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Ron Paul Style Money Bomb MAYDAY! For McKinley

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Tomorrow Thursday, May 1st, 2008 is the Mayday Mckinley Money Bomb. If you haven’t already done so, sign up and pledge a few or a few hundred dollars. He is who I call the first Ron Paul Republican because he decided to run for Congress before Ron Paul decided to run for President. Both share many views on the issues.

Liberty Maven endorsed Vern McKinley after part two of our interview with him. We believe he will be a valuable voice in the House of Representatives for true liberty, like Ron Paul has been for so many years. Please consider pledging and donating to his campaign during the Mayday McKinley Money Bomb tomorrow at

For more information on McKinley, check out his campaign web site, and also read our 2 part (soon to be 3 part) interview with him.

Ron Paul Interview on Bloomberg TV 04/29/2008 [Video]

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Here is a nice Ron Paul interview on Bloomberg TV’s Night Talk program from 04/29/2008. In three parts.

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Part 2 | Part 3

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 04/28/2008 [Video]

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Ron Paul is interviewed on CNN American Morning with John Roberts. Very good interview supporting his book. He talks about the economy, monetary policy, foreign policy, health care, and the state of his campaign.

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New Amit Singh Interview Available

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Amit Singh, Republican Congressional candidate for Virginia’s 8th District was interviewed by Paul Ibrahim as part of the North Star Writers group. Many national and local topics were covered.

Paul Ibrahim (P.I.): Mr. Singh, thank you for doing this interview. Can you, in one sentence, explain why you are running for Congress?

Amit Singh (A.S.): I am running for Congress because our politicians are leading America in the wrong direction and those who are supposed to use conservative solutions to get the country back on track are ignoring the core principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal freedoms.

Read the rest of the interview at North Star Writers.

Ron Paul Interview on Brian and The Judge 04/28/2008 [Audio]

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Ron Paul is interviewed for about 18 minutes on Brian and the Judge on FOX News Radio. Judge Napolitano is the Judge and is obviously more supportive of Ron Paul than Brian. Great interview.

Listen to the interview (m3u)

Download the interview 

Vern McKinley NRA Endorsement?

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Yes, there is a question about whether Vern McKinley, a Ron Paul Republican will get the endorsement of the NRA. However, the other day a friend of the family told us that they received a political alert mailer that criticized Frank Wolf on several Second Amendment related votes and views and touted Vern McKinley as being the candidate NRA members should vote for in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. She mentioned the mailer was received about 3 weeks ago and that she did not keep it.

I have no reason to believe this friend would lie. It is not surprising the NRA would do such a thing since Wolf voted against repealing the DC gun ban and McKinley has received a 100% rating from the Virginia Gun Owners Coalition.

However, until it is confirmed the question mark remains.

The Ron Paul Message Wins In The End

April 27th, 2008 11:32 pm  |  by  |  Published in Activism, Constitution, Election, Maven Commentary, Neo-con, Politics, Ron Paul  |  2 Responses

The latest reports from the Nevada Republican State Convention are disturbing on the face, but should give any liberty loving American a sense of validated unencumbered hope. GOP County, district, and state conventions all over the country are being dominated by Ron Paul supporters. Some say those words, “Ron Paul supporter”, with spite. As if it is a curse of its own. The supporters themselves wear the title as a badge of patriotic honor. In Nevada, the peaceful but determined “Ron Paul Revolution” struck a major blow to the establishment.

The Nevada convention divided the establishment Republicans vs. the New Order Paulites and the establishment cried for mercy. When the process went over the alloted time the Chairman called for a recess and left the room. No national delegates were chosen. The convention will be reconvened at a later date. This angered the many in the Paul camp. Indeed it seems the rules of the convention were bent (or broken) in order for the recess.

Many are angry over the events on both sides, but supporters of Ron Paul should be ecstatic. This is the kind of activism required to coerce the Republican Party back towards its roots. This is not a takeover, it is a take back. Neo-conservatism stole the Republican Party from “Old Right” Ron Paul Constitution oriented principles. The “Old Right” wants its party back and is willing to fight for it.

The decision (perhaps forced by time allotment) by the Nevada Chairman to end the convention before finishing the delegate vote selection is certainly questionable. Perhaps more important are the many patriots in Nevada who turned out for the Convention and involved themselves in the process.

This should make all Paul supporters smile because it further proves the message of freedom still lives in the hearts of some Americans and that someday we may be able to truthfully say that it lives in the hearts of ALL Americans.

Ron Paul And The GOP Status Quo

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Attending GOP county and district conventions as a libertarian minded Republican is an exercise in resisting temptation. The temptation to stand up and rant about the hypocrisy within the party directly to the hypocrites is the stuff of dreams. Would it do any good though? Probably not, unless there are well organized groups of like minded people willing to participate. It is quite inspiring to read the reports of pockets of organized Ron Paul supporters in several states getting involved and having success in pushing the party back towards the Constitution. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening everywhere. Maybe someday it will.

I attended my local county’s Republican Mass Meeting this week. I went mostly as an observer. What I observed told me that in my county it is all about the party and not about ideas. It was a somewhat organized communal propaganda strategy session to pat the status quo on its back and reject any potential new thought. The experience made me more Libertarian than Republican.

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Ron Paul Speaks In Montana [Video]

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Here is Ron Paul speaking in Montana. The video is a little over an hour long, but it is Ron Paul at his best. After his speech he takes questions from the audience. The beginning of the video makes it seem like it cuts in the middle of the speech. The reality is that the speech had just begun.

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Ron Paul Republican Vern McKinley Mayday Moneybomb Videos

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Two promotional videos have been created for the upcoming Vern McKinley money bomb on Thursday May 1st, 2008. We have endorsed McKinley for Congress in the 10th District of Virginia. We also encourage those of you with the means to participate in his money bomb on May 1st no matter where you live. The more Ron Pauls we have in the U.S. Congress the better our country will be. Check out the videos below and pledge for the money bomb at:

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