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Ron Paul Write-In Options, Rules For Each State

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I discovered this page containing a nice chart with the options for writing in candidates on the ballot. Each state has their own law regarding write-ins. I do not advocate writing in Ron Paul because it is an exercise in futility. Sure your conscience will be clean, but it does nothing to help spread the message. Some states require the candidate to be a ‘registered’ write-in candidate, some states prohibit write-ins entirely, and others prohibit write-ins for candidates that lost the primary in that state. Most states don’t even report the write-in vote totals.

For these reasons even if Ron Paul were to register as a write-in candidate in the states that allow it, he would likely not get enough votes for any media outlet to report it. That being said, I suppose it can be personally liberating to write his name in when November comes around. Just don’t hold any illusions about the overall effect it will have on spreading the freedom message.

By now it’s probably obvious I’m advocating voting for Bob Barr. Chuck Baldwin is also a great candidate, but Barr is the candidate who will spread the message to the most people. I support Baldwin’s campaign. I support Barr’s campaign, and I still support Ron Paul’s campaign. They are the liberty triumvirate. While Clinton, Obama, and McCain are the triple threat to our liberty.

The Democrats like to talk about their “dream” ticket. My dream ticket is Ron Paul for President, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin as Co-VPs. That right there is a lot of liberty.

To keep liberty alive vote for Barr, Baldwin, or Paul in November. Barr gets my vote.

Bob Barr Sounding Like Ron Paul On The Federal Reserve

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Prior to the Libertarian Party Convention Bob Barr was interviewed on the Glenn Beck radio program and he talked about many topics, including the Fed.

GLENN: Tell me about the role of the Fed and the depreciation of the dollar and what you would do about all of this.

BARR: If I could wave a magic wand and the Federal Reserve Bank would disappear tomorrow, I would do so. It’s a group of unelected governors that are not answerable to or accountable to the people of this country and yet they wield considerable influence over the economy by basically setting rates at which banks and other financial institutions can loan money. And they have built up, you know, huge reserves themselves that they can then dole out as they’re doing — as they did recently with Bear Stearns to prop up as failing, what they see as failing investment houses, for example.

What we’re on the verge of right now, Glenn, through this federal government monkeying around with the mortgage business, both directly and indirectly, is to have the federal government now set a “One size fits all” mortgage criteria for the country. That would be disastrous. It would stifle risk-taking, it would stifle the independence of small mortgage houses and mortgage banks and would simply create further problems down the road. What we need to be doing is tackling government spending. That is the root of all evil, so to speak. We need to get a handle on federal spending, we need to start reducing the economic footprint and, you know, all the other footprints of the federal government if we want to talk about them, and get the federal government out of running our economy. It was never intended to be the job of the federal government to run the economy.

While these aren’t Ron Paul’s exact words they represent softer rhetoric than people are used to from Ron Paul. They frame the argument in a fashion acceptable to the general populace. This is something many were critical of Ron Paul for not doing during his campaign. Saying, “abolish the fed” scares a lot of people. Saying it the way Barr has done here shows he has the potential to be a main stream version of Ron Paul. It is true Barr doesn’t have the historic libertarian bloodlines of Ron Paul, but this kind of thing is only going to spread the liberty message to more people.

Read the full interview transcript here.

Bob Barr Follows Ron Paul Again: To Be On Glenn Beck

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In an article that perfectly describes some of my own feelings on the whole Ron Paul, Bob Barr thing Robert Stacy McCain also reveals that Barr will appear on Glenn Beck’s TV program this week, although he doesn’t provide a link or an actual date.

This coming week, Barr will show up on Glenn Beck’s CNN show and on “The Colbert Report.”

Keep in mind, now, that Barr only officially declared his candidacy on May 12. As “tough” as it may be for Barr “to reach double digits in the polls” (though, remember, he’s starting at 6%) does all this media attention look like the campaign of “a relative unknown”?

Over and over, radio interviewers have asked me what I think of Barr’s chances in November. I say two things:

  • First, I don’t have a crystal ball. Who knows what can happen? We’re more than five months away from Election Day. Five months is a long time in politics. Five months ago, Hillary Clinton was still the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination.
  • Second, people close to the Barr campaign keep using the phrase “perfect storm.” Congressional approval is at 19%, and 79% of Americans say the country’s headed in the wrong direction. Gasoline is at $4 a gallon, and no major-party candidate — neither Obama, Clinton nor McCain — is over 47% in head-to-head polls. Such omens of deep discontent in the electorate certainly could indicate the kind of political environment in which a third-party campaign might catch fire.

The rest of the article describes how there are already many movers and shakers in the Ron Paul movement who are also supporting Bob Barr.

Read the full article at “The Other McCain”

Bob Barr On Bloomberg and FOX Business News [Video]

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In the past few days Bob Barr appeared on both the Bloomberg News and FOX Business News channels. The media wave rolls on giving opportunity to spread the liberty message to the masses.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Alaska Passes Law To Ban REAL ID Enactment

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Alaska, on Wednesday passed into law an effective ban on implementing REAL ID in the state:

Section 1. AS 44.99 is amended by adding a new section to article 1 to read:
4 Sec. 44.99.040. Limitation on certain state expenditures. A state agency may not expend funds solely for the purpose of implementing or aiding in the implementation of the requirements of the federal Real ID Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-13, Division B).

It seems the REAL ID Act of 2006 will never become the “law of the land.” And I say, thank gods for that. (Thanks to CATO for the news)

Bob Barr Following Ron Paul’s Footsteps Will Appear On The Colbert Report on 6/4/2008

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Following Bob Barr’s successful quest for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination was a large splash of media appearances both in television and print. That continues next week when Bob Barr will appear on The Colbert Report on Wednesday. No doubt he’ll be made fun of, but I would venture a guess that if Mary Ruwart were the nominee of the party she would not be appearing on The Colbert Report. The ability for Barr to continue the spread of the liberty Ron Paul style message continues.

Interesting also, is that Barr will appear on the same show with Salmon Rushdie. The following day Pat Buchanan makes an appearance to promote his new book.

See the Colbert full Report lineup (and others) at The Late Night TV Page Guest Listings.

The Bob Barr, Ron Paul Divide: Hearts and Minds

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The red heart placards being hoisted above the heads of the Mary Ruwart supporters at the Libertarian National Convention last weekend were a perfect representation of her purist libertarianism. She is, some say, a radical libertarian. Her positions reflect the hearts of libertarians. Her positions are my positions. The libertarian beliefs I hold close to my heart.

Bob Barr’s supporters held the standard “politician” signs we see during every convention and campaign. They represented the moderate pragmatic views within libertarianism. This is a perfect description of Bob Barr’s platform. His positions are my positions, but his positions are closer to my mind than my heart.

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The Ron Paul, Bob Barr Effect Discussed In UK’s Economist

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I found this to be a pretty good article describing the potential for Bob Barr’s candidacy to in a “Ron Paul-like” way hurt John McCain.

ON MAY 25th a dysfunctional minor party picked a grumpy ex-Republican as its presidential candidate. This may be just another quirk in the quirky history of the Libertarian Party. But it just might be something more than this: a further sign that the Republican coalition is splintering under John McCain’s feet.

Read the rest of “Raising The Barr” at the Economist. 

Ron Paul Beats Hillary Clinton In Idaho Primary

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Ron Paul has received 23% of the vote in the Idaho primary with 41% of the precincts reporting. Hillary Clinton has received 17% with 100% reporting on the Democratic side. Obama has beaten Clinton by a larger margin than McCain will likely beat Paul.

It looks like Idaho will become Ron Paul’s best primary showing yet. McCain is going to be haunted by Ron Paul right up to the convention. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Except perhaps, for Ron Paul to be on the winning end of the nomination.

See the Idaho results via CNN here.

Steve Kubby Urges Support For Bob Barr

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A letter to fellow Libertarians on Third Party Watch from Steve Kubby urges support for the Barr/Root ticket.

Dear Friends, Activists and Fellow Libertarians,

I’ve just returned from the Libertarian National Convention, held this
past week in Denver. I know a lot of people are stunned and some are
still angry that Bob Barr won. Although I am exhausted, I wanted to
get a message out about where we go from here.

Anti-Barr literature, buttons and posters were highly visible
throughout the entire convention. Those who were opposed to Barr made
it painfully clear to him how much they disliked him.

For my part, I have taken Barr to task on several occasions. I’ve
blasted Barr for violating his oath of office to uphold and defend the
Constitution by shutting down the DC vote on medical marijuana—a
vote that the ACLU later found out through court action was a whopping
69% in support.

In fact, when I first met Barr, one of the first things I said to him
was, “What should I tell all my friends and fellow activists who have
suffered so terribly because of the laws you helped to write and fund?”

His response? “Tell them my conversion is sincere.”

Read the rest at Third Party Watch.