The Incredible Electable Ron Paul

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Recently, a friend said the following words to me as we began discussing the Presidential election:

“I’m thinking McCain because he’s always been consistent and tells it like it is.”

I held back in my reply, but judging by his reaction to me “holding back”, I’m not sure I was successful in doing so. I calmly mentioned that McCain was trumpeting how easy and quick the Iraq war would be, then more recently said how he always said it would be long and difficult (source: video).

Apparently, people believe McCain when he toots his own “straight talk” horn. When listening beyond the tooted horn it seems the talk is rather crooked. Most politicians, including McCain, are no more “straight talkers” than dogs are cats.

It is difficult to put all the blame on the politicians though. The media is much worse. I’m all for an unregulated media, but perhaps we, as consumers, should demand a transparent media. A media that must disclose its bias. Perhaps a disclaimer scrolling on the bottom of the screen: “DISCLAIMER: We are a biased organization and at this time we are supporting John McCain for President.” Ok, well that’s a bit ridiculous I suppose since the need for the disclaimer is hardly necessary. All that is required is a set of eyes and ears and any rational human can tell where the bias winds blow.

The sad part of the bias is that it truly works. Many lazy voters are drooling through their daily lives accepting what the media tells them. During this election no story has appeared in the main stream print or television media about Ron Paul without the “longshot” label. Not one. If someone out there can point me to one I’d be happy to see it.

I’ve heard so many variations of “longshot” it has me almost believing “the man behind the curtain” exists controlling the media coverage in favor of the preferred candidates. In fact, I’ve written a satire piece on that very subject.

It is an epic battle Ron Paul is fighting. Establishment Neo-conservative Republicans are against him. Certain media outlets are against him. The Democrats are against him. Then of course, the other GOP candidates and their supporters are against him. The wonderful thing is that he is getting a large segment of support in spite of the stacked deck.

I’m curious what the election would be like without media and without daily tracking polls. My guess is that Ron Paul would be among the favorites for the GOP nomination. Then again without the media and the tracking polls how would we know who the favorite is? The answer: votes.

I wrote back in October how the economy was the true big issue in this election when the media was telling us it was the war. Now that the economy is the number one question in the election people are reconsidering Ron Paul. Some even label him as the answer.

Suddenly the “longshot”, “gadfly”, “dark horse”, “quixotic”, and “unelectable” candidate has become the incredible electable Ron Paul. If you value your paycheck and your job don’t you owe it to yourself to seriously consider lending Ron Paul your support in 2008?

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