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John McCain’s Free Media Pass

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Apparently, I’m not the only one noticing John McCain’s free pass by the main stream media. Matt Welch the editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine authored  an article for the New York Post eloquently describing the very same thing.

For those of us who have been writing critically about John McCain over the years, keeping tabs on the 2008 presidential campaign through the media is a bit like getting your war news via Saddam Hussein’s old information minister: The street names may be right, but the big picture looks funny. “No other modern politician has received as much favorable press as John McCain has in the past decade,” write (plainly irritated) David Brock and Paul Waldman in “Free Ride: John McCain and the Media.” “The rules are simply different for McCain.”

Boy, are they. Though he flip-flops and prevaricates like any politician, McCain all but has the phrase “straight talker” tattooed on his skull-plate. A lifetime Beltway insider and third-generation naval officer with an heiress wife and an heiress mother is still referred to, without irony, as a “Man of the People.” And though his heavily interventionist governing philosophy, both at home and abroad, is spelled out in his five easy-to-find books, he continues to receive mash notes from newspapers like the Des Moines Register for being a man who, because “he knows war,” would be “reluctant to start one.”

Welch is certainly an authority when it comes to John McCain. He authored, “McCain: The Myth of a Maverick“, which examines the McCain phenomenon in depth.

If McCain were actually researched by each voter it is hard to believe his opponent would not win in a landslide.

Proof Ron Paul is right, John McCain is wrong.

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If John McCain had his way a book released last month would be banned. “Who Speaks For Islam? What A Billion Muslims Really Think” analyzes the results of a 6 year survey (2001 – 2007) about what Muslims think about America and the West. The survey sample represents “more than 90% of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims, making this the largest, most comprehensive study of contemporary Muslims ever done.”

To put it simply, the findings show that Ron Paul is right and John McCain is wrong.

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Ron Paul Interview on Coast To Coast AM 03/25/2008 [Audio]

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Ron Paul sits down with George Noory for about 35 minutes (after the commercial breaks were cut out) to discuss his campaign and the issues affecting America today. He also answers callers questions in the second segment.

MP3 audio file is here.

Ron Paul interview on Republic Broadcasting Network 03/24/2008 [Audio]

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Here is a wonderful Ron Paul interview by John Stadtmiller on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Ron Paul comes on about 8 minutes into the audio. The interview is about 21 minutes long.

Listen here.

Charlie Wilson’s War and Ron Paul Economics

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In the recent movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, Congressman Charlie Wilson is given credit for being the main contributor in ending the Cold War. The movie suggests by spending billions of dollars to aid Afghanistan against the Soviet Union it ultimately caused the Soviet Union to collapse. I’m not sure how accurate that really is. It seems that the Soviet Union was headed for collapse due to their flawed economic system anyway. Their attempt to take over Afghanistan being thwarted certainly pushed them more towards their already inevitable collapse, but it should not be considered the main reason.

Ron Paul preaches the foreign policy ideology of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington in an age where doing so is quite unpopular. Neither the Democrats or Republicans are willing to keep the over-reaching US hands overseas to ourselves. Charlie Wilson seemed to possess this trait as well. The Cold War then is equivalent to the War on Terror today. How ironic it is that if it weren’t for Charlie Wilson’s interventions in Afghanistan in the 1980′s the War on Terror may not even exist today. At least not in its current form.

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Liberty: The American Revolution from PBS [Video]

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This is a six part series (each part is just under 1 hour long) from PBS that covers the 25 years surrounding the American Revolution. It is an excellent use of some free time, if you have any.

Part 1:…51196414323436

Part 2:…45627130631491

Part 3:…22546684391794

Part 4:…65465027527206

Part 5:…21666647804785

Part 6:…50897330746009

Newsweek: Ron Paul Interview

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Here is an exclusive interview with Ron Paul in Newsweek on his campaign and why he’s sticking around for the long haul.

NEWSWEEK: At this point, the most obvious question is: why are you still doing it? Life on the trail is exhausting, and John McCain has already won the Republican nomination. What keeps you going out there?

Ron Paul: First off, I don’t really feel exhausted at all. There were certainly times when I was [exhausted], when there were six or eight or 10 primaries to campaign for. But right now I feel really rested because I came back to Texas and paid attention to my congressional race, which we won easily with 70 percent of the vote [Paul won the GOP nomination, and does not face a Democratic opponent this fall]. So I had time to rest and rethink things, and I feel really good about [the race]. Right now, out of 11 [original Republican presidential] candidates, I’m still out there. We have time and we’re still in the race, picking up delegates here and there, and the troops are still very enthusiastic … I think what I’ve done over the years is different from other people running for office, because most of the time people run for only one reason, which is to win a political office. They go out and they take polls and figure out what they need to say because the goal of winning comes before anything else. In my case, winning is important, but I need to win on principles that are important to me. If I win on other peoples’ principles, I lose.

Read the rest at Newsweek.

Ron Paul on Kudlow and Company 03/20/2008 [Video]

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Very good appearance by Ron Paul. He defends true free market capitalism against an “expert” who believes regulation is necessary.

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Amit Singh, VA Congressional Candidate Interview Part 3

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Today we complete our interview with Amit Singh who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th District. To learn more about Singh and to donate to his campaign visit his website:

In case you missed the earlier interview segments here are parts one and two.

For all Liberty Maven interviews check out the interview page.

LM: What do you feel are the best steps to take to solve the rather complicated illegal immigration problem in the United States?

Singh: There is no silver bullet to solve the illegal immigration problem. I believe we need a multi-faceted approach which starts by punishing companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers. This practice is the major incentive for most illegal immigrants to come to America in the first place. There is no doubt many companies in the US need employment surges during peak seasons and with a non-existent guest worker program they often rely on migrant workers. The US needs to implement a common sense guest worker program which requires immigrants to apply in their native countries and allows them to easily maintain their families abroad while being able to help the US economy with their labor. The guest worker program will also disincentivize immigrants from bringing their families to the US which are an additiona burden on our schools and hospitals.

Securing the borders through physical and technical means will likely slow down illegal immigration but will not end it and will cost an enormous amount. A better engineered solution for the borders is to shift most of the 100,000 troops in Europe and 60,000 troops in Asia into the National Guard and Border Patrol. Currently, the US only has 11,000 border patrol agents for both the Mexican and Canadian borders combined.

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Ron Paul on KTSA 550 AM San Antonio 03/20/2008 [Audio]

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Here is a rather abbreviated Ron Paul interview on a San Antonio radio station from this morning.

Listen here.