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It’s The Fear, Stupid!

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So many people are blinded by the Iraq war and the fear of terrorism that they miss the biggest issue in the 2008 election. It’s the economy, stupid! This was the rallying cry and strategy of the Clinton (Bill, not Hillary) campaign in 1992. Many argue that it helped him win the election. The current administration and many of the front-running (according to national polls) Presidential candidates seem to have adopted a strategy of, “It’s the war, stupid!” Or to put it more accurately, “It’s the fear, stupid!”.

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Latest Communication From The Ron Paul Campaign

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Below is the latest email from the Ron Paul campaign. They have a goal to reach $12 million in donations by the end of the 4th quarter (end of December). When these emails go out it usually reflects a nice bump in donations. This can be monitored, in detail, at

The time and money needed to elect the best president since George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are quickly running out.

The Time

New Hampshire could hold its primary as early as December 11. Iowa is set for January 3, with Wyoming, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida scheduled soon thereafter. And Super Tuesday (20 states) will be on February 5.

The Money

Dr. Paul is frugal with taxpayers’ money and with donors’ money. When other campaigns spend $5, we spend $1. When John McCain had 120 staff members, we had 15. The New York Times reported five days ago that Hillary Clinton now has “a campaign staff of about 500 people.” We now have 58.

Frugality goes a long way. But frugality doesn’t erase the need for us to spend millions of dollars to win. Our country is enormous, and most Americans – even Americans who regularly vote in the primaries – have never heard of Ron Paul, let alone know what he stands for.

And that’s where the $12 million goal for this quarter comes in. A few days ago, we wrote a check for $897,695 to broadcast several different TV ads in New Hampshire alone. That’s nearly $1 million to broadcast just TV ads in just one state.

And then there’s Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina… So as you can see, it won’t take long before our $5 million in the bank will be gone.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we have little time to seize it.

Washington. Jefferson. Paul.

It’s up to us. Make your most generous donation today.

If you haven’t donated and were thinking about it, doing so in the next 2 days would be a big help to reach the money goal. It is the fund raising that keeps the main stream media interested in doing stories on Ron Paul which amounts to free publicity for the freedom and liberty message.

Ron Paul Releases 2nd Commercial

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The first commercial was pretty bad. So much so that I don’t think linking to it would be a good idea. This is the second commercial and it is much better. Simple and effective words from the doctor’s own mouth.

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What Is Liberty Maven?

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The following text is contained in the About link and is duplicated here as the first post in order to describe the purpose of Liberty Maven. Also, I have imported all Liberty related posts from my Escaping Ineffability and Ron Paul blog since they really belong here and not in my personal blog.

Liberty Maven is a web site with a group of libertarian-minded contributors. It is a collection of articles, news stories, video, and audio that should be of interest to those that seek liberty in the United States and throughout the world.

The idea for Liberty Maven sprung out of the 2008 Presidential campaign of Ron Paul. In the video below Ron Paul gives us our calling. A calling that is born within all of us. The only question is: Do you choose to seek liberty or do you make excuses to ignore it?

Ron Paul To Appear on “The View”

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The early word is that Ron Paul’s rumored big daytime TV appearance is going to be on “The View”. He announced this during a fund raising event in Iowa today. No word yet on the date.
Earlier this year on “The View”, Rosie O’Donnel and Joy Behar praised Ron Paul following the debate where he and Giuliani sparred over the Iraq war. Of course, Whoopie Goldberg has replaced Rosie on the show, but this is yet more great massive exposure for Paul.

This is following his Oct. 30th Tonight Show appearance, where Paul will reach Jay Leno’s 5 million viewers. Tom Cruise and The Sex Pistols are appearing on the same night.

Will these appearances translate into votes and primary wins?

CBS News Interviews Ron Paul 10/26/2007

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A pretty good interview. I think his answer to the Social Security / Welfare question is one of his better answers and should be spread to those who are “scared” of losing their current benefits.

Read it all here.

Ron Paul Campaign Sends a 12 Page Color Pamphlet to NH Voters.

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The campaign is running radio and television commercials and now has mailed a 12 page color pamphlet to New Hampshire voters.

More information, including pictures, can be found at the New Hampshire Presidential Watch blog here. 

The Iranian People Want To Be Bombed!

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I listened to the John Gibson radio show yesterday on Fox News Radio (via XM Satellite Radio) in an effort to listen for the recently circulating Ron Paul commercials. What I heard on his show was very discouraging and illustrates that Ron Paul really has a tough sell to some people. I knew this to be the case, but what I heard I almost could not believe.

Gibson started his show talking about how a recent column appearing in the LA Times by Rosa Brooks that suggested George Bush was “psychotic” rather than a “criminal” was idiotic and ridiculous. I tend to agree with him a bit on this point, but when Gibson decided to take callers asking them if they believed Bush was “crazy” or not, my thoughts turned into thinking that Gibson was the one who was crazy.

His first caller was a woman who said she did not believe Bush was crazy, in fact she said that she visited Iran and talked with the people there and Iranians told her that they want to be bombed. No. I’m not kidding. Listen to it for yourself below.

Listen to a caller suggest that the Iranian people want the United states to bomb them.

Further along in the call, she makes the point again, saying that it wasn’t just one Iranian that wants this and that it would be so that they could have “hope”. So who is truly crazy here? “Bomb us so we can have hope” certainly sounds a bit loony to me.

Listen to the caller reinforce her point here.

It doesn’t end there. During a discussion with a caller who suggests that we’d be better served at using diplomacy and then has the gall to suggest that we don’t have the money for the bombing effort Gibson reveals he has no clue about being fiscally responsible.

Listen to Gibson’s fiscal reponsibility here.

“Money Schmoney?” I rest my case. Perhaps Bush isn’t crazy, but some of his “blind leading the naked” war and fear mongering supporters certainly seem to be.

Why don’t people realize that Ron Paul’s suggestion that the economic war that is occuring because of the US borrowing money from other nations while devaluing our own dollar is an equally, if not more, fearful threat than that of terrorism?

Ron Paul’s effort to solve the economic war also helps with solving the threat of terrorism because it moves us to a non-interventionist role. This eliminates one of the main reasons given by the 9-11 Commission’s Report as to why we are targeted by terrorists: the occupation of holy lands.

Ron Paul and his supporters are not crazy. They are just being fiscally and morally responsible. Since Ron Paul receives more money from the military than any other Presidential candidate, calling his supporters crazy is akin to calling the troops crazy. How is that supporting our troops?

Ron Paul in Newsweek: It’s Independents’ Day From the 10/29/2007 Issue

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A decent article about the chances of Ron Paul upsetting the front runners in New Hampshire. My only gripe is that once again he is incorrectly labeled an “isolationist”.

Read the article here.

Ron Paul Article in the New York Times 10/26/2007

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A pretty good article in the New York Times entitled “Flush With New Millions, Underdog Vies To Compete” appears tomorrow. It discusses the production and airing of TV commercials in New Hampshire starting next week. These commercials are directly from the campaign. There are grassroots commercials running in New Hampshire already on radio, television, and in newspapers courtesy of Operation New Hampshire.

Read the New York Times article here.