Ron Paul, The Draft, and John McCain

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John McCain has said publicly that he is against reinstating the draft. He also has admitted that we need 100 thousand more troops to effectively wage the war on terror. Perhaps McCain has some magic pill to feed our young people so they will enlist in the service “voluntarily”. Without a draft or another 9-11 like event he will be hard pressed to get enough young people to raise their hands to fight in the doomed perpetual war on terror.

Ron Paul had some predictions back in 2002 about where we may be headed due to our government intervention into our economy and overseas. Many of these predictions have come true. One of the predictions was the the reinstatement of the draft. He made this prediction prior to the US going into Iraq. Certainly, John McCain would balk at the idea now, but if he were to become President would it surprise anyone if he pushed for the draft? After all, he has a history of voting against his own rhetoric.

Many view foreign policy as McCain’s strongest issue. On the surge, he’s a blind squirrel lucking into finding a nut. A nut he likes to crack over the heads of anyone who will listen. If McCain is such a foreign policy maven why did he predict failure for the US in Kosovo back in 1999? Why does he still cling to the idea that the terrorists attack us because of our freedoms in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Now he wants to wave his war wand and produce 100 thousand troops without reinstating the draft? And we all thought George Bush was out of touch with reality.

Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, and a leading author/expert on US foreign policy, was interviewed on a radio talk show yesterday about what he sees in the future if McCain wishes to continue with his brand of the war on terror. Listen to the short audio clip here (Scheuer MP3). That’s right he said it: Conscription.

There is no contest in the historical soothsaying accuracy between John McCain and Ron Paul. Ron Paul wins hands down. Ron Paul correctly predicted the current economic downturn/recession, the quagmire Iraq has become, the falling dollar, credit expansion, higher inflation, the erosion of our civil liberties, etc.. John McCain predicted the surge would work. While the surge certainly seems to be working, there are reports that the US is bribing insurgents in order to maintain the peace. It’s not hard to be right when the issue is forced by money changing hands. I wonder where that money comes from originally? Hint: Check your wallet.

In 2001 McCain made attempts to reinstate the draft in a covert way. He supported the “Call To Service Act”, which would have quadrupled the size of Bill Clinton’s AmeriCorps to 250,000. Many of whom would be part of a “citizen-soldier” group required to serve a tour in the actual military. Of course, this would still be voluntary, so McCain would be safe from scrutiny. It is not exactly in line with his lifetime political propaganda theme of “straight talk” though.

In light of the views of Ron Paul, Michael Scheuer, and McCain himself it should come as no surprise that, if McCain were to win the White House in 2008, we would be forcing our young people to fight against their will in a war without end beginning in 2009.


  1. lloydbob1 says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 8:52 am (#)

    As the economy tanks and young people can’t get jobs, many will have little option but, to join the military.
    Then the government will have all of the ‘cannon fodder’ that they will need.