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Ron Paul to appear on Glenn Beck regarding Fed overhaul

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Ron Paul is scheduled to appear on Glenn Beck’s TV show tomorrow evening to speak about todays proposal by Treasury Secretary Paulson (and George Bush) to overhaul the Fed increasing it’s regulatory powers. This is according to the Daily Dose, Ron Paul official campaign blog.
In an earlier Liberty Maven article we pondered what Ron Paul would say. We all know what his position will be on the overhaul, but how strong will his words be? Tomorrow we find out.

Ron Paul Interview WOR Radio New York 03/31/2008 [Audio]

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Here is the audio of an excellent interview with Ron Paul this morning on WOR New York Radio. He discusses taxes, government expansion, economics, and his new book. The interview is little over 13 minutes long (commercials removed).

Listen here.

The First Ron Paul Republican? Vern Mckinley Interview Part 2

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One of the unique things about Vern Mckinley is that he saw what was broken and decided to try to fix it before Ron Paul declared his run for President. Mckinley decided to run for Congress in December of 2006. He was a Ron Paul Republican before the term even existed. It is this kind of foresight that deserves recognition and is demonstrated in this, the second part, of his interview with Liberty Maven.

The first part of the interview is available here, if you missed it.

All Liberty Maven interviews are available on the interview page.

LM: Let’s continue with one of the questions I’ve been asking the other candidates. Who is your favorite founding father and why?

Mckinley: Like most liberty-loving Virginians, Thomas Jefferson is at the top of my list. I am amazed at how many of his quotes are so timely and on-the-mark today and how prescient he was on many issues that are important to my own campaign. For example, in my discussions on our campaign website on term limits I note this gem of his: “”Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on them [offices], a rottenness begins in his conduct.” This is a timeless indictment of career politicians before the concept was even known.

Obviously the fact that Jefferson was a slave owner undermines much of what he had to say in his writings and other work, but as I believe Roger Pilon of the Cato Institute once put it, this demonstrates how long-standing the practice of politicians saying one thing in their political life while practicing something completely different in their personal life, which we see examples of to this day.

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The latest on the REAL ID fiasco

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Today’s Washington Post contains an article describing the latest compromises and negotiations going on in the REAL ID debate between the federal government and the states. The most telling passage is the end of the article.

Barry Steinhardt, director of the American Civil Liberties Union‘s technology and liberty program, said: “It’s not surprising that DHS blinked. Do you really think they’re going to shut down the airports in Charleston, South Carolina, or Portland, Maine?”

Read the entire article here.

The Fed’s New Powers, What Will Ron Paul Say?

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The US economy is going up in flames. If Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has his way the solution is to pump in more gasoline. Free market capitalism is being tortured and the federal regulators are holding all of the killing devices. Now they want more.

Yesterday Treasury Secretary Paulson unveiled a plan that would give the Federal Reserve the power to regulate every aspect of the US economy. They would have authority over the entire banking sector as well as the entire securities industry. Once again the well meaning do-gooders approach the problem by creating more problems and bureaucracy. An interesting question is then… will this make the Federal Reserve an actual government agency? It seems it will. Currently it is technically a private organization, more aptly a cabal.

This proposal is reminiscent of the knee jerk reaction of the Bush administration in creating the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11. Instead of actually streamlining and cutting waste we combine wasteful departments to create a new leviathan of waste. I wonder what catchy title this new expanded Federal Reserve organization will have? I have a suggestion, the “Department of the American Economic Apocalypse”. I can’t wait to see what the meaning will be of each color in the new “Economic Threat Advisory System” (reference). Oh no! The economic threat level is in the Red! Sell your stocks now!

It will be interesting to see the gamut of opinion bouncing around regarding these new proposals. It already seems some Democrats in Congress are somehow of the opinion it doesn’t do enough. There is only one word for that: scary. These new regulatory suggestions will have to be approved by Congress and it is likely that they will. After all there is nothing worse than being viewed as a “do nothing” legislator. From my perspective, in this day in age, there is nothing better.

I anxiously await the reaction to this from Ron Paul. He will no doubt echo some of the words above. On this I sincerely hope that he isn’t the lone voice of dissent. It will also be interesting to see the reaction from presumptive GOP nominee John McCain. He’s been attacked from the left about his “do nothing” approach to the economy. Of course that is just politics. He would certainly do something. The only question is would he approve of this? I guess we’ll have answers to these questions soon enough.

The Ron Paul Revolution Enters A New Phase

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We seem to be entering a distinct second phase of the Ron Paul Revolution. It is arguably the most important phase. At least that is how I see it. The Presidential campaign was the impetus for the explosion of ideas for true liberty in our lifetime. The upcoming release of Ron Paul’s new book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto“, is the mark of the longer, more tedious, but most important educational phase. In an earlier article we compared it to the release of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”. Even Lew Rockwell echoed those thoughts in his blog today.

As the movement enters this new phase, it is a good time to look back with a bit of humor and nostalgia at the Ron Paul campaign. No other aspect of the campaign was criticized more than the unfair media coverage. One of the most popular Liberty Maven articles was the satire piece, “The Official Media Guide To Attacking Ron Paul”. We reprint it below to give us some perspective as we witness mostly positive articles from the main stream media of late. This is a good sign that the potential exists for the movement towards freedom that Ron Paul sparked will survive. Look how far we’ve come.

The Official Media Guide To Attacking Ron Paul

Liberty Maven has uncovered a letter from the office of the “Main Stream Media Czar”. Unfortunately, the letter was not signed by name, only title. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “Main Stream Media Czar” prior to discovering this letter. My only reaction to this letter was, “it all makes so much sense now.” Here is the letter itself, transcribed word for word.

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Ron Paul: We Don’t Need No Stinking REAL ID

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There is some beauty in the world as a result of the REAL ID Act. The beauty is in its ugliness for the Constitutional rule of law. We’ll get to the beauty in a moment. First lets check out the ugly. At this point I could go into a litany of “your momma is so ugly…” jokes, replacing “momma” with “REAL ID”. The truth is the ugliness of it is so awful that humor is entirely inappropriate.

Ron Paul, as usual, pulled the mask off of the REAL ID Act back in 2005 during the debate prior to passage. He railed against the violations of privacy, the first amendment, and the tenth amendment within the law.

This REAL ID Act establishes a massive, centrally-coordinated database of highly personal information about American citizens: at a minimum their name, date of birth, place of residence, Social Security number, and physical characteristics. The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require biometric information on IDs in the future. This means your harmless looking driver’s license could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information, or radio frequency technology. – Ron Paul, May 2005.

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Ron Paul, The Draft, and John McCain

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John McCain has said publicly that he is against reinstating the draft. He also has admitted that we need 100 thousand more troops to effectively wage the war on terror. Perhaps McCain has some magic pill to feed our young people so they will enlist in the service “voluntarily”. Without a draft or another 9-11 like event he will be hard pressed to get enough young people to raise their hands to fight in the doomed perpetual war on terror.

Ron Paul had some predictions back in 2002 about where we may be headed due to our government intervention into our economy and overseas. Many of these predictions have come true. One of the predictions was the the reinstatement of the draft. He made this prediction prior to the US going into Iraq. Certainly, John McCain would balk at the idea now, but if he were to become President would it surprise anyone if he pushed for the draft? After all, he has a history of voting against his own rhetoric.

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Ron Paul Republicans Surround DC

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It is almost as if it is the second American Revolution has arrived. There are over 40 candidates, inspired by Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, running for federal office. The media likes to marginalize the impact of the Ron Paul campaign by pointing to the lack of primary victories, but glancing at the list of candidates running for office at reveals the underpinnings of a genuine political movement towards freedom, prosperity, and peace.

Perhaps most fitting, six candidates are within yelling distance of the Capitol building in DC. There are four candidates in Maryland who have already claimed victory in their primaries: Collins Bailey, Richard Matthews, Peter James, and Mike Hargadon. The two candidates running for Congress in Virginia have primaries coming up on June 10th. Both are running grassroots based campaigns similar to Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul has a bipartisan plan for Social Security

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Ron Paul is like the smart kid in the class the teacher no longer likes to call upon to give answers because he’s right most of the time. In the case of solving the Social Security problem Ron Paul has a solution that both Democrats and Republicans could love. If only they’d pay attention to the man.

Yesterday, the trustees for Social Security and Medicare released a report saying that both will be completely depleted by 2041 and 2019 respectively. The “oxy-moronic” thing about this is that these programs are deemed “trust funds” in the first place. There’s certainly no trust in a fund that is slated to eventually be wiped out.

Throughout his campaign Ron Paul has repeatedly outlined a solution to the problem that gives both the Democrats and Republicans reason to smile. Paul proposes to utilize some of the massive amounts of money saved by switching to a non-intervention foreign policy to help those people currently dependent until the programs can be phased out over a long period of time. He would let the younger people immediately opt out of the program. The approach is a sensible and gradual approach.

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