paul so unique is his historical honesty and integrity. You have to look very hard to find any level of “flip flopping” in his political career that dates back over 30 years. To find such unwavering truth in a human being you must look outside of politics. Even then you’d be hard pressed to find an equal. It is this reason he is able to attract so many supporters with such wildly varying backgrounds and ideologies. Anarchists cheer along side Socialists at his rallies. As do Democrats and Republicans. No matter what political beliefs you hold it is difficult not to be attracted to the aura of purity Ron Paul exudes.

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Those That Can Carry The Ron Paul Message Forward Debate [Video]

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At Reason Magazine headquarters yesterday four candidates who can potentially carry the Ron Paul message onward sat down for a debate. All participants except for one are Libertarian Presidential candidates. The exception was Vern McKinley, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District against Frank Wolf.

What was interesting to me as evidenced in the embedded video (thanks to below is that Vern McKinley almost sounds more libertarian than some of the Libertarian candidates, most notably, Wayne Allyn Root. Check out the video below and realize it is time to figure out who you are going to support in the general election for President in lieu of Ron Paul. Writing in Ron Paul may make you feel good, but it will go nowhere. At least in Vern McKinley’s case you know you can support him as a “Ron Paul Republican”.