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Ron Paul on the Offensive

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Another blogger posted a short blurb entitled Ron Paul Great on Defense, Now on the Offense! brings up the point that Ron Paul seemed to take offense to the belittling questions about why he’s still in the race and take an offensive stand:

He decided that he is sick and tired of having to answer the question of why he is still in the race.  he decided to tell every one of the networks, of the candidates, that our revolution is a force to be reckoned with.  We raise millions.  We rally thousands.  We radically bring hearts of apathy to life again.  We aren’t a revolution that “may turn out to be a spoiler.” We are the revolution that has taken over the country, and will continue to grow, until we take over washington.

Watch as Ron Paul decide that he is sick of being attacked, and the same belittling questions.  He went on the offense, and ripped the sacred veil of the establishment.  

I tend to think that Ron needs to do a bit more of this, while being careful of not coming off as being whiny.

Ron Paul Hits $10,000,000 For The Quarter

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That’s right. Ron Paul has now raised over $10 million for the final quarter of 2007! I like how the screen isn’t even big enough to show all the digits. It’s a great day for the revolution. Continue donating at

Ron Paul 10 Million

Ron Paul is WAY off base!

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On his Tonight Show appearance, Ron Paul made the statement that if we were to abolish the income tax we would only reduce the federal budget to about the size it was in the year 2000.  The Washington Post, not enjoying hearing things like that, decided to do their own analysis so they could point out how wrong he was.  This is what they came up with:

Expounding on his proposal for abolishing the income tax, Paul claims this would still leave the U.S. Treasury with roughly the revenues it had in 2000, in the final year of the Clinton administration. A post on the Paul campaign website explains that individual income taxes account for “approximately one third of federal revenue.” Unfortunately for the tax slashers, the one-time Libertarian candidate for president is wrong on both counts. According to the Congressional Budget Office, individual income taxes represent between 45 and 49 percent of federal tax revenues, depending on the year. For financial year 2007, total receipts from individual income tax were in the region of $1.1 trillion dollars. If you eliminated all that revenue, the federal budget would shrink to the size it was around 1995.

Are you kidding me?  Assuming the Post’s numbers are accurate, he was only off by a few years.  How could we possibly live with the minuscule government we had just twelve years ago?  That was during the Clinton administration’s tenure.  Times were really tough back then, weren’t they?   The Cato Institute’s article on this subject describes this nitpicking with:

The Post’s criticism is akin to condemning a book because the typesetting was not centered on a few pages.

Ron Paul’s opponents are clearly getting more and more desperate to find ways to criticize him.

Read the Cato Institute article here.

A plea from Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

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This is a YouTube posted video by Glenn Beck asking Ron Paul’s supporters to help get him on his show. Beck hasn’t exactly been nice to Ron Paul or his supporters, but I contend that he agrees with Ron Paul on many issues. It is my belief that Ron Paul has an opportunity to “convert” Glenn Beck. He can do it by getting Beck to understand and believe that the devaluation of the US dollar is far more of a threat to our national security than terrorism.

That should be pretty easy to do, right? :-)

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CNN Post Debate Interview With Ron Paul

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Ron Paul did this interview prior to the excellent rally speech linked below. He seems more relaxed. Is he a changed man?

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It’s no lie, Ron Paul Blimp set to fly

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As of yesterday morning the grassroots effort to create and fly a Ron Paul blimp had $474,175.00 in pledges. It looks like this effort which I deemed completely insane may just get off the ground. That is if the pledges actually become donations. They have decided on the artwork for the blimp. Below are the mockup images.

Ron Paul Blimp Mockup Over Boston: Who is RP

Ron Paul Blimp Mockup Over Boston: Revolution

I just have to say…  maybe we Ron Paul supporters really are crazy. Wow. The current plan is to fly it up to Boston for the big Tea Party fund raising day rally on December 16th. Other than the cost of this, I can see the media attack headlines now… “Ron Paul’s Zeppelin Candidacy Goes Down Like The Hindenburg”.  Ugh. Or it could be spun positively… “Ron Paul’s Blimp Filled With Hot Air Of Opposing Politicians Flies” or something like that.

Ron Paul’s campaign of 2008 is already slated to go down in history. If the blimp flies as intended, I expect to read about his campaign in my daughter’s history books. She is currently 3 years old. I will sit down to help her study, see a picture of the Ron Paul Blimp, and well up with pride knowing I was a small part of history.

For more details check out and make your pledge/donation today.

Judge Napolitano Interview On Ron Paul Radio audio 11/29/2007

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Here is the the audio file for the almost hour long interview of Judge Andrew Napolitano on RonPaulRadio.Com (11/29/2007). If you haven’t checked out RonPaulRadio lately, you are missing out on a lot of good Ron Paul grassroots related information.

Napolitano covers his latest book “A Nation Of Sheep” and his semi-secret support of Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul Post Debate Rally Speech 11/28/2007

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Many have deemed this speech as the best speech they’ve ever heard by Ron Paul. I’m going to watch it and see if I share that opinion. I will post my thoughts in the comments. It is in 5 parts.

Part 1: You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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CNN post debate poll screenshot

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Not that there was any doubt who would win (hint: Duncan Hunter didn’t win).

CNN Post Debate Poll Screenshot
(click image to enlarge)

Ron Paul shaking head at John McCain immortalized

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Ron Paul’s smiling head shake at John McCain’s debate attack last night has been immortalized in an animated gif.

Ron Paul Head Shake

Also check out this semi-annoying looped web page using the animated gif.