The Official Media Guide to Attacking Ron Paul

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Liberty Maven has uncovered a letter from the office of the “Main Stream Media Czar”. Unfortunately, the letter was not signed by name, only title. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “Main Stream Media Czar” prior to discovering this letter. My only reaction to this letter was, “it all makes so much sense now.” Here is the letter itself, transcribed word for word.

We in the main stream media all know that Ron Paul cannot win the presidency because of his extremist views. Given this fact, it is important we don’t allow him the same media coverage as our preferred candidates. It is true that we must give him some coverage, but it is also true that we must adhere to the “Mass Media Ron Paul Rule” when giving him coverage during this campaign season. Generally, the “Mass Media Ron Paul Rule” can be summed up in two words:

Marginalize him.

Here are some wonderful tactics to utilize when applying the “Mass Media Ron Paul Rule:

Continually label him as a long shot candidate. This is the most important of all the tactics so we list it first. Sure, it is true that Ron Paul has won or placed high in many straw polls across the country but we must never mention it. Instead, in every article or television news story copy we should use one or more of the terms “dark horse”, “long shot”, “barely registering in the polls”, “quixotic”, or “gadfly”. If we can do this consistently, our job is complete.

Attack his supporters. Ron Paul has a stellar personal record with his marriage of over 50 years, 5 children, and 18 grandchildren. His political record is also exemplary with him never voting to raise taxes and always voting in accordance with the Constitution. Because of this, attacking him on his record is a daunting task. The best method to marginalize him is to attack his supporters. This can be accomplished by calling his supporters names like “kooky”, “crazy”, “conspiracy nutjobs”, “paultards”, and the like. This is classic “guilt by association” and works well on the apathetic electorate.

Call him “Libertarian” as much as possible. Continually giving him the libertarian label is a great covert method of Ron Paul marginalization. This reinforces that he’s not really a Republican even though he has held office as a Republican for 10 terms. We find that if you are in radio or television you may even say the word “libertarian” using a negative tone during questions. This perpetuates the extremism inherent in Ron Paul’s policies even though the word libertarian simply means: one who believes in liberty.

Continually ask him if he’s planning on running as a third party candidate. This tactic should be used often. It accomplishes two things. First, it suggests that he is not a serious candidate for the Republican party. Second, it will get him on record as saying he won’t run for a third party. If he should happen to run third party at a later date he can be attacked for changing his position.

Ask him if he would support the GOP nominee if he doesn’t win. Ron Paul is against the Iraq war and wishes to bring the troops home from overseas in order to help stem the tide of government overspending. This makes him different than all of the other Republican candidates who support keeping our troops overseas indefinitely. As media we must make all attempts to not only marginalize his candidacy, but also marginalize his steadfast message of linking the cost of the war on terror to our economic woes here at home.

Focus on his campaign strategy rather than his message. Ron Paul’s message of freedom, prosperity, and peace should be overshadowed by talk of his successful grassroots campaign. The more we focus on how he raises money and the types of supporters he has, the less time he has to talk about his message that is sure to resonate with most Americans. We must make all attempts to block or cloud that message. If it were to get out, it could spell doom for our chosen candidates.

Attack him for not returning donations from fringe supporters. White supremacists and prostitutes have donated money to Ron Paul and that is bad. We can use our political correctness and superior morality as a weapon and ask him why does he not return that donation money. After all a white supremacist would do more good with having an extra $500 in his pocket than a doctor who has delivered over 4000 babies while preaching peace and equal rights for everyone.

Abolishing the IRS is crazy. Attacking his stance on abolishing the IRS and replacing it with nothing is also effective. After all most Americans don’t know that we could do without the income tax if we just went back to the same level of government spending that we had in the 1990′s. A great method is to reply to his answer with an incredulous “replace it with NOTHING? How can the government function?” comment. This tactic will scare people into believing in how the government always has our best interests at heart. It will help people ignore the fact that Ron Paul also wants to cut government spending drastically in order to balance the budget.

Label him an isolationist for his foreign policy views. Since he wants to bring our troops home from not just Iraq, but all of the 130 other occupied countries he should be deemed an isolationist. It doesn’t matter that Ron Paul wants free trade and travel with other countries and thus is not truly an isolationist. The people will believe what we tell them to believe.

This directive gives us several tactics to be used in the fight against Ron Paul’s candidacy for president. We should use them all and use them often. After all Ron Paul’s message of freedom, prosperity, and peace is antiquated and has no place in our authoritarian world.


The Main Stream Media Czar

NOTE: This article is meant as satire, a kind of conservative political humor to illustrate the wickedness of the media’s unfair treatment of Ron Paul.


  1. bostonian2008 says:

    December 21st, 2007 at 7:42 pm (#)

    You forgot one.
    Make sure to always mention that there are FIVE “leading candidates” in the GOP race, no matter how pathetic any one of those five are doing in the polls or in terms of fundraising.

  2. gunner says:

    December 21st, 2007 at 8:24 pm (#)

    Byline 4.5.a.72b:

    If you consider yourself a balanced host, or if you think it would be too obvious to wield the hatchet yourself, make sure to stock your show with the smarmiest, most self entitled frattards possible to do the dirty work for you. See the following example for advice:

  3. tvorsky says:

    December 21st, 2007 at 9:17 pm (#)

    You forgot another one.
    Unfortunately, because one of candidate Paul’s unsupervised, independent-minded and, sadly prophetic, supporters has deemed this campaign a Revolution (wince) you may have to use that word when refering to candidate Paul. It should be used with extreme caution and avoided if at all possible. Using it with derision is dangerous because it can stir sympathy in the simple minds of the impressionable fools that follow candidate Paul, tempering his control over them. Repeated analyisis of past interviews shows that it is most effective when used in as bland and monotone way possible and move on.
    While words are important, even more important are graphic images in our multi media-video driven-reality (obscenly-hyphenated) world of today. Under no circumstances is one to provide video images of the incredible crowds he has been drawing, all with little or no advance work other than saying he’d be at such and such a place at such in such a time to talk. This was never more masterfully executed then last autumn the MSM ran a story about how hard it was for candidates to get big crowds at their appearances, ones that look impressive on tv. It was noted that even when the campaign bused them in at the campaign’s expense that the “frontrunners” could only muster 150 or so. Nowhere was it mentioned that the day before thousands had shown up to hear candidate Paul speak in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    Ditto with the one at Independence Hall.
    Of all the places!
    The Nerve!
    Video images of otherwise normal-looking people, taking time off from busy lives, on their own dime, gathering in huge crowds, without being prodded to do so by anything but their conscience, when used in conjunction with words like Revolution can be a dangerous thing. People should gather when WE tell them to. And not otherwise. What is this gathering of one’s own accord?
    It makes the bosses uneasy.

    Images of two or three supporters standing on a street corner in Butte, Montana holding Paul signs in a snow storm is acceptible, so long as Section 2 of the Official Media Guide is adhered to. “Crazy people hold signs on street corners don’t they? Now back to you in the studio, Jim.”

  4. tvorsky says:

    December 21st, 2007 at 9:35 pm (#)

    Also, as an addendum to Section 7 of the Official Guide.

    While using our considerable information-gathering muscle to uncover all the pimps and jaywalkers who have donated to this campaign is laudible, it is more effective while making sure not to mention that candidate Paul’s record breaking money comes from ordinary people of limited means, many of whom have never been political before, and not from special interests and political action committees.
    It is interesting, but someone noted that fortunately candidate Paul has not made much of this fact either. Sure, he talks about how many new contributors they’re getting and how its swelling, but he usually doesn’t drive the point home and put a human face on it. And that’s dangerous because the human face he puts on it is the one in the mirror — not the folksy, laconic, apple-pie, patriotic ones We and K Street have crafted.

  5. BoMar says:

    December 21st, 2007 at 11:11 pm (#)

    Laugh when Ron Paul’s name is mentioned. Try to make your laughing seem natural, showing as many teeth as possible, even if it looks like you are snarling at the audience. If your laughing still comes across as a bit nervous and unnatural – which it always will – snap back with the ready phrase: “But realistically…” The phrase means nothing, but that’s exactly the point: In situations like this one meaningful phrases are dangerous and cause a lot of harm.

  6. aynrkey says:

    December 22nd, 2007 at 2:49 am (#)


    Refer to Giuliani as the libertarian candidate, this time using the word “libertarian” in a positive way.

    Send out a nutjob named Dondero to make the case that Authoritarianism is actually Libertarianism in the case of Giuliani.

  7. Scott Frost says:

    December 22nd, 2007 at 4:05 am (#)

    Members of the mainstream media in good standing should also be sure to mention Ron Paul’s monetary policy proposals. In doing so, always attach words such as “disastrous” or “insane.” Don’t worry if you, personally, have no understanding of economics or monetary policy. It is the smear that counts. Your own ignorance will remain well-hidden by the equal lack of education on these topics by most of the general public.

    Do not under any circumstances ask Alan Greenspan about the gold standard!!! While he is one of us, an establishment man with great credentials as chiarman of the Federal Reserve practically forever, he is prone to slipping up and acknowledging that gold defends freedom and that fiat currency is really a way to expand the size and scope of government. The following link is for the eyes of mainstream media members ONLY, not for the general public, which might be enlightened. DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE!

    Remember, “Ron Paul” equals “kooky” and “unelectable.” Anything less and we are simply not doing our job! Keep up the good work fellow media drones!

  8. marc says:

    December 23rd, 2007 at 2:45 pm (#)


    It seems there is some confusion about whether this letter is “real” or if it is satire, which seems odd to me.

    To answer this question…

    It was written by me, as satire. Most people got that, but I thought I’d post here to make sure the rest get it as well.

    Marc Gallagher

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  17. kev says:

    December 5th, 2009 at 1:59 am (#)

    thank you for saying what sheeple need to hear and be aware of…

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  20. Mr. Libertarian says:

    December 16th, 2010 at 6:21 pm (#)

    That's funny Marc. I don't see how this could be mistaken for being real, although I can certainly imagine MSM conspiring in such a manner.

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